Two Views Starts Tomorrow!

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The Two Views workshop kicks off tomorrow, and I wanted to answer a few questions I've been receiving for anyone interested in signing up.

Do I have to sign up with my album partner? No, you do not. Only one person needs to sign up for the class and you can share the album project materials with your partner. 

The person I want to do the album with isn't a scrapbooker. Can we still make this album together? Sure! You can ask your album partner to write their entries in Word and you can copy and paste their words into the templates. You can do all the scrapbook-y stuff for them.

I'm not a Photoshop user. Can I still do this project? Absolutely! I've included Word templates for this workshop. All you need is a working copy of Microsoft Word and you're good to go, though you may be limited in terms of changing the colors of the page titles.

I would really love to take this class, but I don't have the time right now. Will you be offering it again? I hope to run it again next year in the Spring. Keep in mind if you sign up for a class at Big Picture, you have permanent access to the materials, allowing you to work at your own pace.

Registration for this class will close on November 14th at 10 p.m. PST. 

To sign up, click here.

I'll see you in class tomorrow!




Cathy ZielskeTwo Views Starts Tomorrow!

6 Comments on “Two Views Starts Tomorrow!”

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    Sara Mangan

    Do you think it would be fitting to do with an eleven year old girl? She is in 6th grade? I guess I am wondering if she could relate to the prompts?


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    Sara, thats a good question. It depends on if she likes to write. The promps range from : When I am older, life will be… and When I was younger, life was… and of course, comparisons to the person she is going to do the album with. There is This is the music I love and This is how I spend my time and stuff like that. It might be kind of cool to have that record of what she thought at 11, you know? : )

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    Karen Peterson

    Yea, I just saw this today, but what a perfect thing to do with my daughter away at school…just signed up and hopefully we can put together our albums over Christmas vacation…so excited!

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    Cool! Karen, remember you have permanent access to these materials! And you can always email me even after the official end of class with any questions! : )

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    Karen Peterson

    Thanks Cathy; I am hoping to get prompts from her and I can cut and paste into her “section” . The only bummer is that I’m thinking I should have named her something else 20 years ago as we have the same initial…

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