Project Life: the CZ Design Best Practices Post Video Extravaganza! (plus free photo templates for you and more corporate lingo!)

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As I near the end of my first full year of Project Life, I wanted to share with you what I’m calling my Project Life Best Practices. (I know, part of me really misses my years in corporate culture that were rife with corporate speak.)

Be forewarned that going forward, we want to find our core competency as people buy-in to creating their very own tiger team of Project Life aficionados who can leverage their memory-keeping savvy to drill down and find what works for them.

I’m sorry. I’m going to have to take the corporate jargon offline… okay, where was I?

I put together a short video talking about my Project Life Best Practices. Basically, it’s just a handful of tips that have kept me successful in my weekly memory keeping.

I hope my tips will help you take it to the next level. (Sorry. I can’t help myself.)

Tips for Project Life from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Here is a collection of some of the core products I use throughout the year for my Project Life album:

If you have any questions, by all means, please post and I’m happy to answer. Also, if you have a great Project Life tip, please share it in the comments today.


Because I print at home, I use templates each week to clip my photos into and print out. I have given you three templates to choose from (Photoshop Elements or Photoshop required for use), and a very short video here showing you how I use these templates every week.

Download CZ_FreePLTemplates


Cathy ZielskeProject Life: the CZ Design Best Practices Post Video Extravaganza! (plus free photo templates for you and more corporate lingo!)

134 Comments on “Project Life: the CZ Design Best Practices Post Video Extravaganza! (plus free photo templates for you and more corporate lingo!)”

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    “Drink the Kool-Aid with me” seems inappropriate on many levels but especially so for something called “Project Life”.

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    Great post, thanks. Still learning my best practices so should just refer mine as practice. What helps me: keeping PL journaling cards or some sort of paper along with pen/pencil in some sort of small container around the places I tend to sit or stand during day. I have mentally designated these as for jotting stuff for PL. I also have a lid of a 8.5×11 box that sits above desk that I throw stuff and those cards into. I keep small Post-it’s and note why I’ve saved something & date everything. I use a daily planner, my photo program, oh life & such to jog my memory – not all everyday of course. I hand off camera to strangers for photos of myself. Use self-timer not only for photos of self but when i want a photo of family member without intruding or their activity or expression – it is quieter & doesn’t scream that its there. Nothing amazing.

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    Chris H

    I also have a few best practices to add:
    Dropbox and I second Day One or any other journal app as essential to the success of this project.

    I love the layout a week format, but there were times I just couldn’t get ‘er done, and I released myself from that chain. When I have gone back to those times, I’m still just as happy for what I did do. And the entire month I missed, the verbal summary was sufficient for me to say ‘yep, that’s pretty much how it went’.

    On the new editions and getting supplies ahead: It gets tough to wait on new designs. It doesn’t mean you can’t start. My best practice when I couldn’t take the time to put it all together neatly was to get the pictures compiled/printed, grab yourself a pad of sticky notes and some masking tape and layout on file folders. Transfer when your kit arrives if you have your heart set on the newest designs. I’ve resigned myself to being a year behind on the new designs because I am OCD and I HAVE to have it all ready to go at midnight Jan 1. Cobalt for me this year, and I’d say pretty much all digital.

    Biggest tip of all…just do it and don’t stress about the little stuff. At times you think maybe it’s all for you and no one really cares, especially when you get the eye roll from your family with another picture, but these last 2 years are the best recorded for us and I’m not planning to stop.

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    I realize that, but it’s on Forbes list of most annoying corporate speak. Apparently, that phrase has worked its way into corporate culture lingo.

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    Lori Ande

    Oh and a ps – my sister in law who refuses to scrapbook or document her great life (which is fine) LOVES your site for your commentary and honesty on Move More Eat Less.

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    Melissa Sharp

    OMGosh, how cute are you?! Love the video.

    One change I’m making with PL in 2013 is adding the Week in Review card. I think that’s going to be a great addition.

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    Judy Sanza

    Thank you so much. Started my day off with a smile. I have this year’s PL up to May. I don’t feel bad (life is sometimes hard) I just decided to put that one aside and begin again in January. Thank you for all the tips and tricks.

