December Daily, Days 9 & 10, the Gilded Edition

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We got a foot of snow over the weekend, and there is nothing like a December snowfall (even with three rounds of shoveling snow and sore backs) to put you in a merry mood. Mind you, my commute is non-existent, so that helps a lot. I just walk up one flight of stairs. Nary a fender bender in sight for me. Love that.

And this post marks a first for me: gold spray paint. I can honestly say through the years of scrapbooking, spray paint has never made an appearance on any of my pages. Until now. First, a snow shot:


And a bunch of stamping to celebrate said snow:


And then, the gold spray paint:


I know. Glitter tape. Spray paint. Don't worry your pretty little heads. I'm not going to abandon clean lines and simplicity. I'm just making them a bit shinier.

I sprayed the little wood veneer snowflakes, too.

Then I liked that so much, I pried off the wood veneer tree from my album spine and sprayed that little sucker too.


Then I had to walk away, lest the entire album become gilded.

Love this project.

If you missed my free collage template, the one used on the gold page, click here to see that post and snag your free download.


Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily, Days 9 & 10, the Gilded Edition

33 Comments on “December Daily, Days 9 & 10, the Gilded Edition”

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    Kathy PDX OR

    hahaha! the birth of my daughter two years ago made it full on acceptable for me to invite pink and glitter and sparkly and girly into my life! LOVE IT! LOVE your style! Bring the bling!
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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    Janet K

    I am loving your album! The snow photos are beautiful! I woke up to a little bit of snow on the ground…but, here in Denver it will probably be gone by this afternoon.

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    Cathy, what template are you using on the second photo with the snow covered tree? I love the clean design and choice of font. I’m hoping it’s for sale at DD!

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    Love the gold so much! Wish that we would get snow BUT not until after this Fri when my 2+ hour commute is finished. I’m a little behind on my DD but that’s just how I roll πŸ™‚

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    Sandi D

    Winter has arrived at your house! I live on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois and everyday my son asks, “why have we not gotten snow yet, it is December!”
    Your pictures are great. I have loved your Move More class this year and will be signing up again.

    Have a great day.

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    WOW!! I LOOOOVE this Cathy!! Look at that glitter and gold, how pretty and fun. I just used some sparkle on my pages too and loved it. Not going to make a habit but it’s nice for the holidays.

    That is some serious snow, great pictures!! So what will go on the back of the SNOW SNOW SNOW stamped page then? Not sure how you lined it up in your album.

    Thanks for sharing again, makes me happy just seeing them.

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    Angel Reuther

    Love the gold page! Yes, a little extra bling and yet it’s still very simple and you. Pinning it for inspiration. πŸ™‚

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    Angela NJ

    Well, there’s glitter and then there’s glitter. I’d say you’ve accomplished a bit of sparkle while staying true to your simple style. I didn’t see a link to your spray paint of choice – wondering if you could share the brand as I like that it’s a matte gold vs. an 24k shiny gold. Thanks and we won’t get worried until we start seeing chunky snow glitter and rhinestones…

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    Sharon Dines

    Love the glitter and gold and the stamping…go Cathy!

    But…umm…that snow day page…(*hushed tone*)… the picture’s not straight….are you sure you’re OK?


  10. #19

    I’m also curious to see what is the spray paint you used. Is it for paper project, or is it the rough, smelly stuff from reno stores?

  11. #21

    Ill post later when I get the can back, but honestly, its just something from Michaels that Cole picked up for a project. I have no idea if its archival. : )

  12. #22

    I used nail polish to gild my wood veneer! Spray paint projects don’t end well in my high-rise condo… :-/

    Your pages are looking great!

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    Tammy B

    If you were really desperate for snow I could have sent some your way about 6 weeks ago!!! We have had more snow to date than all of last winter and it’s getting a little tiring. I generally like snow but it’s been so gloomy and dull that it feels like January. Your pages are awesome by the way!

  14. #24

    Love how your pages are turning out. More great inspiration! So jealous of the snow you got in MN (I was born and lived there for 9 years). I’ve come to expect snow in December, unfortunately we aren’t getting any a few states south of you guys.

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    I love the snow, St. Louis hasn’t even seen a flurry! May I ask what type of printer you have? Your prints look wonderful and would love to venture into creating my own digital scrapbook but I worry about the printing. Do you have a post already with this info? Thanks!

  16. #27

    Oh darn! Maybe you could work it into your next DD project? I imagine it having all the months and days and numbers to choose from. It would be perfect for 2013 hybrid scrapbooking AND Project Life. πŸ™‚

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    janis m

    you just seem so happy doing this book and I love it. πŸ™‚ ps I have a metal tannenbaum, also, will post an IG of it later on! so cool! πŸ™‚

  18. #32

    I LOVE your journal card format! I so prefer the clean, simple graphic feel!! Would you consider making it available at Designer Digitals? Or, if you want to do a freebie for your peeps that would work too!!

  19. #33

    Hey Laurel, I wont be selling that card, because its basically the same card that Ali Edwards offers, just with different type! She and I work together at DD so we try not to overlap each others products! : )

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