Project Life, Week Thirty-Eight

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OBSERVATIONS: My big DSLR is getting an awful lot of rest these days. I didn't take a ton of photos last week and almost every shot was taken with my iPhone. And keep in mind here, I don't have the iPhone 4s with the fancier camera. (The horror!) It's just always with me, and so it documents my life. I suppose it's a testament to the great quality, and the fact that I'm not hung up on making sure every photo in my life is a perfectly exposed masterpiece. The highlight of last week? Chester the dog came for the weekend. Much snuggle time was had with that now 10-year-old charmer. I'm looking into having him cloned. Here are my pages for the week.



The other notable part of last week? Fall arrived. Yeah, baby! Having to flip on the fire was pure bliss. Temps at night dropping into the 30s makes for some awfully nice sleeping weather. 

Here's a recap of the week:


And that is all I wrote in Week 38.



Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to save your memories in a fun, stress-free way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life by clicking here.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Thirty-Eight

14 Comments on “Project Life, Week Thirty-Eight”

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    Ok I have iPhone envy…. My old phone (6 years old now… The horror) finally seems to be failing so I am crossing my fingers that an iphone5 may be in my future ! Love all the parents & child portrait shots Cathy ! Thanks for sharing your week with us. <3 you style.

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    You are so right about the “fancy” camera and how they now collect dust more than fingerprints daily. My iPhone has also become the go to camera. I still keep my point and shoot in my purse for moments when I think about it. But all in all, it is about capturing that moment in time. The everyday with its story. Not about an award winning photo. The best pictures are sometimes those with the greatest of stories even if that moment is captured in a blurry photo.

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    55 degrees? Sigh….hopefully in a few months it will be that cool here. At least the current high here is only 99 degrees and not 100. πŸ˜‰

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    Kendra B

    I’m having weather envy!! and have to agree with Stefani (above) that at least the high is 99 degrees and not 100! LOL

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    Melanie A.

    O M G! Is that your fireplace!? There was one similar to it in a vampireish tv show a few years ago and my husband has been drooling ever since. Must not show him! LOL. Actually I love that. We have a large brick one that fills up one wall and I love that one as wall. Very homey. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to use it in years because my husband uses the harth as part of his “desk” space and I’m afraid the house would go up in flames. Anyway. Chester looks like a sweetie. Thanks for sharing your layouts.

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    Argh. Where did the December Daily Giveaway disappear too? its on my RSS..hmm am I too late (Im on Australian Time). Love your work – thanks for the inspiration x.

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    Samone, it is posting Wednesday! Sorry! I accidentally hit publish and its not scheduled to go until Wednesday! : ) Thats what you get for having a glass of wine on Sunday night and trying to advance post!

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    I know I am late with this post, Cathy. Just wanted to let you know I LOVE your Project Life style. I keep seeing pages SO busy and thinking there is NO way I could do that, but yours are gorgeous. I posted on the December Daily giveaway about doing Project Part Life, but I could POSSIBLY do the whole year, Zielske-esque! Thanks for inspiring.

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