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    Just so awesome Cathy! Loved the video and thanks for the tips! I think I am going to look at it this year as just an oversized mini album. Does that make sense? I think I’ve tried to make it too much (like it’s THE album, has to be perfect, etc). If it is just a mini album that is a yearly project, I think I can do that. Plus, there are so many layers to my memory keeping. This is just one of them. It’s all good, right?! Also need to keep a consistent time-that is a tough one for me. I also started a logbook from the suggestion of Austin Kleon. Right now it’s just a moleskine journal (an extra that I messed up the stamping on for my Dec Daily), but I love it! It’s messy but I can easily look back and it gets me in the habit of writing what we are doing. Marcy Penner also has a free printable planner on her website that I downloaded and am excited to try. I also use Day One and love it too, but need to utilize (does that count for corporate speak) it more to leverage my productivity! Now I’m on a roll! πŸ™‚ Thanks Cathy! Have a great week!

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    Luly G


    You rock – Zen Master!! I bought your week in review cards when they were on sale at Designer Digitals so Im set for 2013! I too tried this back when it was Project 365 and only got 1 month done. this year – almost completely caught up and love that I have documented the year of my now freshman in college and senior in high school – and yes Cathy it is crazy hard when they leave =(

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    Michelle Mounts

    I go back and forth about doing PL. Right now I am 3 years “behind” in scrapbooking and would like to stay more in the moment/”caught up”. What do you do with your “traditional” layouts – do those go in your PL album or is that a separate thing on top of it? I just don’t have much time these days and when I try to scrapbook my older stuff, I get frustrated and depressed about being so far behind that I put it aside. I am thinking of starting 2013 fresh with PL but not sure.

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    Back in 2000, our company CEO used it repeatedly. Let me add, that he was based in the East Coast and I was based on the West Coast, so the first time I ever met him face to face was at a big company “all hands” meeting thing. Pregnant and hormonal, I marched up to him at a “meet and greet” and gave him a piece of my mind about the phrase – mentioning that I knew a family who lost a family member in that horrible event. At his next “all hands” talk [we had three of them that week], he started by stating “I cannot say my standard phrase for fear of another lecture, so I’ll now use ‘eat all the ice cream’.” My immediate co-workers howled afterwards – and kept buying me ice cream; I’ve since heard he has reverted to his original phrase … ugh. πŸ™

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    Angie K

    Be sure to not only go after the “low-hanging fruit” when you are recording memories. LOVED the corp speak – I spewed coffee. And the tips were helpful, too. πŸ™‚

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    Michelle, honestly? Ive only done about 10 layouts in 2012. : ) I put them into my system that I already have (each person in my family has their own albums, plus a family album). That said, I did put a few layouts right into my PL binder this year! : )

    I love this project. It takes the pressure off of being caught up for me, and becomes more of a process of just saving memories and its fun. I didnt expect to like it this much.

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    Thank you, Cathy. We often forget the origin of things that become accepted “lingo”. We have all heard, and dare I say, used the phrase, “rule of thumb”. The original “rule of thumb” was a law in London, England which stated that a man could beat his wife with a stick, provided that the stick was no bigger around than his thumb.

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    Thanks for doing the video. I haven’t jumped on the PL bandwagon yet….but have watched you do it this year. I feel like I am able to dive in for 2013, well actually I have start with a December daily for this year. But what printer and printer paper are you using at home for your pictures? and are you just print the journaling cards that you create on to textured card stock?

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    Lori Hudson

    Kindly never use the word kindly. Our HQ uses it constantly and it makes me want to tell them to kindly F@&$ O$&!

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    Cindy P.

    Thanks Cathy! I too have tried this PL thingy and failed after about 10 wks. What happens when you get busy or are on vacation for 2 wks? I’ve checked out the Day One journal app for the IPhone and I think it’s a go. Thanks for the tips and the wonderful DD templates. Thankful I didn’t have a mouth full of Coke while reading your post this morning. Not sure my keyboard could have handled the spillage. “Rock On”!

