Project Life, Week Thirty

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OBSERVATIONS: Three big things happened last week—actually, make that four—the Olympics, Cole graduating from 6th grade, Aidan getting her ears pierced for a second time and Aidan buying a new MacBook Pro with her hard-earned nannying money. I realized that most of my images this week are multiples from the same events. I didn't take a variety of photos last week. Nope. Just a very focused and select few. Shall we take a peek?



Cole's 13th birthday party featured a Super Hero kickball game, which was nothing if not totally awesome. I should mention the temperature hovered around 87, and yet there he was, fully decked out in black. That young man knows the meaning of commitment to an idea.

I took all sorts of shots of Aidan getting her computer. It's a big deal, considering she paid for half of it with her summer job earnings. I'm lucky that Aidan likes her photo taken. She had no problem with me lugging my big DSLR into the store and snapping some shots. 


Here's the recap for the week:


And my favorite photo of the week:


Might just have to blow that one up. 

And that is all I wrote for Week Thirty. I have to go now. Greco Roman wrestling is on, baby!


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Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Thirty

35 Comments on “Project Life, Week Thirty”

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    I have a week’s holiday next week, and I’m hoping to catch up on the six months of PL I have yet to do. Managed to get as far as Week 4, but need to crack on.

    Thank you SO much for the Olympic cards! As a UK bod, the Olympics is pretty huge in our house (not least because I grew up 10 minutes from the Olympic Park!) so it will figure pretty highly in these two weeks – when I get round to them…

  2. #5

    Thank you for the Olympic cards. I definitely wanted to highlight them in PL and now you have made it very easy for me to do that. Have a great weekend.

  3. #8
    Jo E

    Thanks for the download Cathy. I live close to London and went to see the final day of the 3 day eventing on Tuesday. I’m new to Project Life (its taken a while to get to the UK!) and was planning to do my first layout of the Olympics so this is just perfect!

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    Liz, Melb, Australia

    Thanks for the download Cathy; just perfect. Back to the archery for me. Mmmm, the wrestling sounds good!

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    CZ, you rock! Thanks for the Olympics cards! I was wondering how I was going to include Olympics mania in my pseudo-PL and these are perfect.

    Can I just say, it’s insane trying to follow the Olympics in any logical fashion. I’m at work all day and keep forgetting not to look at CNN Breaking News emails, so I find out the outcomes of things. But then NBC won’t show me the end of the women’s all-around or the Phelps & Lochte race until sometime between 11:30 and 12:00, at which point I’ve already fallen asleep (because I’m old and need my beauty sleep. Ha!) But! Go USA! Hurray swimmers and rowers and skeet shooters (really? really, apparently)!

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    Carolyn HP

    Loving watching the Olympics, especially since I have been on vacation from work as we are planning our August 17th wedding… loving the project life layouts you post Cathy, thanks for sharing as always!

    Love the Olympic card share, so thanks so much!

    And I really think you do need to blow up that superhero sibling picture, it will look great and they will treasure it when they are older!

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    Thanks so much for the free download. I normally don’t download anything, but just yesterday, I said to self, “you have got to download a Olympic symbol for PL (which I won here on your blog)”. and here this morning, you have one waiting for me.


  8. #16
    Cynthia B.

    Thanks for the download! I <3 the Olympics too! (And just saw the Dark Knight movie…awesome!)

  9. #17

    Thanks for the great download – it is perfect for PL! Counting down the time until I can watch Michael Phelps last race of his Olympic (we think!) career. I just wish I had more time to watch during the day……..

  10. #18

    Thank you for the cards and inspiration. I do not do the Project Life although I would love to take on the challenge next year. It is my daughter’s Senior year in high school and I think it would be something to look back on years from now.

  11. #19
    Janet K

    Thank you so much!!! I love watching the Olympics, and was planning on adding something about it in my PL this week….cause really, it has been all I have watched all week!!

  12. #20
    Sue I.

    Oh, thank you so much for the Olympic download! I coveted it as soon as I saw it! I am so addicted to the Olympics so this is perfect! Thank you!

  13. #22

    Love your weeks PL layout, love the siblings shot ! And Adore the PL Olympics card will be great with my documentation of this and next week. Thank you.

  14. #23

    Great print outs, but the Olympic rings and the London logo are copyrighted materials. Even if you are providing the cards for free you are still breaking some major copyright laws.

  15. #27
    janis m

    doggie downer that the card was pulled! I tried to download it yesterday and it did not work- went to download again today and it was gone. Bummer! Thanks for the thought, anyway, Kathy, it is a great idea, as I {heart} the olympics, too! I have watched more tv and stayed up later than Ihave in years!! fun, fun fun! 🙂

  16. #28

    Sorry! I was pointed out that it was a copyright infringement. : ( I like to stay as legal as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  17. #29

    Cathy, I’m really disappointed that I didn’t save the olympic card before you pulled it down. Wah. Could you tell me what font you used? Thanks!

  18. #31
    Cathy L.

    I love that she let’s you take her picture! I have so many pics of my daughter with her hands in front of her face! Hopefully she’ll come around.

  19. #32

    Ach! I did wonder if you would get zapped by the Olympic Trolls. I can understand the whole Olympic copyright thing (worked in TV for years back in my youth). I’ve emailed you too – hope that’s ok? I spotted the cards at work and couldn’t download them – now I’m back here, guess what…. LOL

    Hope you guys are keeping well!

  20. #35

    Hello Cathy,

    For some reason I never got to download the olympic card. I totally understand the copyright infringement. I was too wondering as I saw in an earllier post if I can email you and you could send it to me

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