Project Life, Week Forty-Nine

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OBSERVATIONS: I am loving the holiday look and feel to this month's pages. Yes, there's a little crossover with my December Daily stuff, but that's okay by me. 

This week, before we got hit with a foot or more of snow, I gathered my family together for a picture on our front steps. Even though the light color of my coat threw off the white balance, their willingness to do it, and the results, made me so happy. Thanks be to my Canon Remote Control Trigger Release.

Here are my pages for the week:



In fact, I would go out on a limb and say the photo of me and Dan in the upper left? Best shot in a long time of us together. That baby's going on a canvas somewhere. The bathroom, perhaps?

The other big thing that happened last week? My baby girl is a cheerleader, first one in our family. Ready, OKAY!



If you want to know how to add journaling to a 3 x 4 card file, this video is for you.


Awwww. Look at the Zielskes and the one with the white coat that threw off the white balance. Awww. (Side note: one of us is a hapless victim of Photoshop. Can you guess which one? I'll give you a hint: head replacement was involved.)

Here's the weekly recap:


I am ordering my album and other supplies for 2013 today! If you missed my video that features my Project Life Best Practices, click here. (You'll also be able to download some free 8.5 x 11 multi-photo printing templates to use for your Project Life albums.)

And that is all I wrote for Week Forty-Nine.



Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Forty-Nine

27 Comments on “Project Life, Week Forty-Nine”

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    If I am ever even 1/10th as good at Photoshop as you are, I’ll be happy! And the remote control trigger release? Very cool!

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    Love your pages and that is a great shot of you and Dan! I am thinking of adding a “week in review” thing to my book for 2013. I love how it summarizes the week so nicely.

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    Ok, those Christmas trees and Santa faces in the text message from Aidan are TOO CUTE. How’d she do that? Or will it become glaringly obvious to me once I set up my new (first!!) iPhone? I hope so! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    oh – lindy’s! our family had a 60th wedding anniversary party there last year, because it was where the couple had their first date so many years ago! love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Cynthia H

    Cathy, will you post a recap of what you thought of BPC’s 12/12/12 event? It was so fun to see you in the chat room and I thought it’d be fun to hear your perspective of how it went.

  6. #9

    Ah, wellโ€ฆ you know, after 6 p.m. I was not watching (school things going on for kids) so up until then, I thought it was pretty cool. Granted, I did not do the project because I didnt order the kit, but I thought it was fun. How about you?

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    Hmmm. I have one box of them. Does that help? Or do you mean how many for this particular year? so far, all weeks save for one, where I switched it up. Didnt love that. Went back to Design A. : )

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    Great week and I really enjoyed your ‘project life’ tips.
    Again thank you for the templates….totally makes it easy.

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    Great week in the ZIELSKE house again. GOOOOOO AIDAN!! How exciting for her, CONGRATS!! That picture of you two is a good one and YES put it on a canvas. Loving all the twinkle/Christmasy look on your pages too. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

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    You might have already explained this in a tutorial somewhere, but…how did you do the label strips with the journaling in the family picture at the top? Love your whole PL!

  11. #19

    Helen, that is something I have not posted, actually. I just made one strip with the shape tool. Then I added a small journal box over it. Then I duplicated those two layers to make more strips, and offset them!

  12. #20

    Two albums, and the page protectors, and Im going to get the SeaFoam kit. But Ill probably design a lot of my own stuff as well!

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    Kelly G

    Hi Cathy, I got behind this year with Project Life, partly because I switched from PC to Mac mid year and struggled with getting a good workflow – from photo taking to photo in album. I noticed in your template video (thank you!) that you are not using iPhoto, only finder. Is that just for video purposes or is do you upload direct to finder?

    At present I upload to iPhoto, edit in either iPhoto/PSE and then export/save to finder for printing. It still doesn’t feel efficient though. I would love an insight into your workflow please.

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    Alana in Canada

    Perhaps you have already covered this, but Id love to know how you get the weather. I assume it’s from your ipone or ipad–do you just take a picture of it? How do you add the nifty headings? Thanks.

  15. #26

    I would really like to know more about this too! I’m a new mac user too and I find iPhoto can be very slow and cumbersome. Do you use iPhoto to manage your photos, Cathy? or something else? Can you recommend a program that works better?

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