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    Vickie Gubler

    Thanks for the templates- and the videos. I always enjoy watching you. One question about printing at home- do you buy special ink for your printer or just use the ‘regular’ color ink?

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    you are a gooder! i’m planning on doing my first ever pl for 2013. suuper excited. and nervous that i wont keep up. great tips. especially setting a day and time. i’m still wondering when exactly that will be in my life, but i want to make it work.
    because yesterday i spent some time looking throught my dec daily from 08 and 09. i loved all the little things we had documented!! i was saddend i had skipped until this year. i can’t imagine how much i’ll appreciate all the good details for 2013!
    thanks again! πŸ™‚
    p.s. thanks for all your posts you’ve shared on pl, great inspiration!

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    You know, I was 11 during the Jonestown massacre, and I remember being completely horrified by it all. I remember reading a lot on it, as a kid. I became very interested in cults as a result. Yes, there are many sayings that have an origin of questionable intent. : )

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    Quick question: I’m curious as to why you don’t just print onto 4×6 photo paper, and thus avoid cropping altogether?

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    Great post Cathy! I too used to be in corporate America, and simultaneously wanted to laugh and vomit.

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    LOVE LOVE THIS VIDEO!! I’m so impressed as how you ROCKED PROJECT LIFE THIS YEAR!! Reallllly happy when you started it and still just as happy each week seeing them as I was your first week. All the fun and cards/texts/ideas you’ve added all year has totally been so cool to see. I’m so glad you jumped in this year and enjoyed it so much. This is my 4th year and my love for PL just keeps getting stronger, even when all the kids are gone I could still see me doing this.
    The video was awesome and you need/should do more of these just for fun, it was full of good tips and hearing straight from you and not in a post made it that more convincing and helpful to others. The tips were great, I do most of those and especially Sunday’s are my day. When my PL falls behind LIFE fall behind and I’m very cranky, so sometimes I’ve gone 2 due to printing problems mostly but I try to get right back in again and stay caught up. The weekly re-cap card you do is my favorite of yours too and I’m putting it down as my MUST HAVE for 2013.

    Thanks sooooo much for all you do and inspire and share with us, keep up the good work!! oohh you know this would have been great for Becky’s 12 videos, everyone would have loved it.

    Read the post below too and LOVE LOVE that you got a family photo, we didn’t get ours this year so HATS OF TO YOU!!

    Enjoy the snowfall coming your way!

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    I totally agree with it setting the whole tone of the week. If I don’t finish my week on Sunday I DO feel behind!! Loved your tips and congrats on getting through 2012 and still loving it πŸ™‚
    I just started keeping a notepad near the computer a few weeks ago so I now reference that and my Google Calendar to recap the week.

  25. #37

    Thanks for the template and the smiles you gave me. Love you! I haven’t done much with PL but collect a few kits. I am thinking i might attempt digital next year. We will see.

  26. #40

    Molly, my printer will not print on 4 x 6 any more. Something is wrong with it, and every print comes out with a huge chunk of white on it. The alignment is off or something. So, I just print em this way!

  27. #42

    As I sit here, at work, shhh, I can’t help but laugh, because I could have sworn you were sitting in a conference room with me. All that corporate lingo, but you forgot to thrown in a couple acronyms! I think when I get home, I’ll 5S my scrapbook room! πŸ™‚ thanks as always for being an amazing inspiration!

  28. #43
    Cricket Rawlins

    Loved the videos and thanks so much for the downloads! I’ve not scrapbooked in a couple years (dealt with some personal things that sucked the mojo out of me, LOL) but I did make the decision to get back to memory keeping by doing Project Life in 2013 and I’m so excited! Have my supplies all ready to rock and roll!


  29. #44

    You are Awesome, you never fails to make me laugh when you do a video I Loved the one take at the end. and I am with you on the pained back. I live in St Paul MN so I got dumped on yesterday as well. It was pretty until I started shoveling.

