Happy Halloween!

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Fright night

Yes, that was my view of the moon at 6:15 a.m. yesterday. I thought it was sufficiently creepy indeed.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get my bee costume on.


Ah yes, one size truly does fit all. Thank you, shapeless Bee Costume. You will never be replaced. Ever.

I really had hoped to find the time to do a Gangnam Style Bee Costume Parody, but alas, the time just got away from me. 

Hopefully, this little nostalgic number from last year will give you just the boost of Halloween spirit you need today.

BEE DANCE from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Cathy ZielskeHappy Halloween!

51 Comments on “Happy Halloween!”

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    HAPPY HALLOWEEN CATHY!! I love seeing you in your bee costume each year, so cute!! How fun to see the bee dance again, THANK YOU!! Great photo of the moon, perfect for today.

    Can’t wait to see what the kids are dressing up as, they are always so fun and creative. Due to SANDY we are having Halloween on Sunday, feels weird already. HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!

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    Where was I last year that I missed this?!? Gangnam style would have been freaking hilarious! There’s still time!

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    Love the bee dance – Happy Halloween! On a completely unrelated note, I need an idea for a Christmas card and since you provided one a few years back, I was wondering if that will be “in the cards” (hahaha!) this year. Pretty please. I need to make 60 so don’t make it too time consuming. Thanks!

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    i’m living halloween vicariously through everyone else. it’s canceled here (NYC). well postponed until saturday for the kids 🙁

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    Katherine Ware

    OH my gosh!! You are fantastic! BEE-youtiful! LOL! My little 2 y/o great niece is a bee this year too, but she doesn’t have moves like you. Your moon pic is great — have a Happy Halloween!

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    Ya gotta love someone who’ll put on a bee costume and dance for the whole world to see! Just Bee Cathy.

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    Hooray for the bee costume…I was SO looking forward to it. The gangnam style dance would have been a bonus…but I enjoyed last year’s just the same!

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    ha ha ha Cathy this is great! Please let me know when your neighbors put their house up for sale because I so want to be your neighbor! We would both be skinny because you could entertain with your bee dance and I would be burning calories laughing! Maybe I could even learn the bee dance!! My daughters (teenagers) would die if I did this! They think I’m a stick in the mud.

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    Happy Halloween Cathy! I was at the Halloween store a few weeks ago looking for costumes for my husband and me and I was cursing at Halloween and how I hated looking for costumes. I thought, “now that Cathy Zielske, she’s a smart woman with her trademark bee costume.”

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    Marcie L

    That is funnier this year than last for some reason. Not that I didn’t enjoy it last year, lol, but it really had me laughing this morning! How did you manage to get your stellar moves so in sync with that techno music with only one take? 🙂 love it. Thanks for the laugh.

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    Oh, Cathy! Thank you for the bee dance! It was hilariously wonderful! I laughed through the whole thing and I totally needed that today. You are EPIC!

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    Not sure how I missed this last year….but my 6 year old nearly peed himself watching this….and I think he wonders why his mom doesn’t dress up.

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    Karen Peterson

    You are so weird…I love it!! It would take many a glass of wine for me to be filmed dancing (although I am that weird around my kids, but they can never catch me long enough to film it) Thanks for making me smile!

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