Yes, I’m Radvocating (fun with Totally Rad’s Rad Lab)

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I've been fielding a few emails lately asking me how I work with my photos. Last year, I posted about using Rad Lab, from Totally Rad Actions and I thought I'd show you another example from this very cool Photoshop (and Photoshop Elements) plug in.

I use Rad Lab on every photo that I print. Sometimes, I just do the most basic of adjustments, but other times, I combine all sorts of action effects to create a photo that is perfectly to my liking. The cool thing about Rad Lab, is the possible combinations and results are seriously endless, and you get to see what you're doing as you go. If you're interested in seeing how it works, watch the video below. (To see a larger version of the video, watch it over at Vimeo by clicking here.)

I took a photo of my lovely niece, Micah, but wasn't happy with the out of camera color. So, Rad Lab helped me take it to better place, as well as make a lovely black and white version.







Enjoy the video! And keep in mind, you can try Rad Lab for free for 30-Days. 

Rad Lab Demo from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Cathy ZielskeYes, I’m Radvocating (fun with Totally Rad’s Rad Lab)

19 Comments on “Yes, I’m Radvocating (fun with Totally Rad’s Rad Lab)”

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    Susan Anderson

    I just downloaded the 30 day trial and love it. I can never go back because my pictures are now awesome looking. Thank you for the video. That totally swayed me.

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    how come that your actions are showing through the ‘filters’ menu (thus enabling you to preview them). my actions and filters are totally seperate (thus i can not preview my actions πŸ™ ) ??
    btw, your niece has amazing eyes πŸ™‚

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    It’s because Rad Lab is a plug in, and you access it via the menu up top, not the Actions palette, if that makes sense. But they work just like the steps in the actions. : ) It works like a little app within PS or PSE.

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    oh i got it, rad lab is a plugin while their totally rad photoshop actions are, well, actions! too bad we can’t have preview for the actions though!

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    Jill B

    I am going to ask maybe an obvious question, however I don’t know, so here goes. Do you add the action immediately out of the camera or do I convert the photo to 300 and reduce the size to say 5 x 7 and then put the action to it? Do you save all the different versions of the picture changes or just print the version you like and keep the original for backup. Thanks again for stretching me.

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    Hi Jill, you can do it before, during or after. And I save all originals in iPhoto, then drag them out of iPhoto to make my edited copy. Once I apply the actions/plug in, then I usually size my photo to a 4 x 6 etc. It doesnt matter what order you do it in. : )

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    I first discovered photoshop actions through Totally Rad and I thought it seemed like the coolest idea ever. I could never bring myself to spend that amount of money on it though. So I started getting free actions off the interent, and then I loved those and how easy it was so I bought a couple from different websites, for like $30 or so which still seemed like a lot but it was a least manageable. It still seems like nothing compares to the Totally Rad ones though. You’re demo/tutorial makes me want it even more! Hoping I can splurge on it soon. πŸ™‚

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    I love that they give a full version free trial for 30days. It REALLY sells itself that way. I’ve never bought actions or anything other than photoshop, but I HAD to have this. It’s just too fabulous and easy not to have!! πŸ™‚

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    As always, you tune me into a good thing. Do you have preferred actions or a favorite sequence of actions? I’m a bit overwhelmed. Also, how do I change area of focus in photo. It seems Rad Lab automatically focuses on photo center. Thanks!

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    Marilyn, so far, I seem to do Lights On, and then I do some kind of Snap, and then EZ burn. But I dont know about changing the center focus. : )

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