  30. #45

    Oh I so want to read this and watch it but I have to go to work. πŸ™ cant wait to come back tonight and enjoy it all with a nice relaxing cuppa in my hand.
    Thanks so much for sharing once again Cathy. Always, always love your inspiration.

  31. #47
    Mitchell Kraft

    I have to find a way to start PL in 2013. I had a goal to do it in 2012 but it didn’t happen. I have loved seeing your pages throughout the year…all the while kicking myself for not starting. These are some great tips, Cathy! Maybe it’s what I needed to get my act together.

  32. #48
    Tracy Smith

    I, too, started PL for 2012. There is no way I can give it up for 2013! I’m ready to go. I’ve learned to make a lot of things on my own, so I don’t buy much of the kit stuff, except for the plastics (because they are the bomb). And CZ, I always love your videos – so fun.

  33. #49

    I am still in Corporate America and I loved this post!

    A couple more…”directionally correct” and bandwidth…as in, “Do you have the bandwidth to complete Project Life this week?”

  34. #50

    Mitch, at the very least, order a pack of the page protectors, Design A, and get a 12 x 12 album you like. Then you can fill it all in with your design awesomeness.

  35. #51
    Michelle Mounts

    Thanks Cathy! I am definitely thinking about reworking the way I do this whole thing and am going to resolve to “take the crap out of scrapbooking” in 2013!

  36. #52
    tiffany h.

    Thank you so much for your video today. I’m finally jumping on the PL bandwagon in 2013 so your tips are much appreciated. I love hearing from an experienced PL’er on what “needs” to be done to be successful (get supplies, consistent time, journal daily, weekly recap). I’ve been reading/seeing PL posts all over the internet and have been overwhelmed on how to begin. Your advice will help me get started in the new year and as I become more confident in the project I see myself adding more. Thanks again!

  37. #53

    Thx Cathy … Much appreciated; still a touchy phrase in the SF Bay Area … So eat all the ice cream you want. ;-P

  38. #54
    Sherry Eckblad

    I love Project Life and doing it every day or every other day has helped me to keep up with it. Some weeks lots of photos and some weeks not too many. I am definitely doing it again next year.

  39. #56

    Hi again, sorry about the back pain, I know all about that when shoveling. It is always pretty, especially the first one.

    I came back to tell you another thing I do to make my PL easy. Each year when it comes, I set it up right away. I put journal cards in at least 5 of the spaces and then one designer card and the date card. During the year I can always change/add/take some out as needed. Just doing this little bit really helps though and I LOOOOVE to look thru all the cards and papers over and over as I do them, makes me soooo HAPPY!!

    Thanks again for this awesome post!

  40. #57

    Finally I understand! (embarrassing) I never “got” trim lines because I would trim one side completely and lose the guide for the other side. I was watching your video and wondering if you’d show us you actually trimming the photos but you explained my exact mistake—don’t trim to the edge! Duh!

    And I never got the negative connotation of drink the kool-aid until now. yikes!

  41. #58

    TY Cathy for the great templates. I plan on watching the video this week. πŸ™‚ I thought I was ready for PL this year but it never happened although I had tons of photos mostly from Instagram and I had a blast taking them. Made me so much more aware and grateful of everything in life. One day I was inspired and printed all of my Instagram photos and then put them into a cute vintage berry basket. I wrote events, dates, and memories on the back of each photo and called that my Insta-PL! LOL! The photos reside in their sweet little basket on the dining room table and are enjoyed by all. Great conversations happen over these photos and I love that they are easily accessed and do not have to be in any order. However, I am ramped up and ready to go for PL 2013! You are a constant source of inspiration! XO

  42. #59
    Christine K

    Thanks for sharing the template. I was somewhat successful with PL this year and your tips will help me be a better success. Carving out a set time was my biggest flaw. I’m considering using your week in review cards. I like the fact that your can easily add your own paper. I have a child that will be leaving the nest in a few years. My last one πŸ™
    PL will help capture her life before she moves on to college.

  43. #61

    Can wait to watch your vid….after all MNF is on.

    Thanks for the free template. Actually I’ve been using your 3×4 tiny templates for my little 6×8 album. They are the perfect size for the phone and a tiny story or just a title.

