December Daily, Day 14

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Like many of you, the past few days have left me at a loss for what to say. Or what to think. But not at a loss for how to feel.

Dan and I had a weekend getaway planned this past weekend, just a half an hour out of town, and we decided to go ahead with it, with assurances from Aidan and Cole that they were okay with us going. They were and so we went.

We spent Saturday night in Stillwater, Minnesota, at an old hotel on the St. Croix river, drinking wine, talking, crying… connecting to the profound sadness that life offers at times, and the overwhelming love, and the infinite blessings. 

I still do not know what to say. I am still overwhelmed at the grief I feel and I cannot imagine how these families are able to cope.

I only hope they can feel the hopes and prayers of not only an entire nation, but the entire world.

I designed a simple card with a quote from Mr. Rogers that I read on Facebook over the weekend. It gave me comfort to think of all that light in the world; the good and the true; the hope for our humanity to grow and shine. 

If you'd like to download this card for your albums, by all means, please do.

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Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily, Day 14

51 Comments on “December Daily, Day 14”

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    Claire Daly

    Thankyou so much Cathy. We are feeling it over here in Australia too. My ten year old son was asking me questions about it this morning. I am going to print this off for both my boys. Hugs to all our US crafty sisters who are hurting so much xx

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    Erin Taylor

    Thank you so much for the download, and creating this card. I have a little boy who is 6 and in the first grade, and I am at a loss as to what to say or think about this horrific act of violence.

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    My husband played a meditation on Jesus loves the little children at the start of our church service today. Someone rang a bell one time for each victim. Everything seems inadequate, but yet is something.

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    Karen Peterson

    Thanks Cathy; sad that this is something that will forever be a part of our holiday memories yet thankful for all the amazing people that are in this world even if one person thinks he holds the power to erase others goodness.

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    Thank you for sharing the quote. I used it when I talked to my kids (11 & 5) about what had happened.

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    Thank you, Cathy. My heart just breaks for those parents and that town and the adults who were lost too young. So very sad.

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    laura kate

    This is a wonderful thought. I’m not sure if you got that quote from the PBS post sharing the info from the Fred Rogers company or otherwise (once PBS shared the lead-in, featuring this quote, it started to spread without the accompanying info). For anyone who might want the wonderful resource about talking to children about tragic events in the news, it is here:

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    Liz, Melb, Australia

    Thanks Cathy. I’ve always struggled to provide solace in the face of these inexplicable tragedies. This is a wonderful way to help my children deal with the confusion. Again, thank you.

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    Thank you Cathy. Your post and your quote on the card made me feel a little less alone tonight. I guess that makes you one of the helpers too. My kids are under 5 and I don’t show them the news yet but I am wondering how to explain tragedies when I’m unable to shelter them. I will not forget your kindness in sharing this way of looking at things.

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    That is a wonderful quote. And yes, thankfully, there are still many wonderful people that are there to pick up the pieces after tragedies of any kind… it just seems so unkind and unfair that these pieces need picking up to begin with. Oh those poor families…

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    Thank you Cathy, I will use this in my PL. We are living in Singapore and my kids’ school is wearing yellow and blue today in support for those poor families. There are truly prayers being said all over the world.

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    Thank you for this. I’d made a journaling card. And I printed a picture of one of the victims, she was the friend of my friend’s daughter. But I didn’t feel complete with those item. This will be perfect.

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    Thank you for the quote card Cathy. It’s really too horrific for words, too horrific to contemplate. A friend’s granddaughter is in kindergarten at that school, but she “didn’t feel like going” on that fateful morning. There but for the grace of God! Over here in the UK we had a terrible tragedy like this, 4 year olds in their gym class. It was 18 years ago but I still remember the chills and my own daughter was 4 at the time – I couldn’t even begin to imagine what the families were going through then and I can’t now. All I can do is pray for them all.

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    Really, really great words. I’m getting ready to leave for work and share my day with a bunch of 5 year olds. I’m keeping this ready in my mind should anyone ask questions or want to talk about it.

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    Hi Cathy, I’ve been coming here for a while now, without writing any comments until today. I just want to say that you’re right, not only a nation but also the entire world is sad. I’m French, and 3 days after, I’m still crying when thinking about this tragedy. I can’t help thinking about these families who lost their beloved.

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    Chris H

    Thank you Cathy. What a wonderful way to attempt to explain the unexplainable.
    I cannot recall feeling this way since 9/11 and I’d hoped I’d never feel such overwhelming sadness ever again. I plan to print this and put it in a frame next to the TV.

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    I teach preschool, and that Mr. Rogers was full of wise, thoughtful,and kind advice regarding children.

    This is a beautiful way to include this tragic event in your DD. I hope this does not come out the wrong way, but I find some beauty and peace in the fact that it will be recorded in people’s albums; In the way that that we are all so hurt by this, that it will be included in our life stories. It is kind of the proof of Fred Rogers’ words, that there are so many kind and caring people in the world who can empathize and feel true sadness for people we have never met, but just because we are all humans.

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    I have seen this quote, Cathy, and appreciate the simple beauty of the way you designed the message.

    So few have commented on this, and I, too, am grateful for this message Mister Rogers shared many years ago, but what a wonderful mother he had. She had the foresight, wisdom, and grace to see those who serve as the messengers of real hope.

    His mother left a lasting mark for all of us. First, in the gentle, beautiful spirit of her son, Fred, and now, in the words she so wisely spoke during a time of tragedy. I embrace that – and think of the beautiful little children that were lost this past Friday – knowing that their own mothers spoke words of love and wisdom to them. That can never be taken away – from them and from their desperately grieving parents.

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    Thank you Cathy. I have hugged my children a little closer this weekend and have tried to help them see the good that still exists in our world.

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    Thanks for the download. I am an elementary school teacher so I’m going share this with my colleagues. At my school we are still trying to grasp the enormity of what has happened while at the same time carry on with our day with the kids.
    My prayers are going out to all of those effected by this tragedy.

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    Nitza MG

    Thank you. I saw this quote on facebook as well. I think it is a great way to honor those angels who have left us on that day.

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings Cathy, and for the healing words from Mister Rogers. My husband and I, too, spent much of this weekend crying and praying and wishing we could help in some way.

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    Sara S

    This tragedy has affected all of us, my hearts go out to everyone affected. I’m praying for that town, those families, the poor police officers, first responders, funeral home employees and coroners. This quote absolutely a perfect thing to say to kids who have questions and heck, to this mom who is still having trouble grasping this too. Thanks!

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    Kristin Burge

    Thank you for sharing this quote. I forwarded it to friends around the country and their responses have been wonderful. It is truly a healing quote. Thank you.

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    Marti Richards

    Hi Cathy- I came to your blog from Elise’s blog. I knew that I wanted to use this quote in my PL. Thank you for the download.

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