Project Life, Week Twenty-Three + a free gratitude card download for you

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OBSERVATIONS: This week's project life images are brought to you courtesy of my iPhone camera. It is amazing to me that I can capture life with this amazing little gadget I tote around in my purse. Sometimes it really beats lugging around my big, heavy Canon. I honestly believe having a camera phone is a huge boost to my own memory keeping. Even though the quality is pretty dang good, it has reminded me that the best photos are not necessarily about quality and pixel size.

This week, I'm into lists and gratitude. More on that and how it relates to you in a second. First, let's look at the pages for this week:



Last week, I designed a new card set called "Life Lists No. 01." I love lists. Lists can make our journaling simpler and heck, more fun. The set looks like this:


You don't need Photoshop to use these cards. Included are printable PDFs featuring each card in seven different colors. You simply open the file in Adobe Acrobat (a free program) and you're good to go. The cards are sized exactly to Project Life pocket size, so no extra finagling is required.

After I finished the set, I thought: "Oh man! I should have included a gratitude card!" But because the six cards in the set worked so well on their own, I figured, time to add a free download for you, my readers. The gratitude card comes in six colors and is a printable PDF.


Download this file by clicking on the link below:

Download CZ_LifeList_Gratitude

Simply print onto your choice of cardstock and list away. Now, back to a few more images from my album.


And here's a close up of one of my lists. I opted to print the cards and hand write the list. The files in the set come with journaling blocks in layered PSD files for you Photoshop-savvy users who prefer to type your journaling.


And yes, AC on there twice? Ain't no typo, people. When it gets in the 90s here, it's one of my happiest things indeed!

And that, readers, is Week Twenty-Three.


Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to save your memories in a fun, stress-free way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life by clicking here.

Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Twenty-Three + a free gratitude card download for you

36 Comments on “Project Life, Week Twenty-Three + a free gratitude card download for you”

  1. #1
    Kendra B

    Thanks for the download and sharing your awesome pages!! I understand putting the A/C on there twice. In Arizona some of us might put it on there 3 times LOL

  2. #3
    Sherry Eckblad

    love these new PL cards Cathy so had to rush and buy them. I see we have the same wine. My niece just got us a bottle of the Apothic red to try out. We aren’t red wine drinkers and she thought we would after trying this one.

  3. #4

    My gratitude list for today includes the following: free, awesomely designed, downloadable journaling cards from CZ. :^)

  4. #7
    Nicole Prather

    Thank you very much ! I saw them on your instagram and was going to ask you when you were going to have them on designer digitals ! So adorable ! You are awesome !

  5. #8

    Thank you for the free download and remembering those of us that are not Photo Shop users. I am envious of the A/C, southern Ontario summers can be brutal with the humidity – I just live with it or move to the basement for a few months πŸ™‚

  6. #12

    Such cute pictures this week, look at Aidan upside down!! She looks so pretty in the other photo. Cute picture of you and Dan. How is the nanny job going, did she start yet? My daughter had 2 days of babysitting this week. The first day was a tough one but 2nd day was much easier. Hoping tomorrow’s will be even better for her.


    LOVE THE OTHER LISTS CARDS ALSO, I’M A HUUUUUGE LIST MAKER AND LOVE ANY KIND OF LISTS!! These are so cute and thanks for making them for us non photo shop readers, that is always helpful for me.

    Enjoy that hot summer weather and your A/C !!

  7. #13

    Okay, that’s it! I was just thinking this morning of how I was going to get back into scrapbooking. I thought I could do a small album digitally with just photos and random things (like gratitude lists), but I hated the idea of committing to sit my home computer to scrap and journal each day. This will allow me to print cards in advance and carry them with me, take photos on my iPhone and scrap later.

    All that to say THANK YOU for this. And look for a cute 6×6 gratitude themed album by me, coming soon to my very underused blog.

  8. #17
    Lynn M

    Thanks so much for the freebie. I love shopping at DD for digital goodies. I get my shopping fix but don’t spend a lot and have adorable photos for PL.

  9. #18
    Melanie L.

    Cool! I already bought your life list cards last week and I’ve bought most of your PL stuff. Love them! Thanks so much for this free download. I can already think of lots of reasons to use them besides PL.

  10. #19

    Thanks for the freebie, Cathy… I so appreciate your design style! And thanks for sharing your life – I’ve been reading your blog since… ’05? I feel like I “know” your family and my heart is hopeful for all of you πŸ™‚

  11. #22

    Thank you so much for the gratitude journalling card – such a quick and easy way to document the things we are grateful for in everyday life. Focusing on these things gives us grace, courage, strength and peace. Thanks for your generosity and for sharing your life and stories with us. Bless you.

  12. #24

    Hi Cathy!

    Love your digital journaling cards (bought the set you featured in this post – in fact, I think I’ve pretty much bought all of your stuff that can be used for PL! ) – and I Love the extra gratitude cards! Thank you!

    Quick suggestion/request? When creating future sets of journaling cards, etc., would it be possible to have a “counterpart” to anything that refers to “we” with an additional option that refers to “I”? As a single person with no kids, much of my life is related to “me” things and not necessarily “we” things (as much as I would like that to be different – and maybe some day it will be! – but for right now that’s what it is). It would be wonderful to have that as an option – or have the cards be editable so that “We” can be changed to “I”.

    You’ve done it a bit on some of your other releases, and I really appreciate having that option!

    Also – red wine (inexpensive and awesome) that you might like to try is Heron Pinot Noir 2010 (California). Amazingly good and I think it’s something like $9-$12/bottle. Yum!

    Thanks again!

  13. #26

    Yes! That is such a great reminder. I will be more mindful of this in future designs! : ) And I may have to try that wine! : )

  14. #27

    Thanks for the download…maybe my computer is loading them wrong as there is no text on the cards…just the outlines, numbers and lines…


  15. #28

    Karalyn, no, that is correct. It is just the unlined, multi color cards. I cant include journaling lines on a PDF file. Only on a layered PSD file, which I didnt create. : ) They are meant for printing onto card stock and then hand journaling. : )

  16. #29

    Oh…ok I thought they were supposed to include the text that says “My gratitude list for today…”


  17. #32

    Thank you Cathy. My father-in-law is in the hospital and just started chemo for leukemia. I will use these to mark those thoughts that come to mind as we go through this as a family.

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