    We look forward to seeing your ‘finalized project’.

    LOVE your family pix.
    How is Cole doing with out his beloved Philadelphia Flyers? We are missing them in our house.

  44. #63

    Cathy you are soooooo my peeeps!
    I looove you and you have done a totally awesome job on this blog and with Project Life this year (And I’m sure many other things too).
    Love coming here and will continue to do so.

    Love, love, love…. did I mention LOVE?

    Just awesome.

  45. #64

    Hi Cathy !
    I’ve reading your blog for over 2 year now and never commenting…I’m a young french crafter (I scrapbook, sew and do many other stuff with my 10 fingers). I’ve been sooooo inspired to see your PL this past year (along with Ali’s – you girls rocked it !) and I was thinking about doing it in 2013 about 2 weeks ago. And then, I watched this video ! And I’m totally convinced now, I loved hearing your tips and I ordered some supplies this morning (it’s difficult to get the real Becky Higgins stuff here in France so I’ll go with We’R Memory keepers for the pages protectors and classic scrapbooking supplies for the cards and journaling stuff…And I’ll print my photo at home (I got a little Canon Selphy 2 years ago but didn’t use it much…Now it will be so useful !)
    So, thank you so much for you example in PL this past year and having such a great blog that I love reading (BTW, thanks you being really honnest with us, I think it’s the best attitude when it come to blogging…) and that convinced me to get started in PL…
    Have a great Advent season !
    Much love from France !
    And oh, feel free to stop by my little blog (it’s written both in french and english)

  46. #65

    Love your video, Cathy! Your enthusiasm is contageous and you made me laugh πŸ™‚ I love seeing your pages each week, and really hope that you keep it up into the new year!

  47. #66

    Hey Marie, bonjour! Je parle un peu de le Francais? (okay, I probably just butchered that!) You can totally use the W R Memory keepers pages. I have a whole stack of those. In fact, I almost did my own version of PL using the 8.5 x 11, but decided to just give the big one a shot! Enjoy!

  48. #68

    Cathy – just love your honesty and get it done attitude! Your tips are great and make this project feel so do-able!

  49. #69
    Lynn L.

    Love the video! I totally agree with keeping some sort of journal. I don’t keep up every week but I go back and do what I can when I have time. Because of my journaling it is not difficult. After Christmas I usually can pull the whole year together …so people don’t give up if you get behind! My family loves looking at my albums even though they were giving me the eye rolls every time I took their picture!! πŸ™‚

  50. #70
    Julie E

    There is nothing like a CZ video to brighten my day…. and today you did 2! Loved hearing your voice.

  51. #71

    OMG – laughing right out loud at work reading your corporate speak. Just yesterday my hubby and I (who were visiting MSP for a Vikes game) overheard some guy talking about one of his employees who “analyzes the analytics, you know, he does some actuarial work so that we can drill down to see where are level of knowledge management is and how we can blah blah blah.” Thanks for the laugh! (And the tips as I start PL for the first time this year!)

  52. #72
    Kristyn G

    Thanks for the tips and template. I have successfully gotten through the first 3 months of the past 2 years with PL. Hoping to do better next year.
    On a completely unrelated note, I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to start running back in 2010. I religiously followed your journey that year, as I was pregnant with baby #2. I knew as soon as I was cleared, I was going to be a runner like CZ. I had never run before in my life, but you showed me how rewarding it was to keep putting one foot in front of the other. As of this weekend, I have completed 3 Half Marathons and one ultra marathon relay, and have lost over 30 pounds in the process (and that’s 30lbs of “me” weight-no baby weight in there). So thank you for putting yourself out there. You are an inspiration and I appreciate your honesty and the fact that you don’t sugar coat things. Keep it up girl! You are a rock star.

  53. #73
    Leanne in CA

    Love the video, thanks for sharing your great tips! You look fantastic—happy and healthy. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  54. #74

    No that was almost perfect : it’s “Je parle un peu le franΓ§ais” if you want to get it right ! Thanks one more time and congrats also for you DD, I love it (but I’m gonna have to wait one year to give it a try !)

