Project Life, Week Three

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OBSERVATIONS: It's official! I love Design D page protectors! In all of last year, I only mixed it up a few times, and I think that's going to change this year. 

Why not welcome a bit of variety, right?

Part of the fun was that I decided to create 4 x 3 cards, based on this design, to fit into those horizontal slots. That, and I've had numerous requests to start doing 4 x 3 cards. (Those cards will be on sale this weekend at Designer Digitals.) All future printable card releases will be designed in both orientations, or at least that's my goal. One thing I love about Becky's new kits is that the cards are all double sided to fit in both orientations. Brilliant, truly. 

Speaking of kits, my Seafoam kit arrived yesterday and I'm looking forward to working pieces into my album.

Onto this week's pages.


I had the pleasure of taking some head shots of my friend Mitchell Kraft last week. Good Lord, the man is as photogenic as he is nice. Check out Mitch's blog if you have time. He's a crafty one (no pun intended) and there are big things on the horizon for him.


Then of course, it was back to my regular page protector for the right facing side. Here's a closer look at some of the cards and stories.




If you want to learn how to add your own text to a PNG card file, I have a video that highlights the steps to do just that. Watch it by clicking here. Also, if you want the free Instagram template seen above, click here to learn more and get your download.

And here is my vertical Week in Review card:


This set has two portrait oriented cards in the set, for those of you who want to mix it up.

I'm so looking forward to doing this project every week, again. I feel like this year, I've stripped it down and figured out exactly what works for me in this process. I'm sure things will evolve throughout the year, but for now, I'm loving the direction it's taking.


And that is all I wrote for Week 3.



Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Three

44 Comments on “Project Life, Week Three”

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    Kendra B

    Love the pages! Sounds like a really good week πŸ™‚ I chickened out doing project life right now … not sure I would keep it up and not sure I really want to document the stuff that’s going on right now LOL

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    LOVE LOVE this weeks’ pages!! I can’t tell you how happy these make me each week. The colors are still amazing and so COOL, the journal cards new/old are always SUPER AND FUN!! What an amazing and creative lady you are with Project Life, keep those new ideas coming, so inspiring!!

    Great week of fun and stories in your family, glad to hear that. Dan, don’t throw anything away, KEEP IT!! You know Cathy if Dan has enough old school/art/ papers you could buy a mini PL and scan and fill it up. Would be so nice to have it saved and treasured for later with grandkids.

    GO ADIAN!!

  3. #3

    Loved Mitch’s blog! He is uber-talented! I couldn’t live without Netflix. Since you’re joining, might I recommend Switched at Birth (season one on Netflix)? It’s a ground-breaking show for the deaf community and has me itching to learn sign language.

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    Awesome pages, as usual !
    Thanks for sharing and being so inspirational (as usual :D) : the more I see you using design D, the more I think about using it myself, I guess I just needed to get used to the vertical 6*4…

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    Mitchell Kraft

    I feel like part the family! I would say, watch your back Tara Whitney, but lets be hones – she’s just too awesome. And really, I think I need to take a minute to thank my (actual) parents for the gift of high cheek bones.

  6. #9

    Wowsers! I just love your work. YES, please continue to create those cards!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them… I am a Photoshop newbie. Everything I know about it I’ve learnt from this amazing blog!! Thank you so very much for sharing so much of your knowledge! I couldn’t have figured out PSE without you!

  7. #10

    I meant to ask…in your card with the cute little camera icon (The story behind the photo….) Is that from a NEW set you have coming out??? I bought the J-Cards No. 05 but it wasn’t in there. SO cute!!!

  8. #11

    I love it ! It’s soooo beautiful ! I love the fact that you mixed the 2 designs and the journaling cards you used…Oh and by the way, Aidan is super cute in her cheerleader outfit !
    Have a great day !
    Marie, from France

  9. #12

    ‘Received my Seafoam kit the other day and immediately started putting it together. Then I realized, after looking at my photos, that I’ve slowly gravitated toward taking vertical, as opposed to horizontal, photos. Thanks, Steve Jobs.
    I agree that new page protectors may be in order for me as well, so thanks for clueing us in that – hey – “it’s okay.” (A little AE reference there…. LOL)

    THANK YOU for “keeping it real” here on your blog, too. I’m sure that it takes more than a smidge of courage. I’d say that you’re the Oprah of scrapbooking, but really you’re probably closer to Jimmy Fallon. Which is a very, VERY good thing. πŸ˜‰

    Blessings, Zielskes!

  10. #14

    Oops – I have a question that I forgot to ask: Where do you replenish your supply of white, orange peel textured cardstock? Ah, yes; my favorite color and texture of all. Amazon? Elsewhere? Please share.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  11. #17

    I love that the new kits have vertical on one side and horizontal on the other side! I was putting together a layout the other day and thought I was in a bind due to only having a vertical slot left but thought my only option was to use the card to horizontal way…then all of a sudden I turned the card over for whatever reason and discovered the vertical option!!!! Love it!!!! Did I make sense?!?!?! Love your pages Cathy!

  12. #18

    Does that mean you can mix up layers like that!!?? Oh my goodness…the power of Photoshop. I clearly had no idea!
    I am going to wait to see what you release this weekend but I’m thinking I might just need that set (J-Cards No. 01) as well!!! How do you keep track of all the cards you have? I was thinking maybe of printing out the preview and adding them to a binder. I am getting quite the collection. I can only imagine how many you would have on file!!!
    Thanks so much for letting me know!!

