Considering gratitude today

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Watching the news coverage of the devastation left in Sandy's wake has been overwhelming. Today, as I consider the month of gratitude, I'm thankful for electricty. And running water. And food. And modern life as we know it.

I'm not sure how many of you readers are in the affected areas, but my heart seriously goes out to you and all of those who are displaced and facing such an uphill climb to get through all of this.

I just wanted to share a few links to help out in any way you are able.

The Salvation Army

Feeding America

Here's to helping our fellow Americans get back on their feet. 

Cathy ZielskeConsidering gratitude today

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    I recall you recommending an app that you can record daily notes, stories, and observations to be added to your project life journaling later. I cannot remember what that app is, and thought it would be helpful for the 30 days of thankfulness as well. Could you refresh my memory?


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    Yes! Its called Day One. That is for the Mac. There is also an app called Momento, that I believe works on multiple phone platforms!

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    Thanks for posting about this! I’m in Staten Island, NY and it’s all we see on TV, not sure if it’s playing out there as well…there’s a lot of devastation and they are still pulling out bodies. Not sure people in the rest of the US are seeing this. Any help people can give is great!

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