Welcoming summer

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Photo Jun 02, 4 12 55 PM

Lawn service in action, 2012, via Instagram.

Summer is moving into Minnesota and serving up some truly spectacular days. We had a very early Spring here and I found myself getting a bit nervous at the impending heat and humidity. 80 degrees in March? Really?

I know a lot of people thrive in the thickness of summer, but historically I have not been one of those people. That said, a few years back when I started to run, I found a way to connect to being outside even on the warmest days through my runs and I was shocked to find that I wouldn't wilt like some hot house flower afterall.

This is the last year I will have a kid in school for most of the summer. Cole is finishing his final year at school—a year round program—and after that, I will have two kids with nothing in their summers but time, baseball games, trips up to our family's lake house and possibly a bit of boredom.

Photo May 29, 7 45 02 PM

Summer baseball begins, 2012, via Instagram.

As always, there is work. I really hope to make this summer a productive one. I have a new class idea for 2013 that needs a lot of brainstorming and fleshing out and I also am planning to work on a revamped Move More, Eat Well for 2013. I figure, this is always going to be a part of my life's focus and I like to share that journey with those who are like minded. Plus, it keeps me honest. It's much harder to throw in the towel on health and fitness when you're leading a workshop on the very subject.

Photo May 24, 2 12 56 PM

Aidan has her first real job lined up for summer, a nannying job for our neighbors. She'll be on the job from 8 to 5 throughout July. Dan will be carrying on at the coffee shop. Cole will be toughing out the final months of 6th grade.

And I'll be around, of course. The internet is always a part of my summer plan.

What is your summer shaping up to look like?

Cathy ZielskeWelcoming summer

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    My oldest just graduated college. The younger two graduate high school next week. Then I will have three at home all Summer with nothing to do. Under my feet. Getting in my way. Demanding my time and attention. I’m looking forward to September!

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    Cathy, I’d be curious to hear how you run outside when it’s super hot. I don’t do well with heat.

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    My oldest just graduated from college (one down, one to go)! Thankfully, she is gainfully employed. My younger daughter is now a junior in college and is driving the beer cart at the local golf course – Lord help me! This summer is full of grad parties, a 50th anniversary party and, hopefully, beyond that, a lot of nothing!! And that’s just the way we like it. Enjoy your summer, Cathy! I’m looking forward to a new CZ class!

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    Shanon Gibson

    We are moving back to the USA after living in Germany for 4 years on July 2nd! So excited to get settled into a new home (maybe our forever home!!!) and then get my oldest enrolled into kindergarten.

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    Laney, I got as early as possible, 7:30 to 8:30. And its usually do-able. However, I would imagine its much harder in a climate that is always hot and humid. : )

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    Barb in AK

    In just a couple of weeks, I will be headed to KS for a scrapping get-together with online friends. This is our 4th retreat. Four fun days of scrapping, laughing, eating, shopping, and sisterhood. We come from MN, CA, MO, KS, NM, PA, and CO this year.
    When I come home from that, I repack my bags and take off for Boulder, where my ds will be married on the Fourth of July! 🙂
    After that, I can breathe!

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    Love this post and pictures. Seems we have cold fall like temps already to start sumner started wearing pants/longs sleeves again. Crazy weather!! My kids last day is tomorrow. My oldest got her first babysitting job M/W/F for 6 hours a day. She is excited and part of me is for her and a part will miss having her around the house with the rest of us. I just did a summer post on my blog also, the key to having a good summer and keeping me sane is having a plan this time. We all agreed it will help our days instead of just going by the flow each day. There will be lots of fun and unplanned days to be lazy and watch the clouds.
    Excited to see hear about your creating a new class, sure it will be great!!
    I also get up early for my walk/run so it’s cooler and easier for me.

    Just read your last post and was thinking do you ever want a partner/buddy to go running with and to keep you motivated. Seems your doing this all on your own and maybe a buddy would help. Just a thought! You always inspire me whether it’s a bad day or a good day, keep sharing the journey with us and know we are cheering you on!!

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    I know a buddy would help. I just found out a friend of mine who never ran is now running. I may have to call her! Where are you that its cold again?

