Project Life, Week Thirty-Five

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OBSERVATIONS: Well, I really didn't think it was going to happen this week, Project Life, that is. Don't get me wrong, when your computer dies it doesn't mean life stops. It just feels that way. So this is how I cope. I get my daughter's brand spankin' new laptop, and my son's three-year old one, and plug an external in and go to town.

You know what's scary? My daughter's new MacBook is as zippy as my MacPro tower. Technology makes me shudder at times, and not always in a good way.

So I pulled my Project Life files off of my external back up drive and got to work. I definitely feel like the level of productivity in my life is very connected to the size of screen. I'm a very spoiled worker, with my two big monitors that I use, but I've always been a big fan of seeing your work as large as humanly possible. They say my computer will be ready next Tuesday, until then I guess I'll just have to get by like this… ; )



I discovered—okay, I didn't discover it—I remembered a font this week and that font is now my official new favorite. Helvetica Neue Condensed Extra Black Oblique. (And yes, thank you to John Poyser for letting me know that it's pronounced noy-a and not new.) However you say it, it's a totally rad type face. I think I was looking for something different this week because a) I didn't have my regular fonts loaded on either of the laptops I'm using and b) My Ten Tips for Better Type class (which starts today!) has got me thinking of other fonts in the world outside of the ones I use all the time.

Anyhoo, I used it on just about everything. All caps baby. I'm not even a true fan of all caps, but in short little title bursts with tight leading, I adore them.



This picture of Cole cracked me up. Does he look like Tony Montana, minus the mountains of cocaine, of course, or is it just me?



And that is all I wrote on borrowed machines for Week Thirty-Five.



Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to save your memories in a fun, stress-free way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life by clicking here.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Thirty-Five

22 Comments on “Project Life, Week Thirty-Five”

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    I can totally relate to the love of that font… as well as the all caps with tightened up leading. LOVE THAT, too!!! Sorry to hear that you have a sad Mac. 🙁

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    I must agree with Aidan – therapy, age, wisdom, experience, whatever you want to call it – you handled the Mac hard-drive death with death-defying grace. Me? Had that happened, I would have had. a. cow.

    Gotta chuckle, too, at the ‘size does matter’ inference. As I type away on my 27″ iMac, I am only TOO aware of how much I like seeing everything practically life size. That, and the fact that I’m too freaked out about the aging process to admit the small screen looks like chicken scratch!

    Thanks for keepin’ it real, Cathy! And for proving that there is life after death. Ha!

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    Beth P

    Great week – love it. Especially love when you said ‘when your computer dies it doesn’t mean life stops. It just FEELS that way’!! I hear you!! Isn’t it amazing how reliant we are on all this technology. Really loved looking through your week 🙂

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    Margy Eastman

    I know what you mean about the monitor size. I have a laptop at home and fight a continual battle with typos. I should just break down and get my aging eyes examined. I have a mondo-monitor at the clinic. My thoughtful employer gave me the biggest screen because I’m the oldest doctor there. Thanks, I think.

    As usual, I love your Project Life posts. I can’t believe these are the same little kids who graced your pages in DYL 1.0. They were photogenic then, and they’re photogenic now.

    Have a great weekend!

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    A missing computer is like an amputation. I know, I know…I’m so first world about that that at times I hang my head in shame. But I glance up pretty darn fast and smile at that 27″ iMac. Yes, I love an object.

    I didn’t name the iMac so I’m not really weird, am I?

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    Marge J

    I also have the beautiful large screen iMac (Alfred, yes, I named him! He does everything for me, he should have a name~like a butler, only better!) After working on the lovely large format and then trying to do ANYTHING on my iphone….I always squint and ask “who thought this tiny screen was a good idea?!” It can only zoom so far and then I still need my cheaters!!

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    Missus Wookie

    Another who empathizes with the dead mac and was nodding sagely at the ‘make sure you have a back up plan’ advice. I swap between my desktop (was a G5 now a macmini) and my iPad. The kids laugh when I sit at their macbooks and try to swipe the screen…

    But definitely love the larger screen, two is good too. If I’ve got to work with big spreadsheets I want room to spread out 🙂

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    Hi Cathy,
    What type of external drive do you use? My iMac just died and is in the hospital getting a heart (hard drive) and lung (ram) transplant as we speak. I didn’t have an external, but luckily Designer Digitals and Kerri Bradford gave me access to download all of my digital supplies again so I could start over. Anyhow, I’m on the search for a trusty external… would you mind letting me know?

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    Bec Kilgore

    My over 6 yo, heavily used, MBP is starting to act really cranky. I just want to cry. Sorry Microsoft but I don’t want to go back to your side just because I am not making any where near as much income as I did 6 years ago.

    It will be ok…

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    I bought two Western Digital My Book drives, 1TB and 2 TB. So far, theyve been great and a good price. Bought them on Amazon.

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    Amanda Villagomez


    I just saw your big announcement as part of the Big Idea festival. I signed up for the sneak peek class and can’t wait for 2013 – congratulations! Now I am off to watch your Big Idea video.

  12. #20

    Awesome! I was just looking at those on Amazon yesterday! Good to know you trust them!! Thanks for responding 🙂

  13. #21
    Margy Eastman

    Hey! I just watched your video and made a layout for your day in the Big Idea Festival. Really well done. I’m off to sign up for boot camp!

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