December Daily, Day 11

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I'm going to have to share a photo of my dining room table before this project is done. Many of you may know this, but I don't have a scrap room; just a dining room where no one eats, lest they get adhesive in their food. Right now, the dining room table is a disaster—a beautiful, craft-filled mess. 

I kind of like it. Shhhh. Don't let that get around, okay?

Here is my page from yesterday:


Some of you asked what kind of gold spray paint I used to coat the chipboard page. Honestly? It's good old fashioned Rust-o-leum, from the hardware store. Archivally safe? Probably not. But hey, YOLO!

Last night my kids' school held a fundraiser, an annual tradition, complete with music contributions from the students. There are a lot of musically-inclined kids at their school, and Cole is learning bass right now as part of a band. They did an acoustic cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit, and he traded his bass for the bongo drum. Nice. Nothing says 'holiday' like teen angst in song.


I cut one of my Holiday J-Cards in half, after I dropped in a bit of journaling text.

When I started this album, I'll admit, I figured it would last a few days, and then I'd feel overwhelmed by all the product I had to work with.

I'm so enjoying this process. Thanks, Ali Edwards. You little holiday genius, you.


Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily, Day 11

21 Comments on “December Daily, Day 11”

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    Lauren, I use a HP Photosmart 8750. I always try to include links below! : ) Its a big one, and you should know its not cheap, but im a fan of HP! They have much more affordable ones too!

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    Sharon Dines

    The photo is…not straight (gasp!) and it is going off the page (hmmm)…



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    I am really looking forward to starting Project Life in 2013! I’m taking your advice and collecting my supplies now so I’ll be ready on day one. I looked at the Project Life website and I like the way you mix in your own designs rather than just using the pieces in the package. Can you suggest what kinds of supplies I should purchase (digital or otherwise) to be able to create really unique pages like you create?

    Thank you so much for your help and all of the inspiring posts!

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    Last year I don’t know if I was more excited at finishing my December Daily or being able to clean off my dining table (I don’t have a scrap room either).

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    hi thank you so much for the two videos from yesterday — 1 was very inspirational (I’m gathering my supplies right now!) and the other instructional plus really love the templates! Thanks!

    I know that you’ve shared this in the past but sorry I have forgotten — what kind of paper did you print your falalalalala
    journal card on?


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    Heather Saxberg

    I love the idea of taking over the kitchen table. We never use ours and it ends up just being covered in assorted junk that has been tossed on it over the week. I think I am going to clean it off and use it for PL. I wish I had gotten this kit..I am loving what you are doing with it!

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    I’m loving the sparkle and bling in your album! I think scrapping is a great use of your dining room table:)!

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    Cathy, you ROCK!! I loooove your pages so much, they just keep getting better and unlike you. I love that you used gold paint again, so pretty. Laughed at your table story, YES please share a picture. My table looks like this too, we just shove thing around to get a little bare spot to eat off. HAHA!! I am sure a lot of us have DD AND PL CREATIVE MESSES RIGHT NOW. SO glad your having fun with this.
    Congrats on not bailing out already, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

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    Sharon Dines

    OK. But only if you’re sure…it’s getting pretty crazy round here. I even used glitter in my own DD album…THREE TIMES! I even had to go out especially and buy some red glitter cardstock.

    There must be something in the water…:)

    Dare ya to use some paint splatters tomorrow!!

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    I agree, Ali is a holiday genius! Loving your pages so far too. I have left over spraypaint from a christmas project I’m doing that I used to paint pages as well… Mine is car paint! Gotta love using what you have on hand!

    The black and white picture pops brilliantly against the gold… Love it!

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