Getting started on December Daily

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I've got the first few days of December Daily, my first time ever doing this project, under my belt. I've decided this year to make it a very hybrid experience. Lots of computer elements will be part of this project. 

Here are the first few pages:


My Labeled Photo Sets worked great for gathering a group of iPhone photos together on a 6 x 4 canvas. I spent December 1st up at our family cabin in Northern Minnesota for a last-minute girls' weekend.


I created a simple journal card format for my daily journal entries. Ali Edwards has created custom 4 x 6 sets you can buy at Designer Digitals (Overlay Cards and Photo Templates)


I know. Please don't gasp. Yes. It's true. 


I heat embossed. It's a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

(Note: that little tree stamp is about 5 years old. It's made by Savvy Stamps, but I can't find it online to save my life.)


For December 2nd, I just used a photo and made some word strips, paired with a holiday word stamp.

Simple. Digital. Hybrid. Fun.

Tonight we are going to get our tree on a very weird, highly unseasonable 50+ degree Minnesota December day. This album project has definitely got me much more into the holiday swing. 

I may not share every page from this project, but will definitely post as many as I can.

Thanks, Ali Edwards. You're the bomb.


Cathy ZielskeGetting started on December Daily

33 Comments on “Getting started on December Daily”

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    Please share more! I’m such a fan of your blog and this post makes me so happy. LOVE the embossing πŸ™‚ I’m trying Dec Daily for the first time as well ~ it sets the intention; finding and appreciating the little things of the holiday season. thanks for sharing.

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    Korey Lindberg

    I am totally in the mood to do one of these this year, too! What kind of an album are you using to store your 6×4 photos?? Thanks so much for sharing πŸ˜€

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    Molly Irwin

    I’m posting mine in segments too. awaiting photos from grandparents for the weekend portion. your book looks lovely – as usual! Thanks for the inspiration, Cathy, and Merry Christmas season.

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    Cathy, love your album! I was wondering if u have a tutorial on heat embossing or know of one I can see. I have never tried it.

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    Love your album. This is my third year and undoubtedly my favorite project. I am using a 6×8 album with divided page protectors. I have been using your tiny templates to get a bunch of pics in a small space. So thank you for them.

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    Sharon in TX

    Oh, please, please, please share all of your pages (in best begging & groveling voice)! Your design work is always so inspiring. My heat gun is 25 years old … I might dig it out of hiding.

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    I do not have any tutorial of such a skill! ha! I barely know how to do this. I swear! I would suggest googling it on YouTube! Im betting there are far more skilled embossers out there! : )

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    Abby P.

    Seconding Sharon’s request: “Please, please, please share all of your pages…” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    This has turned out awesome, Cathy! I love your embossed page, and the simplicity of your pages. Great inspiration for my pages too πŸ™‚

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    I for the first time in my 31 years put the lights on our Christmas tree yesterday. The little ladder I needed was terrifying for me, as is that picture of Dan. What exactly is involved with your lights going up?! I hope he gets one of your muffins for that!!

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    Marge J

    Dan appears to actually be IN the tree!! That is some serious tree lighting you guys must do !!!:)

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    Shanon Gibson

    Man, I need to change the way I am doing things. I work too hard trying to get my December Daily together and I like the simple size/format that you and Ali are doing this year.

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    Hi Cathy, love the start of your DD!! So happy you are doing this and please please share lots of pages!! How awesome that you had a girls day out with Aidan and spent it at the cabin, perfect way to bring in December.

    Now that we see Dan up there in a tree?? Please show us a picture of the lights, bet it looks GREAT!! Glad Dan didn’t fall off or get hurt, my hubby not as brave so our lights are on the bushes and one strand around the garage.

    We have warm weather here too, loving it. Going to the track to walk before the cold weather returns!

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    Lynn M

    Ooooh, love these shots of your album; please post more! I’m incorporating DD into Project Life and love your “simple” journaling card. I’m going to give that a try.

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    I hurried to finish up the last bits of inserts into my 6×6 Gratitude album and have 2 pages done on the 6×6 Christmas one. I want to continue the PL album so decided this little one would tell those longer stories I want to capture. Glad you finished your November one also.

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    Melissa Y

    Thanks for sharing your DD. How did you make your simple journal card? Would you be able to do a tutorial on how to make one? Thanks for your time.

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    Hey Melissa, not sure if I will get around to it, but… I do have a series of tutorials that show things like making 3 x 4 cards, or adding text to journaling cards. They would give you the basics of how to piece stuff together! The only difference would be to make a 6 x 4 document. : )

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    susi davis

    I love your style! This year will my first year making a December album. My son’s are adults so I won’t have something every day, but I will enjoy documenting my holiday season. Thank you for sharing your wonderful tutorials and tips. Wishing you and your family a joyful holiday season.

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    Love your pages. So perfectly you. And those word strips in the black with white type – I am so stealing that one.

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