  55. #75
    Vigdis Aass

    Thank you so much for putting this video out yesterday – I have been so far behind on PL with a lot of weeks missing. Yesterday I watched the video and decided to start a fresh going back and get the weeks missing done. Today I stayed home from work with flu tendencies and when I started to feel better I sat down, adding photos – so far ten weeks are done (I am doing it all digital). Now I can start on the fun job getting the journaling done. Thanks for the inspiring video – and next year I am going to set aside some time each week to get it done at once πŸ™‚

  56. #77

    Just have to say, I loved the end of the video: “One take!”

    Also, I’m definitely going to look into that “Day One” app. I’ve been wanting to be able to write what happened on each day in more details. Thanks for the video!

  57. #78

    Good for you! And I should have said in the video, getting behind isnt the end of the world. : ) Keep it up and enjoy the process.

  58. #80
    Lynn W

    Loved the video! I am relatively new to PL, but when I do keep up with my weekly layouts, it so very rewarding. My biggest issue is getting my pics printed. I normally print at Costco, but it’s 30 minutes away and I don’t go all that often. You said you printed yours. What printer do you have? (You probably already answered that somewhere and I missed it, if you did.. Sorry!)

  59. #82

    Lynn, I use an HP Photosmart 8750, but any of the regular sized Photosmarts could be a great print. Also, Epson Artisan printers I have heard very good things about!

  60. #83

    I had the same question. I buy 100-packs of 4×6 paper and it works beautifully for me! Thanks for the other great tips.
    Another question… do you print your week-at-a-glance on cardstock or photo paper? Thanks!

  61. #85
    Antoinette Seminario-Skinner

    May I just say, you are awesome! Great tips, I slacked off a bit this year. You said the magic word: ORGANIZATION! I really need to set aside the time to do it each week.
    Thanks for the freebie!

    One take! Loved that!

  62. #86

    I just love this video and your blog…..I really love PL and I love the way you explain it and keeo it simple, yet unique. Keep making your designer digital stuff– would love to see more 3×4 fillers from you (quotes/graphics etc) sports quotes, holiday sayings, everyday stuff etc. sometimes we all need a little filler card :0
    Keep the videos coming –awesome!

  63. #88
    Heather Hockman

    Totally just downloaded One Day. Didn’t even know there was such an app available (although I should have). I have Project Life for 2010, 2011, and 2012 in various stages, but none of them caught up. 2013 is the year I do it right.

  64. #91

    Thank you for the great ideas. Starting my first PL album in 2013. My question is – did I really read that you keep an album for each member of your family, plus a family album, plus this PL album?!?Are those other albums more traditional scrapbooks?

  65. #92

    Thanks Cathy for the tips. I really liked the one about getting your stuff organised. This year for some reason I got caught in the late delivery cycle and so put off staring for months…then I just bit the bullet and ordered the digi version. My clementine edition is ready to go (even though I would LOVE to do seafoam!!!) but not in the folder so when we get home from our beach holiday that is my first job.

    I really enjoy your videos which give me little tips and tricks to try. My newest one is going to be faded out text…can’t wait.

    Happy Christmas x

  66. #93

    Love your advice. I am new to PL and I really want to start in 2013. Though I am usually organized and love taking photo’s I seem to be overwhelmed a a little scared of the weekly project! But I so want to! I went to another video that you posted on working with your photo printing templates…where do you get those?! I have a printer at home and would love to use a template. Do they come as an individual photo’s to print? Or do you have to do the 8×11 size? In that template can you put multiple photo’s or do have to get a separate template for that?

  67. #94

    Heather this is embarrassing but…I have a hearing impairment and was watching vid without my ears in…and I thought Cathy said J1…I had to google it to find it *blush*
    I have downloaded it too

  68. #95

    I am so glad I came to your blog today. I have been doing PL this year and I have been looking for how to print more photos at a time. Love your free download…THANK YOU….your demonstration is easy to follow. So now to go and have a play.