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    Carmen King

    Alright…as an avid Instagram user, I have to know what are the filters you used on those photos or are you using your news lens?!? I love the gradual blur on the first two!

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    Carmen, thats just regular phone plus the blur options in the upper right hand corner. You know how there is a tear drop or a bar? Those add that tilt shift effect to any of the filters! : )

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    lynne moore

    Small Child and I are resurrecting our summer movie matathon for So. NV mid-day down time. Pick a random movie and watch, then the next has to do with some person, place or thing that connects the previous movie. My goal is at least one a week. For example: we picked dreamworks The Road to El Dorado as our starting point. We haven’t decided where to next, but it could be a Kevin Kline movie since he did a voice, it could be a theme on a mythical place or gold hunting, it could be another Dreamworks movie, etc.

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    Sarah MacKenzie

    Summer has hit Saskatchewan as well – am loving the warm days and sunshine. At our house we are counting down the remaining days of Kindergarten and I am starting to stress about Grade 1 in the fall. Will bring some big changes for us.

    Wanted to also say I am so happy to hear you are planning to continue with MMEW. I am loving where this journey is taking me and loving being able to document the successes and things I am learning along the way. Working on my June pages today.

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    Ellie A.

    This week my oldest will graduate from 8th grade & then be home my younger son doesn’t finish until the 20th as for Summer it will include Baseball Camp, Movies, Bowling, Ballet (for my little girl ha) & just family time & even a day adventure here or there BUT on our 1st Summer To Do List for my oldest & I is Great Adventures. He has never been & its time for me to show him the dare devil his mama is. Can’t wait! 2 weeks & counting. September I hope takes it’s time getting here because it will mean all 3 of my babies will be in school. Time sure does fly when your having fun.

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    Love that picture from the front of your house (maybe) I LOVE fresh green…it’s already ‘July’ green here in Delaware.

    Summer will be including spending more time outdoors in our beautiful back yard and reading. Until it gets hot then the hubs will be on the only one outside reading on our beautiful patio. Me and the animals will be sitting on the air conditioning vents!


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    we leave for the beach on saturday,
    my son’s birthday july 4th
    we’re going to nashville mid july
    then maybe a few weeks of relaxing
    before school starts back on aug 6th

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    How nice that would be to have a running buddy, you can both cheer each other on. Since you’ve been running longer she’d probably love the company and advise you could give her.

    I live in Eastern Ohio, it was about 75/80 over Memorial weekend then on Memorial Day it got into the low 90’s and was HUMID!! Then blast of cold air came in and we were in the 50/60’s by Thursday and over this weekend was cold/wet/windy and even today barely 70 and cloudy/sun/windy. I even wear my winter coat in the early morning to walk the dog. Just wish the temps would stay at a comfortable 80degress so we could enjoy it for a loooong time.

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    My son “graduates” kinder this week along with 11/2 weeks of end of the year activities. Then summer school for him as an intro to 1st grade, visit friends in Northern California at the end of the month, our traditional 4th of July party,a trip to Portland, Ohio and south of the boarder. Perhaps a few museum visits, things of interest for my son, a spy class camp and lots of time with friends & the pool. Plus my last moments of summer to enjoy baby-free until my little one arrives in late Oct. early Nov.

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    What I want to know is, how did you get the UPS man to mow your lawn? I think mine barely delivers the packages.

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    I keep hoping that my SAHM schedule works itself out soon with the minis and their nap schedules. Lately, it seems, we have to get stuff done before 9:45am or wait until after 3:30pm – since one or the other of them is almost always napping or eating throughout the day. (Just turned THREE and just turned ONE.) It makes it hard to do anything or go anywhere. It would be lovely to be able to go enjoy local parks, picnic, go for walks, etc. AND in the rare event that I could get them to nap overlap, might be able to work on my Project Life album or catch up on “31 Things”. You know, because there is ALWAYS dishes, laundry, cooking to do… I would LIKE to do something more fun; maybe even READ A BOOK!?!?!

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    Am I the only one ‘dying’ to know what’s to come cz-wise in 2013??!! Was waiting to hear of some big announcement after your sojourn with Ms Julian & AE 🙂

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