December Daily, the Wrap Up

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I have loved this little album project.

I have loved connecting to the real joy of this month. Being with my family. Being healthy. Creating memories. Living our lives.

Yes, there was sadness this month—profound and deep—and it became a part of all of our lives, really. But it only affirmed the gratitude I have for my life, for my family, for my friends—all of it.

Funny how a little album can add to that, isn't it? 

Here are the last pages of the album.










I definitely went more simple for the final pages. I omitted a few because there were too many non-family friends to blur out for Cole's middle school holiday party he hosted on the 22nd. 

I really do want to send out some love to my dear friend, Ali. She inspires me—and a whole boatload of others—on a daily basis. 

I think I'll be doing this again next year. Thanks for letting me share my album with you.

That is all for December Daily 2012.


Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily, the Wrap Up

21 Comments on “December Daily, the Wrap Up”

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    Hooray! Your book was awesome. Ali’s inspiration for 4×6 this year made this much better and more doable for me. It is my fourth year, but the first time I’ll actually have finished it in December of the same year! So glad you’ve joined in the fun.

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    Thanks for sharing your family, traditions and goodies with all of us. I like the little book style too, maybe next year for me.
    this project seemed to ‘slow down’ the craziness of the season. I paid attention more and also sat back and enjoyed the festivities more too. What fun!

    Take care

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    Chris H

    I loved the 4×6 format and integrating it into project life the way I did, digitally. I too felt much more connected with the season and thankful for the display of the progression of emotions that existed. Absolutely adore having ONE album (ok two!) for the entire year. I’m caught up as of yesterday’s fun with a supplemental page in the album. I’ve streamlined the digital method for 2013 and I’m just going to go for it. Me and Costco had a little chat a week or so ago and they’ve fixed their printing issues they were having this month so…away we go!

    To think, Cathy…just a few weeks ago you asked yourself if you could stick with it…great job!

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    Vicki Bridges

    Great job Cathy, loved all the pages. This has been my first year for December Daily, though mine was digi. It did make me more involved in each day. I think years from now these pages will be all the more precious! Good job!

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    Ali might inspire us with the ideas, but seeing the way you pull yours together (in Cathy-style!) is pure inspiration gold! I always plan to do this daily…. But guess what I’ll be trying to finish before the end of December?!

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    Beautiful album.

    I just finished an album for my daughter (Project Life style) from first grade (she’s in eighth now) and I just realized that even though I remembered to journal, I don’t have a single date anywhere! Do you have any suggestions on what type of product I could use to add at least the month and year to some of the photos?

    Thanks … Donna

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    Melissa Martin

    Do you have any posts that show how to take a picture from my camera and print it to fit the small spots in the photo pocket pages from Project Life? I don’t have Photoshop or any Adobe editing software. Any other suggestions?

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    You could use number/letter stickers, or number/letter stamps. Small letter stickers could work really well, so they dont get in the way of what youve already done!

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    Believe it or not, I never thought of that! I guess I was busy trying to make it harder than it had to be. Thanks!

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    Jen S

    Great job Cathy! I too am inspired by Ali & you as well – I fall in between you 2 on the design scale. Thank you so much for your examples & tutorials! Can’t wait to get back into MMEW 2.0

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    I really enjoyed Dec Daily 2013 too and that is because I used the 30 Days of Thankful model. Kept it simple and even house 30 days of thankful and Dec daily 2013 all in one album. It was great. Now on to MMEW 2.0. I am sooo ready.

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    I’m sooooo happy you did this album, LOVED LOVED every single page and photo and words of it. The last pages were wonderful, made me smile! HOORAY for BIG family gatherings, how awesome for all of you. REALLY REALLY hope you will do this again next year. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    I saw your PL pages above too and enjoyed it as always!!

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    Sheryl B.

    I’ve loved following your DD progress……your album is awesome! Can you give any tips for making the colored text strips you use….for example, the Merry Christmas to All/so grateful this year strips on your 12/25 photo. Thanks for sharing!

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    Laura A in OR

    So love the joy I “hear” in your “written voice.” So happy for you. Love your DD and grateful you shared it with us on your blog.
    The whole thing I try to tell people about scrap booking, is that it is a practice of gratitude. That is why I love it so much…each time I work on a project, I am grateful for the many blessings of family and life. A person just can’t “get” that unless they do it. Thanks, Cathy, for being a great start of my week days.

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    Kathleen S.

    I’m so stunned by the Martha Stewart quality cookies — really I thought you’d bought them — that I can’t even take in the rest of your creativity. Will have to read the rest after I get over the vapors.

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    I made those using the Shape Tool in PSE. : ) You just drag the shape you want, release, and voila. Then you can apply color. : ) I have a whole series of step by step videos here:

    Lots of different things demonstrated!

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    I’m giggling about the lightbulb cookies. They are a must in our house during Christmas and are my husband’s favorite sugar cookie shape. He usually ends up hoarding them when we put together cookie tins for the family.

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    Kathleen S.

    Don’t forget the steady hand. Clearly you hadn’t hit the eggnog yet, didn’t have a glass of wine at your frosting bag elbow.

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    You are so inspiring..loved your December Daily album and just loved following your blog with Project Life this year. Best Wishes for the New Year!

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