30 Days of Thankful: The Wrap-Up

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And so, my little album project has come to a close.

That was fun, and it was easier than I thought it would be. I mean, it’s really not difficult to think of things you’re grateful for. They don’t have to be all deep and meaningful all the time either.

I’m going to make this an annual tradition.

Thanks to everyone who has played along and shared their gratitudes as well. Be sure to post a link today and share your final pages.

Onto the month of December with a full and grateful heart!












Cathy Zielske30 Days of Thankful: The Wrap-Up

16 Comments on “30 Days of Thankful: The Wrap-Up”

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    Tammy B

    Great album Cathy! And that Cole is sure looking more like a young man than a boy every day! Isn’t amazing how one day you look at your kids and wonder where the heck they came from?! Yesterday, my oldest and I were looking for a baby picture for his grad ceremony. Makes me a little sad to think he’ll soon be an adult.

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    Thanks for offering up such a great month-long project. I’ve really enjoyed counting the blessings hidden in my everyday life. Onwards to December Daily …

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    Liz C

    I love this album! I would like to do something similar for my December Daily – printable, handwritten journaling, add a picture, no need for embellishments. Is your Designer Digitals album the set up so that the colors and text can be changed? Thanks!

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    Lee Currie

    Your album is FANTASTIC – and as a result of your inspiration, so is mine πŸ™‚ Thank you for all you do. And, with everyone else, onward to December Daily – mine is still in the box! Eek!

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    Thanks so much, Cathy – I’ve loved doing this along with you, and it’s cheered me immensely during what might otherwise have been a difficult and ‘down’ month πŸ™‚ Love your project, and although mine looks very different, I love mine too!

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    Arlene Alog-David

    thanks so much for a wonderful project Cathy, it’s my first time to make something like this and i really love the outcome — looking forward to more projects with you in 2013!

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    Cathy, I’m thankful for YOU and all you inspire me with and share with us. This month long project was so awesome and will help me get thru this crazy holiday month. It’s been sweet seeing all that your thankful for, LOVE LOVE each one. Thanks for letting us share this project with you, wish I could have linked up more. My computer is having uploading issues so for now my pictures are sitting here waiting for the place in my PL. Count me in again next year!!

    LOVE LOVE the picture of COLE, the unposed ones are the best. This is my favorite picture of you and Dan also, so glad your both in a happy place right now. I agree with the sunrises, never get tired of seeing them and needing them.

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    Thanks, Cathy! This was such a great project and one I actually finished! Loved yours and the inspiration! I might have to pull out the files again in a few months and do another one!

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    I loved loved loved working on this project. I have not been great with daily projects except LOAD and now 30 days of Thankful. I enjoyed this approach so much I plan on using the format for my December Daily album.

    I am also thinking of joining move more eat well. so i’ll “see” you again soon.

    Thanks for this project

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    Cathy, I have followed your blog for several years now. I have your books and have enjoyed you, your style, your recipes(make Jason’s Chili all the time- We call it Cathy’s Chili). But what I most enjoy is our honesty. You are so real to me as a woman, a mother and especially as a wife. Your talents in design have influenced my daughter who is now studying grahic design/marketing and public relations in college. Keep doing what you are doing for many are blessed by your gifts. Michelle

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    ooh, this is a great idea. I may incorporate those printables into my Project Life album this way. Thanks for the idea!!!

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    I am super late to post my link, but wanted to thank you again for this project. It’s only the second mini album I’ve made from scratch and it’s nice to have it around for people to look at.

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