30 Days of Thankful: Share-a-Page Fridays

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Seven days have passed since the first 30 Days of Thankful: Share-a-Page Friday post. It was really cool to see what you’re doing via the links many of you shared. I encourage you to join in. You don’t have to be using my album to do this project!

Without further ado, here are my pages for Days 3 through 8.







It’s been really nice to think about what I want to write at the end of each day, an sort through any photos I’ve taken. My only regret so far? My handwriting. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with it, but what happens, because I’m so used to typing, I make “typos” when I’m writing. It’s the weirdest thing. I almost switched to doing this project digitally, but then I realized, “Um, you printed all that paper out, missy.”

Maybe this project will get me back in the groove of writing by hand a bit more often, and with better accuracy!

Please post a link below and share your pages. I’d love to see what you are doing. And, what you’re thankful for.



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PRODUCTION NOTE: For those of you who are using the printable PDF, please note that sometimes Adobe Acrobat will stretch your pages to fill a full sheet of paper. To avoid this, when you print your files, be sure to select the Actual Size option under Page Sizing & Handling in the print dialogue window. This will ensure a final trim size of 6 x 6.

Cathy Zielske30 Days of Thankful: Share-a-Page Fridays

27 Comments on “30 Days of Thankful: Share-a-Page Fridays”

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    Chris H

    Lovely Cathy. I’m enjoying this project as well and the focus it is giving me right now. Lots of ‘yucky sch-tuff’ going on outside my little world that could lead to a mental shut down to the little things that are so very wonderful inside my world.

    Blessings to you and on the week ahead.

  2. #2

    Thank you again, Cathy, for “putting yourself out there”. As much as I like your design style, I truly admire your ability (and willingness) to share your personal thoughts and feelings in your scrapbooks and blogs.

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    I am finding that this project is allowing me to appreciate the smaller things in life. I think I do a good job of being appreciative of those around me but with all that has happened as a result of Sandy, I see now that I need to up my gratitude and pay-it-forward game! Thank you for putting this idea together. I am loving it.

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    I love that you are willing to take photos pretty much anywhere – even in Costco! I’m still working on street photography and getting over myself and what people will think so I can just do it!

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    What a great project! I haven’t been doing it on paper, but I have mentally been making a gratitude page in my head most days 🙂 I love that your house seems to be in your signature colors and that you have politically active kids. (a little correction – it should be “without further ado” – like in much ado about nothing – it’s a common mistake online and it always irks me.) I still use pen and paper a lot in my daily life, but I also find myself mis-writing letters and words, and usually at the worst moments, like when addressing an envelope/writing a card to a loved one and I spell their name wrong! gah! But at least I’m not as bad as my husband – he says using a pen to sign his name hurts his hand now – he spends way too much time on the keyboard!

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    Great peek in your life!
    I’ve also had trouble with my writing ~ most grammatical errors that I would never normally make. Must be something in the air!

  7. #11

    I make “typos” when I handwrite on layouts, too. Drives me nuts. It’s definitely a use it or lose it thing and it’s a skill I don’t want to lose.

  8. #12

    I used a roll of masking tape, and then just adhered the page to the roll of tape. So the tape served as a backing to hold it upright. : )

  9. #14

    Fear not the handwriting and the mistakes! I have a recipe that was written in my Mom’s hand, and when I turned my back, my 4 year old wrote on it too. So I wrote a note and now we have 3 generations of handwriting on our favorite recipe. Dated. Priceless that crazy mess.

  10. #15

    Thanks for the encouragement to share! I have really enjoyed this process nine days in and it’s great to see how others are participating!

  11. #16

    I enjoyed each of your days so much, so happy to see you doing this again. The first thing I was going to mention was your handwriting and that I liked it before even reading what you said about it.
    It’s been great slowing down this week and taking the time to be thankful for all I have in my life. Will be linking up hopefully tomorrow.
    I did read all the links from last week and will again this week, they are soooo inspiring and AWESOME!!
    Thanks Cathy for sharing this with us!!
    p.s. I love having music in common with my kids too, it never gets old.

  12. #17

    I can really relate to your comment about handwriting Cathy, I had to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire the other day and I felt so uncoordinated writing so much with a pen, I was stumbling over words and making so many mistakes!
    Thanks for the great motivation and inspiration this month.

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    Kelli W

    I love reading your entries! And thank you so much for putting this project up – I’ve really been enjoying it and so has the rest of my family. Even my husband is getting involved!

  14. #19

    These have been turning out so awesome so far! I love following along with this project, although I’ve just been keeping a journal for it, not actually putting it in an album.

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    Michelle B.

    Thank you so much for doing this! I’ve always wanted to create something like this and your styles and stories inspired me to actually stop thinking about and just do it. You are truly one of my scrapbook and story-telling idols!

  16. #23
    Amanda Villagomez

    I haven’t posted any of mine, but this morning I was looking at the pages I have complete and already love how the project is coming together. I still need to type in my notes on some of the pages, but it has been such a nice experience. I am so happy that I bought your templates!

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    Lori - near Seattle

    I love that you documented the election. Both of my parents have been passed away for so many years (my dad when I was a kid, my mom as a young adult). I would love to be able to look back at old scrapbooks and see how they viewed important events. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how/what to write about this year. I took a photo of my ballot with the presidential candidates and the WA State gay marriage proposition. I want to verbalize why I feel the way I do, and your Thankful journal showcases it so simply.

  18. #26

    I love how your project – indeed, and mine too! – captures what’s going on right now (eg your election, my broken foot – not that I’m thankful for that exactly….) along with some things that could be from almost any time. It reminds me that there are some big, more permanent things to be thankful for, and some fleeting, transitional things, too 🙂

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