Project Life, Week Fifty-One

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It's almost done. The entire year. Honestly? The fact that I did this album every single week of 2012? Shocking. And awesome. 

This week's entry is simple. Not a lot of crazy stuff going on. I think it's that end of the year, eyes on the next album at work thingie. I'm going to start working on my title page for my 2013 album this weekend. I have some ideas and who knows, there may be a free download in there somewhere for you! Check back next week!

Here are my pages for Week Fifty-One.



I think my cookie photography has really improved in 2012, no?


A few of you have asked me to show you how to add a line of text to a photo. Here's a very quick video showing you how to do just that.

To get your free download of the template shown in this video, click here and read the post for more info. 

How to add text to 3 x 4 photos from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.





Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Fifty-One

12 Comments on “Project Life, Week Fifty-One”

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    Thank You Cathy – My goal next year is to use Photoshop more and get better at it so that I can just whip in there and prepare my photo. Still struggling with Project Life-maybe 2013 will be my year.

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    so proud of your accomplishment! you are certainly an inspiration to me, as i learned about project life during the middle of 2012….i’m about to start my own project life albums in a few days…so excited!

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    I’m determined to give this a shot, but it will prob. take me a month to fill a page πŸ™‚ Journaling is already getting done; pics of lil ol me are a problem πŸ™‚ I was salivating at your cookie pics on Saturday. Was it a glaze frosting? How did you fine-tune the little bits, like the points of the star in diff. colors? I totally pinned this for a cookie walk next year. . .no more boring cookies from me πŸ™‚

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    Jill, I used Royal Icing and pastry bags with No. 3 tips. It just took some practice to get it going. The points of different colors is like this: flood part of the cookie with one color, then fill in the top with another, then do a strip of different colored frosting where they meet, and drag a toothpick through the still wet frosting. It drags the colors with it.

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    Thank you thank you for this tutorial….I keep trying to type on my photos and although I get it to work it seems I have been missing a step…so now I will be able to do it without being so frustrated. Thank you for sharing your pages and your talent.

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    Lynn L.

    Thanks so much for the tutorial!! I always end up doing something wrong and can’t get it to work for me. Now I am determined to figure it out!! I appreciate all you do to help people like me!!! πŸ™‚

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    I may have missed it, but have you blogged about your Project Life workflow? Do you set aside a time each week to journal your cards and put together your pics? Or do you use some of those planning pages I’ve seen floating around and print later?

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