Speaking of Fall (a recipe share)

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I wanted to share my chili recipe that I posted a photo of in my Rituals of Fall layout from Monday. This recipe is really simple, heavy on the protein and in my opinion, very tasty. It combines a few recipes I've used over the years, and now has become my go-to chili.

I eat this many days for lunch. I don't bother with any chili fixin's; it's tasty enough to stand on its own. Plus, it's full of protein and keeps me on the straight and narrow path of healthier eating. Note: Costco has these great organic ground beef three-packs that each have about 1.3 pounds of beef. I use one of those packs each time I make this.


I've included a printable PDF today, which I created using my new Simple Recipe Album set.

Here's the recipe for your downloadable pleasure:

Download EZCZChili

I know some of you are waiting on Fall's arrival, so if it's not quite chili weather where you are, just tuck it away until those degrees start to…Fall.

Note: those of you looking to make a more Paleo-esque version of the recipe can omit the bean, and add in more veggies. I have been doing half the amount of beans, as I strive for a less grain/legume-heavy diet.

You can find my Simple Recipe Album set by clicking here.


Cathy ZielskeSpeaking of Fall (a recipe share)

25 Comments on “Speaking of Fall (a recipe share)”

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    You must’ve read my mind! After seeing your fall layout, I was wishing that I had taken a photo of some chili I made a few days ago (a momentous occasion since I don’t cook often). And then you give us your delish recipe πŸ™‚ thank you!!!

    Ps… Curious about your Paleo experience…. are you really noticing any difference?

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    Kendra B

    Looks YUMMY! I’m gonna try this using the vegetarian “crumbles” πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

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    Daniele (from Canada)

    Thanks for the recipe and motivation to start using your recipe template I purchased when you released it a few weeks back. Looks yummy.

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    Thanks for the recipe! I am known for my chili, and quite frankly, am sick of making it. Glad for something new!

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    Thank you! I still have and cherish the 6×6 recipe binder of yours. It is my go to book for recipes!!!! Any chance you could put this in that format? Too much to ask?

    I will try using my “template” πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to make this.

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    Well, Rita… I started out the month sick and threw off my efforts (queasy tummy + paleo not a good combo). So now, this week, Im focusing on it more. I have never had any issues eating wheat that are often associated with it, but Im just trying to modify my consumption of it right now. Getting the bread mostly out to start. Baby steps, right?

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    Linda B

    Thank so much! This is the perfect time of year to try a new chili recipe. Made the old tried-and-true the other night and the whole pot was gone after lunch the next day!

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    Love the recipe and the recipe card set. It’s exactly what I needed. We use the Fix It Hot Kit you get from the grocery store to make our chili. I just add ground turkey, a can of chopped green chilis, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of beans and top with greek yogurt and shredded cheese. The Fix It Hot Kit is gluten free and you can omit the heat if you wish. You can also omit all of my dairy toppings if you are casein/dairy free and beans if you are paleo. We try to follow The Perfect Health Diet way of thinking, which is really a modified version of Paleo. But you are allowed things like potatoes and rice. You should check out the book. It comes in a kindle version.

    Thanks for all of this!!!



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    Kendra B

    I will πŸ™‚ Kris Carr has a new cookbook (Crazy Sexy Kitchen) coming out at the end of the month … you both might want to check it out because the pictures are making my mouth water lol

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    laura liddle

    Cathy – what are you then putting the 8.5 x 5.5 recipe cards in to? What size album? maybe 8.5 x 11 and 2 cards per page? Thanks, Laura

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    fyi… I think buckwheat is better than the wheat but pls don’t quote me. My go-to breakfast thing lately is a frozen buckwheat waffle toasted, with almond & pumpkin butter smeared on it, topped with some blueberry spread. But I just found out that almonds have calcium & I’m not supposed to have calcium within a 4hr period of taking my thyroid meds… UGH!!!

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    Laura….not Cathy here but… Cathy mentioned in an earlier post that she was using Martha Stewart’s 8.5×5.5 binder… a new line that Staples carries…. hope that helps πŸ™‚

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    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I really struggle finding things that everyone in my family likes (which means dinner usually involves at least one person being unhappy about what we’re having).

    The good news is I made your chili last night and we all loved it! Thanks for sharing (and should I ever acquire enough recipes to create a recipe album, I’ll definitely be using the templates πŸ™‚ ).

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    I have started switching ground beef for ground turkey. It is healthier and I really like the taste. Just a thought. πŸ™‚

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