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It's been a while since I've done any sort of compendium, mostly because compendium postings aren't really my strong suit. That said, when you're improvising all week, what they hey, right?

1. Oppa Gangnam Style

Gangnam style

Have you seen this video from Korean artist PSY? (pronounced sai) I know that a bazillion people have seen it already, and it's fast becoming a viral sensation, but there is an unbridled joy that creeps into your soul after seeing it. My understanding is that he's making a stinging commentary here on the extremely privileged in Korean society, but he's sure doing it in a fun way. This still above? My favorite moment in the video.


2. Speaking of music…

My good friend, Christopher (Dan's best friend who works for the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia) has recently headed up an R.E.M. tribute project featuring an all-star cast of Slovenian artists. The project is dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and will highlight the work of many Slovenian environmental groups. I think it must be a cool part of any job to put together an R.E.M. tribute. They are one of my all-time favorite groups and the Slovenian super group does this song justice. Way to orchestrate, CMW!


3. Speaking of type…

I know, I wasn't actually speaking of type but my online workshop 10 Tips for Better Type kicks off bright and early tomorrow morning. If you're interested in learning more about how type can enhance your scrapbook pages, consider joining me for the next two weeks. In Week 1, you get the presentation and videos to watch and in Week 2, we make a page together and I host a video chat. There's also a layout contest and free fonts are part of the class content. I'd love to see you there!


Here ends the compendium. Thank you.

Cathy ZielskeThis and that

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  1. #1

    Your compendium is quite … eclectic! Which is totally you.

    Can’t wait till you do another! (And your Type class is great – I am a former student.) Happy September!

  2. #2
    Katie B

    I am so glad the title Oppa Gangnam Style is in your post because when I heard the music I thought it was saying, “Open Condom Style” and… well…

  3. #4

    Haha! I wonder what Gangnam actually means? Some wonderfully awkward moves happening there.(Elaine gone gangnam?) I’d love to see a flashmob bust this one out.

  4. #6

    Hi Donna, it covers both, and it covers the thought behind choosing sizes, font styles etc. Its a class designed to give you just enough typographic theory to be both dangerous, and effective. : )

    It is not a class about creating funky, artistic titles. If you click on the class description there is an audio message about the class that will give you more info! : )

  5. #11
    Judy Webb

    I will be there tomorrow….but then on vacation. So hoping I do not fall behind. Have been looking forward to this class, then a trip popped up.

  6. #12

    Judy, you wont fall behind because youll have permanent access to the materials! : ) The first week is the presentation on the ten tips and some video stuff. Then in week 2, the assignment and video chat. Even the chat will be recorded.

    See you in class!

  7. #13

    Weird. I just registered for your class over at Big Picure and the security code I had to type in was “Losers”. I mistyped and had to do it again. The second time the code was “Parole”.

  8. #15
    Debby D.

    What date and time specifically is the video chat? I didn’t see that listed in the course description.

  9. #16
    Jen Peters

    Remember that old 90s song, “I’m too Sexy” by Right Said Fred? Oppa Gangam Style seems to be in sort of that same spirit. Silly, fun, and a bit outlandish. I like it!

  10. #18
    Renee C

    You seriously post the best links. I feel cooler after watching those videos. And I’ve lost some time in my day. It’s all good!

  11. #19

    totally love both videos!
    i’m not really into eletronic music, but psy is way too funny.
    and the teens’ reactions to the video are amazing.

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