30 Days of Thankful: Share-a-Page Fridays

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Yes, the month is only two days old, but every Friday this month I plan to share my 30 Days of Thankful pages here on my blog and I’m going to encourage you to share as well.

A few things to keep in mind:

1. You don’t need my album set to do this project. You people are crafty scrapbookers! You can take any approach you like to this concept. You don’t even need to scrapbook it. Heck, you can post to your Facebook page, or your Twitter account. One thing you’re thankful for every day can take any number of expressive forms.

2. You don’t have to be the deepest person alive! My first page, as you’ll see, is devoted to being thankful for the silly things in life.

3. You just have to share what is in your heart. From the littlest things to the biggest things, this challenge is meant to capture what is authentic about you and what you are grateful for.

Here are my first two pages, from yesterday and today.



Silliness and having an income. Two things, one small, one not so small. Both reminding me of what I’m thankful for on the first two days of this month.

I have a strong feeling I’ll be using my iPhone a lot for these album photos.

I would love to see what you are doing and encourage you to post a link below so others can see as well! Every Friday this month will be about show and tell and gratitude. I hope you’ll consider joining in.

30 Days of Thankful is officially underway.

PRODUCTION NOTE: For those of you who are using the printable PDF, please note that sometimes Adobe Acrobat will stretch your pages to fill a full sheet of paper. To avoid this, when you print your files, be sure to select the Actual Size option under Page Sizing & Handling in the print dialogue window. This will ensure a final trim size of 6 x 6.


Cathy Zielske30 Days of Thankful: Share-a-Page Fridays

26 Comments on “30 Days of Thankful: Share-a-Page Fridays”

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    Happy Friday Cathy, couldn’t wait to see your post today. I LOVE LOVE both your pages. It really is the big and small things, that’s what I wrote down this morning too. Will be sharing my link hopefully tomorrow or just here in the comments if I can’t blog.

    Thanks again for doing this and letting us share this month with you.

    I agree 100% with the post from yesterday, thankful for my electricity and being safe right now. Prayers and hugs for those effected by Sandy.

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    Amen Sister! The ability to find levity in the day-to-day is so important! Do you think we should rewrite John Mayer’s Gravity?

    Levity is working for me. And Levity is trying to bring me UP!

    Enjoy a gratitude filled weekend!

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    OK, Santa, I need a good quality photo printer for Christmas so I can do Project Life and 30 Days of Thankful.

    Do you think ultimatums work?

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    It will be so fun to see your pages all month!
    Early this year, in an attempt to teach my then-4-year-old daughter some gratitude for all of her good fortune and blessings, I instituted a nightly bedtime ritual we call “Thankful Thoughts.” When she turned 5 in May, we began writing them down in a composition notebook. She and I each share one thing we are thankful for. We miss nights here and there if we are out of town or something, but I think we will love looking back on this journal. Plus we are BOTH better at counting our blessings!

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    what is that fantastic font you’ve been using on your projects lately (project life & the november mini)??

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    i downloaded the set from DD yesterday! among other templates that I’ve been eyeing (like your recipe template! and #103). Love these. Is there anyway, maybe somewhere on your blog or in DD that shows a link to blog write up where you introduced these products or an image of the example you did with the template?

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    Hey Lynn, yes! Here is the link for the 30 Days:https://www.cathyzielske.com/2012/10/30-days-of-thankful-a-gratitude-album-project.html

    And here is the link about the recipe album:https://www.cathyzielske.com/2012/09/ah-fall-is-in-the-air-and-savings-are-on-tap-over-at-designer-digitals-save-30-throughout-the-store-and-20-on-new-re.html (Note: the 3rd quarter sale is not going on, but today there is 15% off items in celebration of National Digital Scrapbooking Day.)

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    Hi Cathy, I’m definitely in πŸ™‚ Except I’ll be sharing mine on Saturdays, ‘cos I’m kind of a maverick, y’know…. πŸ˜‰

    Or just constantly, chronically late. Possibly that. But hey! I’m in!

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    Kelli W

    I absolutely LOVE that photo of you for day 1 πŸ™‚ I am going to get my pages/photos printed out tomorrow – can’t wait to link up!

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    I’m such a dork! I got all hot pants over it and didn’t look at the whole download or the directions. Got it all together now. Thanks for a super fun project!

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    Chris H

    In my quest for ultimate simplicity it didn’t even occur to me to use the papers in the kit to make the pages really pretty. The template alone was so pretty…smacking my head…
    I’m not redoing the first 3 days.

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    Indeed I am. And I very much NEED to do this and refocus my efforts. I plan to write about whats been going on with me this year, in terms of ye old chub battles. And its always a battle. : )

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    Jennifer Cardwell

    I am participating, but haven’t gotten anything posted. I am hoping to have my pages on my blog by this Friday (the 9th). Feel free to check them out jennifercardwell.com

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    ermahgawd, i love you. i haven’t been through my blog reader in awhile, am loving the new header. and of course, the return of the bumble bee!

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    I am making a book of “30 days of thankful: for Pop and Daju” (grandparents and having each one in the family do a couple of days. Already very precious! I printed pdf at home on Canon MP620 and colors are a bit washed out. Printed at Office Depot and colors are just like yours. What printer did you use? home? thanks!

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    Sharmon S.

    I really love this idea! I know it’s already half way through the month,but I’m going to start it anyway! Thanks!

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