Project Life, Week Forty-Seven

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OBSERVATIONS: This was one of my favorite weeks from a Project Life standpoint. There was food, fun, family—you know, all the stuff that tends to happen around a holiday week and Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays. We also had record warm temps in my part of the country. We also had a 13-year-old boy agree to hold still long enough to have a photo taken. We also had a girl bake a delicious apple pie to share with her extended family. We just had a really lovely week. Here are my pages from Week Forty-Seven.



Still loving my J-Cards this week. I forgot how much I actually love typing up little stories as opposed to writing them out by hand. The fact is: I make way too many handwritten typos. (To learn how to add journaling to the cards, watch this video.)



I had a shopping day out with my sisters-in-law, a tradition we do every year in a lovely part of St. Paul known as Grand Avenue. It ends with bloody mary's and big onion rings. I took some really crappy cell phone shots but knew that by making them small in a little labeled template, they'd look halfway decent and save the memory of our yearly outing.


Here's the weekly recap:


And that is all I wrote for Week Forty-Seven.

Coming soon: a post about preparing for Project Life for 2013 with a bit about my process and how I make this system work for me.



Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Forty-Seven

17 Comments on “Project Life, Week Forty-Seven”

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    Cathy, I just had to tell you…whenever I get to St. Paul, one of my favorite stops is Grand Avenue. I just love walking around there. Your pics with your sisters-in-law were great! It looks like your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Gosh, Cole is looking so grown up!! I absolutely love your PL pages. You give such good inspiration.

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    I know I don’t comment much, but wanted to say I totally love what you do with your PL… and that you share it with all of us! thanks 🙂

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    WOW, love this week of family and fun! Cole is looking so big and handsome of course! The journal cards are my favorite that you do, never get tired of seeing yours!! So glad you had a great holiday and feeling happy right now. Thanks for always sharing and inspiring!!

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    Banu H

    Awesome Share and very inspiring. Thanks so much. Loved the J-Cards…had to buy all the three…LOL..Video was also very helpful…

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    Heather Saxberg

    I just love your layouts! I am totally right there with you with the typos when trying to do hand written journalling. I love the font you use for yours. What font is that? I need to learn to get my spacing as well as yours. It really is so easy to read/follow on the eyes. That’s probably why your the graphic designer guru you are 😉

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    Sharon in TX

    Is that Cole in the photo next to Week in Review? Wow! Seems like he’s grown up so much this year! Guess that’s one of the great things about PL … you can just flip back to Week 1 and really see the difference. P.S. Really, really loving your digital PL products! P.S.S. Sooooo looking forward to seeing your December Daily.

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    I was going to comment on how quickly your son seems to be growing too!
    I really enjoy seeing your pages – they are so clean and graphic and bold! very inspiring. I am looking forward to hearing about your PL process and also seeing your December Daily.
    Thank you for sharing!

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    That is it…. you have pushed me into doing project life 2013. I really enjoy your pages. Thank you for sharing them. I can’t wait to hear, or I mean read about your project life process.

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