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Sigur Rós, a band that I've really come to love over the years, has a new album out, Valtari. Last week, I watched a video from the new record which was part of a mystery film project. The band gave a dozen different film makers a modest budget and asked them to come up with videos. The video below has created a buzz, initially because it features Shia LaBeouf in the, well, buff.

I've watched it a handful of times and while yes, it's trippy and weird in spots, it's also incredibly moving and beautiful. 

I love what director Alma Har'el had to say about it: "For me, it's about not knowing how to get out of something without causing pain to somebody else. For other people it might be about candy and fish. I'm down with that."

I have been listening to this album every morning and soaking it in. Pure aural bliss.

Note: there is nudity in this video.



Cathy ZielskeListening to.

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    Erin Summers

    I love this video too and have also enjoyed the album. I read an article which said it was, to them, about additions and the cycles involved. Having been involved with relationships and addictions this video is spot on. Makes me emotional when watching because as trippy as it is i can totally relate and understand.

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    so, yeah… one of those things that reminds me that I really am 61 years old…and the “spots” have become huge solid spaces… and “trippy” has become a journey! 🙂

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    I just purchased your monthly templates that you released about 2 years ago to use to document my version of “project life.” I love these templates. It’s difficult for me to capture a photo a day, but I love the idea of capturing and documenting my family’s life one month at a time. What font is used on these templates? Any chance I can download it to use along with the templates?

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    Kendra B

    Thanks for sharing! I love being introduced to new music . . . well, new to me music, you know what I mean lol

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    wow thanks so much for sharing this video. its amazing and cringe, and go “ahhh” when the lightbulb moment went off. beautiful.

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    ohmygosh, cathy… thank you for sharing this!
    i love jónsi (thanks to you, again!), love sigur rós too.
    this video is just as beautiful as the song, but a bit more raw and sad, i think.

    for international readers, if emi kidnnaped the video on you tube like they did here in brazil, here’s a vimeo link:

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