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    Merry Christmas Cathy – wishing you and your family a very peaceful relaxing holiday. Looking forward to more adventures with you in 2013 (I am so thankful the Mayans were incorrect about the calendar/world ending thing but thankful for their chocolate introductions).

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    Cathy have a wonderful Christmas with your family, thank you for all the smiles and beautiful layouts you create.

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    Merry Christmas to you and your family…thanks for all the smiles and great videos you provide us all year long! (Hoping for a video on typing words on PL photos). All the best!

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    Elle A.

    So sweet! How wonderful your parents were to think to take a picture of their sleeping daughter on Christmas! And Frosty…well, to me his expression seems to be apologetic and to be saying “Oh, hello, don’t mind me while you’re taking a picture of your daughter. I have these painted on eyes, you see, therefore I cannot close them. So, cheeeeeese!”. 😉

    Merriest Christmas wishes, Zielskes.

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    Christine K.

    Too adorable for words!
    Merry Christimas Cathy to you and your sweet little family.
    Reading your blog this year has been a blast and I look forward to 2013.

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    Barb in AK

    How sweet is that! I have a photo of me and my little sis standing next to Santa at the grocery store @ 1954 🙂 Lovely memories!
    Have a super Christmas with your family!

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    S, CA

    It was actually the calendar cycle ending, a new one (Baktun) has begun!! It’s gonna be fantastic!!

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