  69. #96

    Thanks for all you do for the world of scrapbooking! I am taking your design class on Big Picture, loving it! I too have some changes in my household, 20 year old daughter getting married so this is the year of Project Life. She will be receiving a set also. To document her last few months of preparation, her wedding & honeymoon, and her first year of marriage (while still attending college!). Thank you for continuing to inspire and motivate. A delight to watch. Ever grateful.

  70. #97
    Angela Moore

    Ummmm….where have I been….this is my first time visiting your blog! LOVE your approach and I’m totally adopting the week in review card in my PL album next year. This is my 3rd year to do PL, but my first year to really get it down and be successful with it! I’m certainly be checking back here to see what great creative stuff you have going on!

  71. #98

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your tips!!! I want everyone I know to do project Life! SO many of my friends roll their eyes at me and tell me they could never keep up with it! It is absolutely my favorite thing that I have ever done scrapbooking wise! I think I will be taking your advice and printing at home this year. I will miss my photo guy at Costco though!

    Thanks, CZ!!!

  72. #101
    Dianna Noeth

    Loved your video, I have been doing Project Life for 2 years now, and have slowly tailored it to my needs. That is the best part of Project life! A week in review will be my new add for 2013. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  73. #103

    Bonnie what a fab way to use your Instagrams! Thanks for sharing; I have become a little obsessed with them and was delighted when I printed a few out.

  74. #104

    Just fabby Cathy, you are so inspiring! Loved the video and took a few notes to help me along the way next year. I sort of keep up but I do need the Day One app and to set a regular schedule. Great tips! You have totally rocked PL this year!

  75. #105

    I’m gonna “put a pin in this”, the video is full of awesome. I won’t admit that I’m still working through July.
    Wanna see me go through five months in five weeks? Yepper. Thanks, PL!

  76. #107
    Fiona in Australia :-)

    Thanks for this great video – I’ve done Project Life for 2 years now (and at the moment I’m half way through 2012 … so obviously just a TINY bit behind).

    One Note looks like an excellent App – I think I will invest in that to keep me on track a bit better in 2013.

    Thanks for your great blog and for your encouragement that Project Life is do-able for EVERYBODY.

  77. #108

    I found the Day One app this year and it is one of the best things I have used to keep my (fairly) on track with PL.
    I would love to see you teach a Photoshop class at Big Picture. I have the program but somehow I have let it intimidate the cr.ap out of me!
    Thanks for the video and the helpful hints.

  78. #109

    Michelle, my upcoming Clean Simple Worskshop (April to June) is going to be all about using Photoshop (Elements) to create hybrid layouts. : )

  79. #110

    Hi Jocelyn! I had to double take to think did i post this!? haha…

    I started PL only as my scrapbook photo’s (since I quit the traditional scrap booking and have SO many photo’s that I have printed or to print). I have a book for each of my kids and each holiday and I still want to start a PL book for the year…which will help with all those random photo’s that have no where to go!!!

  80. #111

    Great video Cathy – thanks for sharing! I’m hoping to get stuck into PL for 2013. I’ve been documenting on a monthly basis for 2011 and 2012 so just need to step it up a little and hopefully these tips will help!

  81. #112

    Hi Jocelyn! πŸ™‚ Funny, since yesterday as I was walking out of my new doctor’s office, she turns and greets her next patient with “Hi Jocelyn.” At first I thought she had just made a mistake since she had been talking to me just before this other lady, but no, the other person’s name was Jocelyn too. Anyway, I’m excited to really start a simple PL album. I have a couple of editions already, but I love the look of the new Seafoam one. πŸ™‚ Such great ideas from Cathy!

  82. #115

    Really like the idea of just not worrying about past photo’s and printing them to enjoy now! Where did you get your little vintage basket?

  83. #116

    I have only met a few other Jocelyn’s and a friend just named her baby Jocelyn! haha…

    I am going to try to attempt the PL!!! Good luck to both of us!!! πŸ˜›

  84. #117

    I was trying to see if I’d be able to make my own templates or create the affect myself in Photoshop. I see that you have 6×12 templates…do print those at home as well???

