Project Life, Week Forty-One

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OBSERVATIONS: Well, I'm hoping you'll notice a few little changes on the old blog today. One of the things I wanted to do is to have larger images, and I managed to eek out a few more pixels to that end. This will be a work in progress, much like Project Life. Hey! See that? It all connects. As you can see by the card above, life is truly good when you have both a shopping cart full of wine and a chance to hear Dr. Brené Brown speak (though not necessarily at the same time.)

I'd love to wax philisophic here, but I have to try and figure out how to center my NavBar. Shall we simply gaze upon the Project Life offering of the week? Let's!


This week, I was low on photos, which is why you see Giant Adorable Aidan. If you've never tried this in your Project Life albums, I highly recommend doing it. You create a photo that is 6 inches wide by 8 inches tall. Trim off the top half to be a 6 x 4. Then trim the remaining photo in half. Next, if you want it to fit like butter, trim off about an 1/8 of an inch off the very bottom of the lower half, and then trim off about an 1/8th of an inch from the inside of each of the remaining halfs, where they would meet had they not been trimmed. Clear as mud?


Remember last week when I showed you how to make your own custom cards for your albums? Well, one of the things I'm excited to announce is the addition of CZ Design papers at Designer Digitals. This weekend, there will be five additional packages to play with. I really wanted to create papers with textures and palettes that made me happy, and plan to continue doing so. Plus, I can make custom cards using these papers and various word art sets. 

Note: Ylvis are NORWEGIAN! Thank you for pointing this out. The card will be thusly changed, my Norwegian friends.



And that is all I wrote for Week Forty-One!


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Forty-One

36 Comments on “Project Life, Week Forty-One”

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    Love the larger photos and especially like the photo of Aiden with her camera & Cole’s play (what a cool photo, did you take it or was it a released one? I looks lots of fun! Always find you PL inspiring, thanks Cathy. P.S. Love the new papers !

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    Great week of pictures and goodies. Hooray for your new papers, love them. AWESOME big photo of Aidan, love that she has her camera. We are feeling the pain at our house too from using a new exercise tape, my teen girls are sticking with it so far, HOORAY!! How cute is that Cole, bet he loved every minute of it! I took the same fall leaves picture of my shoes last week, love that about fall time.

    Your blog header looks great, love the green.

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    Susan Ringler

    Just needed to let you know i, too, LOVE the larger images. It DOES make a difference! Thanks for thinking of us and have a beautiful fall day everyone!

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    Love the new design! Looks great! Love the new papers too. Gotta love those tiny dots! Can I make a request to do one in black? Pretty please? I’m hoarding some black dotted paper currently. Would really love a good digi one!

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    Annette, I’ll totally make a polka dot set with darker colors, including black next week! Tomorrow, there’s a Halloween set coming out that is called Booberry and it has one black and white polka dot, but it’s got sort of a distressed look to it. I’ll add another Tiny Dots set next week with black and some other colors!

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    I love your new header and tag line – very funny!
    (Just wanted to point out an error in one sentence ” Trim off the top have at 6 x 3.” – I think that should say “half” and wouldn’t it be 6×4?)
    I love the giant picture of Aidan. It’s great that nothing important is in the cut – each of the photos could actually stand alone, if you understand what I’m trying to say. Some people cut through the important parts of the photo and it spoils the effect. I love looking at your PL pages! and thank you so much for the video tutorials – you’re a great teacher!

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    Cool new CZ design for blog! Really like the larger photos and new banner. Never would’ve known the nav bar wasn’t centered if you hadn’t mentioned it! We reader non- designer types don’t see that stuff like you designer-writer types do ;-)).

    Great new papers…and noticing a svelte CZ in one of the PL photos, too! How do you keep the glare from page protectors out of the photos? Really like this week’s spread. You rock!


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    Tracey N

    I’ve been following your Project Life week by week this year. I haven’t been able to commit to doing it myself, but I’m thinking about taking the plunge in 2013… here’s my question: how long do you spend to create your pages each week? On average?

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    Honestly? About1 to 2 hours tops. I gather my photos, print them out here at home. Print out my weekly recap (after I write it). I plan to do a big post in November about gearing up for Project Life. I do most of this on Sunday afternoon. I feel like by printing at home it makes it easier. I stock up on photo paper and ink and it just works for me. : )

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    Thanks, Honoré! I just shoot straight down on my pages and angle my camera until I dont see a glare. It doesnt always work, but a lot of the time it does. And yes, I plan to create digital stuff that I can print out onto card stock for my various projects!

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    Doh! yes. Saw that. Sorry. I did that late last night. Me no proofread. ; ) But youre right, you have to have a photo that is offset somehow so you dont cut off keep stuff!

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    Love the new look! So jealous you got to hear AND see Brene. Wanted to make the 4 hr drive (relatives in the cities) but ended up getting crazy at work. Had I only know I might meet two of my heroes. . .

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    Aidan took that photo. And because it wasnt a big name play, (just a short re-enactment of a fable) there were no copyright issues. Love that!

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    Jill, it was so crowded at the church where she was talking, my friend and I joked it was as if Jesus himself had come back to speak. It was PACKED. We had to watch her on video screens.

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    Helen Rosen

    Love your new look! I always look forward to your PL posts…they are very inspiring! (and funny…you always make me laugh) I particularly like the way you put the text on your photos. I have a font question: what is the font you used for “hello” on the journaling card, and the word “pots”?

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    Don´t think the Norwegians would be too happy with the Swedes getting credit for Ylvis!! You should check out some of Ylvis’s other stuff on You Tube:) Liking the new blog design:-)

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    Reading your blog title tagline, I feared you were ‘cleaning up’ your blog! No fear ..right? If the Ylvis video passes, it’s still ‘viewer discretion advised’ I hope!

    Love seeing Mama’s girl attired with that camera!

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    That was part of my decision making. . .I seriously wondered if it was a ‘mega’ church or how they would have room for everyone.

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    Sharon Dines

    Love the new blog look. Well done!
    Also loving your PL posts. I am dipping my toe in the PL water’s taking Becky’s class at BPC – I didn’t expect I would like it as much as I do.

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    Nita K.

    I think this is one of the most striking pages you’ve done. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the color from your new papers. Nevertheless, I like it. And the new blog.

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    Lueras Linville

    You indeed have an eye for capturing photos. I have been dreaming to enter into photography. Hope that I will be able to start my photo sessions next year so I could also share my works like yours.

  22. #35

    I am a solid fan of artists like you Cath. How I wish I have same artful hands so I can make custom cards as good as your designs.

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