Project Life, Week Forty-Three + 30 Days of Thankful kicks off

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OBSERVATIONS: Hello November! (Okay, technically, this Project Life post is for the last week of October, but I can still greet the new month, yes? Good!)

Last week was another week where I really didn't take a lot of photos. You'll notice the enlarged-photo-taking-up-three-pockets trick again (love that trick). But on Saturday, we had a family gathering so I lugged the camera along to snap a few extra shots, which gave me three photos from a single outing. No rules that say a photo a day, people. Just fill the pockets to the best of your ability. 



Last week I had the honor of seeing Dr. Maya Angelou speak, courtesy of my friend Lee Currie, a scrapbooker and fabulous Canadian, who along with her daughter, Claire, invited me and Aidan to attend the event. Amazing to see Dr. Angelou just open her mouth. We were mesmerized, to say the least.

And yes, do you see Aidan's clever costume? That's my little Cady Heron a.k.a. Lindsay Lohan a.k.a. Mean Girl. (And she's not actually mean at all, in case you were wondering.)

Had to save this story, because lately, getting Dan to take a photo with me has been virtually impossible. He's like a teenaged boy or something.


Although he knows how to turn on the smize for some shots.


Who IS that kid in the picture with Dan, anyway? Not my little boy. That's for sure.


And with the weekly recap, that's all she wrote for Week Forty-Three.


Speaking of November…


Today is the first day of my 30 Days of Thankful album project. Are you going to track a month of gratitude with me? You don't need my album to do it, just take notes and photos as you go. 

To learn more about my project, click here. I'll be posting my first pages later in the day tomorrow and then every Friday for the rest of the month.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Forty-Three + 30 Days of Thankful kicks off

35 Comments on “Project Life, Week Forty-Three + 30 Days of Thankful kicks off”

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    Great week of stories and photos. I love Aidan’s costume, we LOVE that movie!! Thanks for the laugh about Dan in the pictures, how funny he is. I love the picture of Aidan with the blond in her hair, she looks AMAZING!! So what was Cole for Halloween?? He is looking tall next to Dan. They kinda sneak up in size like that don’t they!

    I’m excited about the Thankful posts coming and joining in.

    Happy November!

  2. #3
    Lee Currie

    BUSY week indeed. Love to see Aidan playing against type, she is such a lovely young woman! Thank you so much, it was so wonderful to share an evening with you both. Great photo of your men, too – so funny. Every time I see your fabulous project I realize how far behind I am – time to catch up πŸ™‚

  3. #4

    Hey Lee & Cathy…. as one who lives in the ‘country’ just north of Toronto but NOT in Toronto, I had to smile when Cathy indicated you were a friend ‘from Toronto’. Simpler designation but for those of us who choose not to live in the city, it makes me want to shout NO… we do not LIVE in that crazy busy city. But then perhaps you would prefer it πŸ™‚
    Sorry for the silly ramble….

  4. #5

    Cole had three choices, or maybe 4. Batman, Rick from the Walking Dead, some character from some cartoon series on Fox, and Waldo. It never ends with that one!

  5. #6

    Yay Diane! Well check back tomorrow. I hope to have one of those little link widgets set up so people can share their posts and pages on gratitude!

  6. #8

    Another great week, you did good! Thanks for the words, just what I need for this week. Bless you!

  7. #10

    Just put my book together last night – after my little “printing issue”! Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the free download.

  8. #13
    Jocelyn Thompson

    Love the 30 days of Thankful…I am starting it today and what do you know I am actually on time for something! Thank you for the great stuff you create! I love your style! Also I apologize for trying to friend you on fb…I was trying to find your page (the artist one) so I could see what the latest goings on were and your personal page popped up. I thought I had been disconnected or something and didn’t want to miss anything. Clicked friend request before my brain was fully working and realized it was your personal page. I am a fb stalker of my kids but that is the extent of it. Happy November!

  9. #14

    Oh no worries on that one! I have a very small personal FB page now. I do more posting to my business page! : ) Glad to have you join in the gratitude merriment!

  10. #15
    Suzie Perrie

    Thank you so much for the gratitude download! It will be highly used around this house. πŸ™‚ You ROCK!

  11. #16

    Thank you for the download. I love anything CZ. I am planning to start my Gratitude album January 1, 2013. I will be an empty nester then and will need to really focus on the positive!

  12. #18

    Hi Cathy,

    Thank you so much for the free download. I am trying to get into digital scrapbooking using your products, as I LOVE them; however I am somewhat confused as to how to use them once they are downloaded. Do you need PSE to work with them. When I brought up one of the sayings “Abundance & Grace”, it showed up large and black…didn’t know if I could change the color, size etc, or if this is strictly to use only if I have PSE…any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks so much

  13. #20

    I think Cole could be channeling Mr. Spock…he looks like a young Zachary Quinto in that photo with Dan! Nice!
    And thanks to you and DD for the freebie!

  14. #23

    Hey Wendy, yes! You need PSE to change the color. This video will show you how to do it:


    However, if you have older versions of Word, you can place PNG files into Word and change the color and size in Word using the Formatting Palette, but its a bit trickier. Do you have PSE?

  15. #28

    I have PSE 6 for PC, but will be getting PSE10 soon, as I “just got a MAC”, largely in part to YOU! I love it so far, being a previous PC user. Shhh..don’t tell my husband I wanted it largely for scrapbooking and IPHOTO and finally talked him into to allowing a MAC in the house, since he is a diehard PC user!!


  16. #33

    Hey Cathy … loving all your stuff as usual but bummed that I missed the Grateful Heart download πŸ™
    … when I read your blog yesterday morning the download link wasn’t posted and now it has expired. …. sigh…

  17. #34
    Amanda Villagomez

    I also missed the download. Yesterday was a long day and we got home late. I noticed it was there, but did not see that it was only for a day. I opted to spend time with my girls and didn’t realize until this morning that it was only for a limited time.

    I did get my pictures for Day 1 of my gratitude album though, so in the grand scheme of things that was more important. I look forward to capturing moments the rest of the month. It’s 7 AM and I just might already have my Day 2 photo. Looking forward to putting it all together.

  18. #35

    Next time you wake up before Dan, steal a pic of the two of you while he’s still sleeping! Who’s making faces NOW?? πŸ˜€

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