Project Life, Week Twenty-Seven + a free binder label download for you

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OBSERVATIONS: Well, it was bound to happen. The old switcheroo is at hand. I started my second album to house my Project Life content for 2012. July through December will now reside in a brand spanking new binder. Aw, look how adorable the twins are!


I am presently using the 12 x 12 albums from We R Memory Keepers. Something about these albums just feels right. They’re sturdy, simple and classic. And even though my Volume 1 isn’t bursting at the seams, I’m a person who is not a fan of overstuffed, unwieldy albums. Here, I’ll show you how full Volume One is:


See, just enough to make it very easy to lift and store. Can I get an amen from the lift and store fans?

Now I don’t know how many of you out there use these albums, but for those of you who do, I’ve got a free binder label download for you to snag today. Customize it any way you like and keep it mind, it should work with all sizes of We R Memory Keeper albums. The PSD file looks like this:

This file is only for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. I’ve dropped Arial (most of you will have this on your computer) and then I added a free script called Blackjack for the word “project”. Keep in mind, you’ll have to fudge the font placement a bit depending on what fonts you choose. When you’re done, simply send this file to print on a 4 x 6 photo paper (with the borderless print option turned OFF), trim and place into your binders. Click on the file below to download, and enjoy!

Download CZ_FreePLBinderLabels

Because I was starting a new album, I needed to use 3 pages worth of photos in order to get the spreads back on track. So here are my pages for last week.




I really didn’t have enough photos for this week, which led me to resort to the shot on the upper right of the page above and the throwaway text: art is everywhere. Not my proudest moment. Truth be told.

Nor is this shot below but I like to think our kids will remember: our parents were dorks. That, and they were big on lists!

IMG_0394 copy

Here’s the weekly recap:


I know I say this often, but for an old school scrapbooker who has experienced the highest of scrapbooking highs, and the lowest of lows (and yes, I’ll leave those to your creative imagination), I love this album beyond compare.

And that’s all I wrote for Week Twenty-Seven.


Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to save your memories in a fun, stress-free way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life by clicking here.

Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Twenty-Seven + a free binder label download for you

29 Comments on “Project Life, Week Twenty-Seven + a free binder label download for you”

  1. #1
    Joana Teves Costa

    Thanks for the label, I was planning on making some new ones, now I can save myself the trouble. And I love the way you write! Thanks for everything!

  2. #2

    I love this week, all the pictures are CUTE and FUN!! The kids will love seeing this one day. That one of Cole on the field is a sweet one, he’s getting so big. Aaaahhh 2 teens in the house for you soon, would wish you luck but your kids are awesome so it should be GREAT!!

    Love the writing and the lists, always fun to read!!

    It was HOT HOT HOT for us too, thank goodness for a little cool down this week.

    I feel the same way about my PL, just lOVE IT!!

  3. #5

    I think I’m needing some backstory on the picture in the lower right corner of page 3. What’s going on there? House invaded by SWAT team? Gang of ninjas?

  4. #7

    You sure weren’t kidding about HOT – in unusual places anyway. I’m in Texas, it’s a given here. But my employer is currently on a plane back from Michigan where he attended the funeral of a family member who passed away from heat stroke. She was doing her usual gardening on Friday and didn’t realize she’d overdone in it in the heat. Her husband and son didn’t recognize the signs either. I’m guessing Michigonians just haven’t had the lifetime of warnings and learning about heat stroke that we have down here. NO ONE recognized what was happening to her. So very tragic. So let that be a warning: adapt your activity to the heat, don’t just plow ahead with your usual routine and just assume it will be fine. So kudos to you smart ones for staying in in the A/C last week!

  5. #8

    BTW, Michigonians? From Michigan? Clearly I’m no English major.

    I suppose it would have been too easy to say “Northerners”?

  6. #12
    Tamie Spears

    We call ourselves Michiganders…lol. And, yes, it was ungodly hot here last week. It wasn’t the first time we’ve experienced that kind of heat, though. The average for July & August is always in the 90s. But the warnings about heat stroke and the elderly are on the news constantly, so I’m not sure how someone wouldn’t be aware of it. And there were MANY unusual businesses opening their doors to the public just so people without A/C could escape the heat.

  7. #13

    Cathy, Just the proximity of your husband probably raises the temp a good ten degrees. He’s smokin’!

  8. #14

    Thanks Cathy for the download – it will be put to good use here πŸ™‚ I have one question you might be able to help with – I adore the cute spots background. Is that a specific background you created? Or a file? Is it easy to recreate? Sorry – that was actually three questions!!!

  9. #23
    Debbie S.

    I just LOVE the look of your pages. And all those photos of your husband are great…I’ve been reading along the last few months. So happy for you guys. And it seems like you all are having a good summer. Cheers! And thanks for the inspiration!

  10. #24

    Thanks for the cool labels! Love that they’re editable – so when I finally get around to making a project life album (in say 2020?!) I can edit the date :)…. Actually I’m seriously thinking of doing this next year… as I watch yours unfold, week by week, and the inherent simplicity of the whole design & idea, I’m truly inspired to give it a go! Thank you for that too!

  11. #25

    How is that not AZ/DZ? πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the download. You almost have me starting on PL with these fab looking pages of yours!

  12. #28
    Mrs. V

    I was so happy to see your post. I can tell by now that I won’t be able to fit a full year in an album, but I had been wondering how to best transition. I love your labels (thanks for the download) and then simply doing three pages in order to get the spreads back on track. What a perfect solution! Mine also aren’t too full yet (doing one for me and for each of my girls), but if I am going to have to transition, I like the idea of switching at the half-way point.

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