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    ME!!! When the Olympics were in Sydney the only tickets I could get to a Gold medal session was for the Beach Volleyball. I bought them a month or so before the games started. Well what do you know…AUSTRALIA WON GOLD!!! I couldn’t believe my luck…I took my 8 year old daughter and we got to stand and belt out our National Anthem. Also my daughter had done a project on a Brazilian player and by chance we saw her walking down the street with her Bronze medal…and yes I had my camera so I snapped a photo of my daughter holding the medal. The most amazing day!!!
    So here’s cheers to the Beach Volleyball!!!

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    Kendra B

    We do!!!! We love beach volleyball because my son LOVES Kerri Walsh LOL Great video by the way!! πŸ™‚

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    I love the Olympics. I’ve watched everyday since they started. I love seeing sports your wouldn’t normally see on television – like water polo! I would have never watched it if it wasn’t for the Olympics! GO TEAM USA!!!

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    We’ve been watching as a family and enjoying the excitement! And yes, I admit, it inspires me to eat better and move more because these bodies God gave us are amazing.

    Let’s hear it for TEAM USA!!

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    I love the Olympics and I am not even a sports fan! Something about them, though, makes me want to watch. I like the individual sports better than the team ones. I just haven’t been able to watch much. Interesting story – my youngest sister actually could have gone to the Olympics (I think it was the one in China) in fencing, but had a huge project at work going on (she is an architect) and chose not to go. Crazy.

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    I simply adore the Olympics. I loved them as a kid, and then in last several Olympics (when my kids were younger), I was very practical about them; I watched if I had time, but there were lots of other things to take care of (like kids.) I am once again letting myself get totally and shamelessly sucked in. I stay up late to watch, let myself cheer, and I am crying with abandon.

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    Stacy Simpson

    We love the Olympics! I like watching my 11 year old watch gymnastics. He makes all kinds of noises. He is just sure they are going to hurt themselves.

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    Hi, my name is Allison. It’s been about 1 hour since I last watched any Olympic coverage……..can u say addicted?? Go Team USA!

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    Oh yes! Beach volleyball is the bomb. I miss playing! (South Dakota just isn’t a beach volleyball kinda state. Fancy that.) I’m still frustrated beyond belief by NBC’s coverage, but thank heaven for DVR’s…I have been avoiding news sources so I can watch everything a day late so I don’t have to stay up until the wee small hours of the night.

    Isn’t it amazing what that music does? It IS the Olympics to me.

    Love the video!

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    I must confess we get little done during these two weeks. Too much time sitting and far too many late nights. What these athletes can do is remarkable!

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    Patty N.

    What is it about the Olympics that makes you sit and watch sports that you would never watch on your own? “Look! Greco-Roman Thumb Wrestling! We must watch!” I’ll sit and watch all of it, every time. I love to see the reactions of the athletes that win. Go USA!

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    I DO love the Olympics!! I had to go to a day full of meetings yesterday. I complained to my boss that it was drastically cutting into my Olympic viewing time. Fortunately for me she’s the kind of boss who doesn’t take offense to that kinda comment!

    My favorite? about any event I’ve watched. But I REALLY love Kerri and Misty! Yes they’re younger than me, but they really inspire me!

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    The olympics are dominating our house. Gymnastics are my personal favorites. Will have to check out the volleyball.

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    The Olympics are inspiring. I grew up in southern CA near the beach and volley ball was a part of my life.

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    Angela NJ

    I think with a little training you can shave a few seconds off your personal best in time for Rio! Not only do I love the Olympics, I love listening to the commentary from my husband and daughter – it’s made for great conversation starters. Thanks for the swimming video smile.

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    yep…i have olympic fever for sure….with the dark circles under my to prove it (from staying up too late watching!!)

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    Jenny in NV

    I’ve always loved watching the Olympics. I’ve been staying up way too late watching.
    My only problem this year has been, why don’t the winners sing the anthem when it’s played. Only one of the gymnists was singing. Michael Phelps was really choked up for his relay, but one out of the other 3 only one other finally did. They don’t have to sing loud (although if I won a medal for USA, you’d all hear me above the music). Or do they just don’t know it?

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    Don’t know how I have the cheek to come and comment on your USA blog but we team GB need some support!

    But go on then….. since I’m here and always lovin’ your creative blog-ness.


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    Nancy Peacock

    I’m always happy to see the Americans do well. They have great athletes. So I’ll join you in celebrating team USA!
    But, I just have to cheer for my own country’s teams –
    Go C.A.N.A.D.A. Go!!

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    I love beach volleyball. Although I’m rooting for May-Walsh to win the gold, it doesn’t get much better than the Ross/Kessy match today!

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    When I got divorced a few years ago – I thought “I don’t have to pretend to like sports anymore!!” But I DO LOVE the Olympics! I try to watch as much as I can!

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    As a resident of the host city, I am totally in love with the Games … even if I was unsuccessful in getting tickets. But I can yell at the TV, wave my Union Jack, belt out God Save the Queen and be in awe of the mighty Michael Phelps. Go Team GB!!

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    It’s here in England where I am – what’s not to like!! πŸ˜€
    Go Team GB, you’re doing a fab job & making us Brits proud! But a huge ‘well done’ to Phelps!

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    LOVE the olympics and how sweet is that Ryan Lochte. I’m a little torn with the internet. Knowing the results before I see the broadcast takes a little of the suspense out if it for me. How about you Cathy, do you check the results or wait until the broadcast?

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    LOVE the Olympics! Have been glued to the TV much of this week. In fact, I am watching the women’s gymnastics all around right now. I don’t look at the results on the internet first so I have no clue who wins! The only guys who can rock the speedo are Olympians!!

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    Barb in AK

    Every two years, I’m in Olympic heaven–whether Winter or Summer. About the only thing I refuse to watch is boxing, as I don’t feel beating someone’s brains out is a sport! Oh how I wish I knew how to swim–not competitively, but to move through the water with ease and grace. Too bad I’ve such a fear of medium to large bodies of H2O.
    When are the Olympics coming to Minneapolis??? Wouldn’t that be sumthun πŸ™‚

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    Barb in AK

    I remember when I was in fourth grade (eons ago), everyone had to learn how to sing the SSB by heart. We had to stand in front of the class and sing it— each and everyone of us!
    As a music teacher, I now realize the SSB is one of the most difficult songs on earth to sing. I agree the song should be sung by the Olympians, but I don’t want to see them singing with their mouths barely moving through half-clenched teeth. I want to see it sung with gusto and great pride! Perhaps the sponsors of the Olympics need to sponsor lessons on how to present well on the podium πŸ™‚

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    Barb in AK

    I agree! I love seeing the competitors congratulating each other, giving hugs, and smiles. Why can’t the whole world be like that?

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    Love the Olympics. We watched them growing up and have continued watching with our kids. What a lesson the athletes are in dedication and persistence.

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    I love the the Olympics. Excited they are here again. The gymnastics, the swimming. Love it all.

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    How funny, it would seem that my husband’s favourite event is the beach volleyball as well … anyway, so far we are doing really well at winning silvers, and that’s pretty awesome, but, I never knew you were giving Michael Phelps a run for his money!

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    A little late to this party… No WiFi for past week.

    Day 8 of Athletics here in London… Olympic Park is amazing & huge & VERY crowded. The Brits’ roar for any GB athlete competing takes the roof off… OK … The roof is already off but it is thunderous. Usain Bolt is a specimen plus!

    So, yah… we have the Olympic spirit πŸ™‚

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