The Internet is Amazing

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Last Friday, a Facebook friend posted a link to a Ted talk by Sarah Kay. I've never heard of her, but I always give any Ted Talk link the benefit of the doubt, because let's be honest here, Ted Talks make quantum physics fascinating to the average person.

I was moved to tears by this Ted Talk. The poem she starts out with, called simply "B", blew my mind. Talk about the beauty and the power of words.

God, I love it when people share their gifts with the world. For all the people who spew their hatred and ignorance, there are so many more people who choose to share their love and hope. The Internet can be an amazing curator of such wonder.


You can buy her poem in a hardcover book on Amazon.

Cathy ZielskeThe Internet is Amazing

29 Comments on “The Internet is Amazing”

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    Wow! That was powerful – and amazing – stuff! I’m sitting here in tears. Many thanks for sharing.

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    I love TED talks. There are so many cool things that can be said in those 18 minute spurts. Love this one. I can’t remember who recommended it so forgive me if it was you!

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    Juli P

    I’ve been wondering what TED talks are….my friend has been posting them for a while and attended the TED Talk conference in Edinburgh this past summer. This is good stuff! thanks for sharing.

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    Another great TED talk. A friend of mine did a quick TED talk a few weeks ago. Here’s the link. I think you’ll like it.

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    I adore Sarah Kay. She is so amazing and inspiring. And that’s JUST the kind of mom and person I want to be. : )

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    Leanne in CA

    Wow, she was great! Thanks for sharing. I’ve never seen Ted talks–I’ll have to watch for some more.

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    Karen Freeman

    I love this. I have watched this before and it was wonderful to revisit it. Thank you for sharing.

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    Margy Eastman

    Thanks for sharing, Cathy. Sometimes I forget to use the other side of my brain, so thanks for the nudge.

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    Jen Hart

    What an inspiration…I just know my niece who lives with me will love this. I have a reminder to share this with her at our chill time on sunday. Thank you.

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    Cele Schaffer

    OMG!! This was GREAT! My favorite line from Sarah Key was “Momma is a worrier Papa is a warrior”. What a line I could relate to… I will be purchasing her book. Thank you for this post.

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    Laura P.

    Thanks for sharing this post. I showed it in my grade 7 language class,and they were mesmerized. We are inspired and are writing about what we see in the dark thanks to one of Sarah’s lists.

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