  13. #20

    Hi Cathy, I love your layout as usual. πŸ™‚ Can I ask which font do you use for your journaling?

  14. #21

    Cathy, I love the *idea* of Design D and used them several times last year… but it always bothered me that they were a 1/8-1/4 inch or so wider than the Design A. I don’t mind the other layouts smaller than Design A but didn’t like this wider Design D sticking beyond the “base” page which is sort of what I view Design A as. Probably not making sense. PS, Used your freebie with the Big Last Name letter last night for PL2013 and it was so cool. THANKS!

  15. #24

    i’m starting project life for this year. you are inspiring as always!! love that you said aidan wore her cheerleading “costume” to school- instead of uniform :O)

  16. #25

    As always I love your pages! And Yippee! I alternate the Design A and Design D page protectors in my album and it is hard to find the horizontal cards for the D pages. I can’t wait for them to be released.

  17. #27

    Love love that new card – with the date and circled day too… Will definitely be checking out the store on the weekend ! Thanks for sharing another great week of PL with us.

  18. #29

    I love the big heart and text that you placed on your cup of tea picture. Is that something that you sell at DD or perhaps have made a video tutorial on before?

  19. #30

    Stacy, its just a heart shape I made in Photoshop using the Shape tool, then I changed the opacity to about 30%. Note: I made the heart shape white first!

  20. #31
    Michelle Mounts

    Thank you for the inspiration! Thanks to you and Ali Edwards, I decided to start doing PL this year and LOVE it! I am keeping it simple (and used your “Take the CRAP out of scrabooking” card and the “Embrace imperfection” one too!) I like it simple but want to add a little bit here and there. Do you add your text to photos through Photoshop? I don’t have it and am looking into other ways of adding text/interest to photos. Do you ever stamp or use rub ons on photos and any suggestions for doing that? Again, THANKS for all your inspiration and tips!

  21. #32

    Michelle I do use Photoshop for all of that stuff! Photoshop Elements is a great, and affordable program. Well worth looking into! I dont usually stamp or use rub ons on photos, but, you totally can. Just make sure you use a stamp ink like StazOn, one that will dry and be permanent. (Although I am not the expert on stamping! Check with your local scrapbook store, possibly!)

  22. #33
    Angela NJ

    Just finished reading through your post and realized it is now January 26th – wishing your daughter the very best of luck on her SAT test today!

  23. #34
    Margy Eastman

    Horizontal 3×4 cards? You’re my idol. I’ve been doing my PL digitally and your cards are working beautifully. And now there are more? I’m just giddy!

  24. #37
    Sharon Holesh

    I have never digitally scrapbooked , but my husband got me PE for Xmas 2 years ago. I want to open it and learn to use it. Where do I start? Do you have a beginners video? Have been reading your blog for years and love it! Have copied many of your layouts in your books. I have a MAC by the way. Also, can you explain printing on Orange Peel cardstock? What type of printer and any special settings?
    Thanks so much,

  25. #38

    Sharon, I dont really have a beginners video, but I would recommend going to or and taking one of their beginner PSE classes! They are really great and they can walk you through it! : ) When I print on the OP cardstock, I just send it through and I choose Photo Quality settings (and if its a PDF, it has to be set to ACTUAL SIZE to ensure the files print the proper size.)

  26. #41

    In PSE, using the Ellipse Tool, hold down the shift key and draw a small circle large enough to enclose one of the weekday abbreviations. After drawing the shape, go to Layer Simplify Layer. Then go to Layer Layer Style and click on Stroke. Make the Stroke about 6 or 7 px and then click on the small black color box to the right of the px control. If you move your mouse out of the little dialog box, it will turn to an Eyedropper. Click on the yellow in the small title bar and it will change the stroke to yellow. Click OK to apply. Youll have to Simplify Layer again, to get be able to do the next step. Then, take the Magic Wand tool, click on the black of the circle to highlight all of the black.

    I have a much simpler way of doing this in PS5.5, but this is the way I would do it in PSE. : )

  27. #42
    Michelle Mounts

    Thanks Cathy! I might have to look into Photoshop. We’ll see. I will definitely ask at my local scrapbook store about the right ink to use.

  28. #43

    I’m generally a silent stalking type of blog reader. (creepy eh?) I’ve been following your blog for over a year now. I’ve LOVED seeing your Project Life pages come together and between you and Ali Edwards I’ve decided to take the plunge and finally just do it. I’m being a total rebel and starting this coming week since I didn’t get to it at the beginning of the year. I’ll be using Photoshop Elements for the first time too. So this should be an adventure. Thank you SO SO SO much for sharing your expertise. Your how-to videos have been incredibly helpful for me.

    Oh! and congrats on the Netflix! If you are a lover of documentaries like i am, i dunno why, you just seem like you would be. You are gonna LOVE Netflix. There are TONS of totally weird, oddball, off the wall, documentaries available streaming on Netflix.

  29. #44

    Well thanks for coming out of the lurkdom! ; ) And yes, Netflix is good. Real good. Breaking Bad. Thats all I need to say!

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