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This weekend, I've got some new printable card sets and some love-themed word art. My goal is to start designing printable cards in both portrait and landscape orientation. 

Just a note: these card sets contain PNG files and printable PDFs. No Photoshop needed if you just want to print out your own cards on white cardstock. A tip: make sure you choose Photo quality settings, and print the PDFs in the Actual Size setting. 

Want to add journaling blocks to you cards? This video tutorial will walk you through it.


J-Cards No. 06 Everyday


J-Cards No. 07 Love


J-Cards No. 08 Love 


Helvi Round Love 01

All new products are 20% off this weekend.

Cathy ZielskeNew product releases

21 Comments on “New product releases”

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    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! I am sooooo excited with your new cards and they work both ways, THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Keep those ideas coming Cathy, your so creative and fun!!

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    This are so freakin’ amazing!!! OMG…must haves for sure!!
    I have a question for Photoshop Elements 11. I tried adding a photo overlay I downloaded…figured it out. (only pulled out half my hair!)When I saved the image after as a JPG the sized changed from a 5.0 MB file to a 467 KB file??? Is there an easy way of keeping the original resolution?I print my pictures at Costco so I need to save them either as JPG or PNJ. I did notice that saving the file as a PNJ did keep more of the size…but it was still smaller.
    I’m off to play with the one of your card sets I bought!!Just love that you are doing Project Life again this year…

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    Hmmm. If you have a file to start that is 300 resolution, it should stay the right size. Lets say you open a photo that came off of your camera. Sometimes, they come in at 72 resolution. You need to change that to 300. Lets say you open the photo. Click on the CROP TOOL, then in the upper tool bar, you can tell PSE what size and resolution you want the shot to be when you crop it. Enter 6 for the W, 4 for the H and 300 for the resolution. (If youre using a 6 x 4 overlay, for example.)

    If you do this, your photos will all be nice 6 x 4 sizes. Does that make sense?

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    I have recently found that I’m needing 4X6 and 6X4 journaling cards. Can I ‘stretch’ these cards out? Or do you have some 4X6 cards available?

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    Cathy, On the J-Cards No.6, can I change the ‘Gold’ color in PS. (I think that’s a remedial question, just wasn’t sure.)
    I’m getting the Vday cards for sure!!!

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    Anne, they come as predesigned PNG files, not layered PSD files. So it kind of depends on your skill level. Meaning, you could do some selecting and filling of elements, but its not a clean way to go. Does that help?

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    PS, just as an aside. Yellow and Gray is probably my FAVORITE color combination of the moment so I actually LOVE the way they look. Didn’t want you to think otherwise!!!!

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    I think so. I will play with that some more and see if I can figure it out. I am using a 6 x 4 sized overlay. Thank you so much for the advise!

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    Yikes! This photoshop is not all that user friendly!! (OR maybe it is just me??) I have another question…in your Tiny Templates video you said you can save the image if you would rather upload it for printing. Is there a way to save it to a 4×6 file but not resizing the image?? I saved the file…uploaded it Costco but when I print preview the image they want to print it out as a 4×6 and resized my image so it is no longer a cute 4×3.
    So sorry for all the questions.

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    I dont know what to answer regarding Costco. So sorry. It seems that if you placed two 4 x 3 images on a 6 x 4, youd be fine, because then youd be giving them a traditional 6 x 4 image, just with two pictures on it. Hope that helps.

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