  85. #120

    Awesome video! Thank you so much, you’re the greatest! I’ve learned so much more about PSE from your videos πŸ™‚

  86. #122

    You always inspire me, When ever I see these type of posts I just want to sit down at my computer and scrapbook, thank you. 2013 will be my 5th year of 365 and I have finally decided my approach to displaying these photos as I just don’t like 12×12, I am printing a blurb book of my 365 photos and then I am going to do a week at a glance in 8.5×11 like you previously did for project life. I am taking all of your advice on board to get organised and I can’t wait fro the new year to start, thank you!!

  87. #123
    Ali Manning

    Thank you so much for taking time to post this, especially during such a busy time of year! I just used it and it works perfectly – can’t wait to use it for my 2013 Project Life pages. Happy New Year!

  88. #124
    Mary Kate

    What printer do you use? I’m looking for a recommendation. I need a new color one but am hesitant to buy one. The last color printer I bought I researched endlessly to make sure it could print high quality photos. Despite its high ratings, it never held a candle to professional photo printing and was simply an expensive printer to operate that didn’t do what I wanted it to do.

  89. #125

    I use the HP Photosmart 8750. It has been a fabulous workhorse for me. I have heard good things about the Epson Artisan series as well.

  90. #126
    Robin Gibson

    Hi Cathy! I have to say, YOU are Hilarious! I LOVE this video! I’m SUUUPER excited for two reasons: 1. Project Life starts for me tomorrow, for the first time! And 2. Move More Eat Less starts tomorrow, for the first time (for me)!!! Now, we are having friends over for dinner tonight, and I love these people, but after watching this, I want to just skip the next 20 hours or so, and just move right on into the start of my 2013!
    Thank You for the great PL tips! (I have my kit, and even put some of the core kit cards in place already. Trying to be organized)! And I’m off to get the Day 1 app, cuz I think that will be a great way to take notes through the week, TY for that! And today I will be WRITING PL TIME IN ON MY PERSONAL CALENDAR, because I’m learning that if I schedule it, I’m far more likely to git ‘r done (as they say here in the South, lol).
    And, btw, I have a feeling I will be doing that for MMEL as well! Waiting to get more insight on that TOMORROW (Yeah)!
    And after seeing some of your PL album, just want to say, it ROCKS…really, amazing! Well done! What a great treasure!
    So, after laundry/cleaning/shopping/cooking/dog walking/& more cleaning…I plan to eat, drink, be merry, & wake up celebrating the New Year the Right way~ happy, getting healthier, and documenting the important stuff ~ our everyday!
    THANK YOU & Happy New Year!

  91. #128

    Ok I need tips! I am so scared that my project life book for 2012 (already ordered to be printed) is going to be hard to read – I have a horrible time picking fonts! What are your go to fonts for doing digital project life? The ones you use most often on your journaling cards – especially when you have a lot to say so it needs to be neat and clean and look ok in a small print? So favorite fonts??? (Preferably FREE!)

  92. #129

    Abbey, none of the fonts I use are free. However, there is a site called FontSquirrel that has so many really well designed free fonts. I would look under the SlabSerif group (they have a list on the right side of the website) and look at some of those. I use Avenir, Archer and Helvetica Rounded Condensed a lot. : ) You should poke around that site! They have good free stuff there. Then just play with some of the fonts (preferably not the fancy ones) and see how they look!

  93. #131

    I’ve noticed you use that. Any reason why? I do see it has awesome reviews. Maybe that is what turned me off of printing at home before… perhaps I was using crappy paper??

  94. #132

    THANK YOU for this video and the templates! I will be starting Project Life this year. I haven’t started quite yet but was hoping to get to it this week. Any tips are appreciated. I see you have a post about that and I’m going there next. πŸ™‚

  95. #133

    Can’t wait for more posts like this. I bought the core kit last year and due to a transatlantic move I got about 3 entries done. I have taken JS Digi PL course and bought the digi core kit. SO will probably go Hybrid this year, not exactly sure yet. Your post was very helpful and I am linking you on my blog. Thanks so much.

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