Project Life, Week Four

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OBSERVATIONS: Another week in the life has been documented via Project Life. Last week, I really didn't take a ton of photos so I ended up using a few shots from the same shoot. I say that's perfectly okay for Project Life. Just as using cell phone photos works perfectly well, so do using similar shots from a series. This project has to be flexible, and the great news is… it totally is!

I did go a bit card crazy this week, but I'm digging my cards and even having fun making some custom ones from other little bits and pieces.

Here are the pages for the week:



Four photos (the one of me, and three three of Aidan on the second page) all came from the same 5 minutes period of time. But I have to say, she's so stinkin' cute, it's hard sometimes to narrow down the shots. This week, however, I wanted to remember those adorable braids and the bleached out tips. 


I've got a few new sets of papers and other goodies being released on Friday, including the gray polka dot paper, the blue striped paper and the little grid labels you see above, and below.


The cool thing is, there is really no end to what you can make with a few key digital products! (Want to learn how to make your own simple cards? Watch this video.)


And my favorite story of the week is below on the left hand card.


Aidan's quote gave me the warm fuzzies, and I immediately jotted it down in my Day 1 app, so I wouldn't forget her words. She is such a huge Harry Potter fan. She's said more than once it's contributed hugely to the person she is becoming. I love that. (To watch a video on how to add text to a predesigned journal card, click here.)

Here is the weekly recap:


I find that my weekly recaps are much more broadly stroked, and that my journaling cards elaborate and fill in the blanks. Sometimes, they don't mirror each other at all; sometimes they do. I love the flexibility of having both.

And that is all I wrote for Week 4.



Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Four

29 Comments on “Project Life, Week Four”

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    Happy Project Life week again Cathy!! I think your pages look great, love the amount of photos and stories. The cards look amazing, love the grids and WOW paper too!! So glad your having fun creating more happy PL supplies for us!

    Aidan does look adorable, I am with you on colder days better then hot days, WAY TO GO HITTING THE TREADMILL EVERYDAY!! How sweet is that quote from Aidan, she is so awesome!!

    Thanks for sharing another wonderful week with us!

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    Sara Miller

    Thanks for the grid labels! Can’t wait to grab those this weekend! Label stickers were on my Archivers list, but now I can cross those off and print out my own! Thanks!

  3. #3

    Well thats what I was thinking. i never have enough of my own, so I thought, Ill make some. Print them at photo quality on white paper and boom! You have an endless supply for one price. : )

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    You are organized! I loved reading your process. Now all I need to do is have a plan.

    How much time to you spend to put your week together? Do you have your process somewhere on your blog I can review?


  5. #5

    Lida, I dont really have a post on it per se, but I did do a video hitting the main points:

    I spend about 1 to 2 hours tops each week. Sometimes during the week, Ill pull a photo to put into my weekly folder, or Ill create a journal card, but mostly, I do it at one time, and its usually about an hour. : )

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    We are addicted to Breaking Bad, it’s soooo dark but it is so good. We only have Netflix, so we watch one season as soon as it comes out on DVD, and have to wait a WHOLE YEAR for the next season. Call us bad parents, but we let our two teen boys watch it too. As the seasons go on, the story cycles back to things that happened in the first two seasons. It’s hard for my aging mind to remember sometimes … might have to watch it over from the beginning.

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    Cathy–My PL is moving right along too!! Mine is 100% digital and almost exclusively iPhone photos and I’m LOVING it! Seeing your weekly layouts is an inspiration, so thank you!

    Also, I began using the Day One app that you mentioned and I wanted to say how much I love it!! I started on January 1st and as of right now (the last day of January) I have 144 entries and 140 photos.

    My kids are exactly the same age/grades as yours and I used to scrapbook all the time until about 5 years ago. I went back to work and that really put the kibosh on things scrapbook related. The Day One app has gotten me back to my scrapbookin’ roots and the reason I scrapbooked in the first place….to document the everyday moments of our little family’s lives!


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    Sherry Eckblad

    Oh Cathy, I can’t wait for Friday so I can purchase those wonderful grid labels and your paper. I so need to watch your tutorial again on how to change the papers on my cards as I would probably use them more if I knew how to do that.
    Love your Project Life layouts they are always so inspiring.

  9. #11

    Cathy, a question about your new grid labels. I seem to be cutting challenged. I have lots of choices for circles but wonder if your ovals line up with any punches, spellbinder dies, any mechanical cutting options?

  10. #12

    Cathy, first of all I wanted to thank you, because you’re an enormous source of inspiration for me, really! I can’t wait to see the new papers.

  11. #14

    Pat, the circles will line up, of course, with punches, but I do not own an oval punch, so I have trimmed a few by hand and they look pretty darned good if I do say so! I also dont own a fancy die cut machine but if you did, Im sure you could load the PNGs and voila, custom cuts! : )
    The circles come in the colors you see too. So you get an assortment to pick from!

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    Maureen Mathis

    Great layout! All I have to say is that ONLY YOU would actually put an APOSTROPHE in a hashtag comment!

  13. #18

    I’m another one who is looking forward to the labels being available…AND the papers. Love the colors!

    My daughter (almost 20) is also a huge HP fan. In fact, she reread all of them when she was home for Christmas break. She has gotten to the point that she won’t date a guy for long unless he’s a fan, too! LOL! I really think those books changed a generation and made a lot of kids avid readers who may not have been (my son, 21, included!).

  14. #20
    Dawn F.

    Love your pages and always get some good ideas to incorporate into my own album. My husband and I loved Breaking Bad. I spent most of last July glued to the laptop getting caught up before season 5 came on. I can’t wait for this summer when the rest of season 5 is on. Every parent is different and it’s interesting to me what different ones let their kids watch. After viewing the entire series and seeing the themes evolve, we chose not to let our 13 year watch it even though he was dying to see it. You know what is best for your family. Wow- sorry didn’t mean to get so long winded!

  15. #22

    I love these new products. The blue is especially nice. I was wondering if it would be possible to create some of your newest products without grids? It woul be great to have blank labels/cards too. 🙂

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    laura g.

    i love your PL, but i noticed one thing… there is very little if any of YOUR handwriting in it…the journaling is done by your computer. i love to see bits and pieces of my Mom’s handwriting, she has been gone for 7 years, and i even copy the back of the picture if it has her handwriting on it, and include that in my albums…just a suggestion. Write on!!! think your kids would love it.

  17. #26

    I have lots of other projects with my handwriting. : ) Just did an entire album in November, all hand written. So I dont worry too much about it here.

  18. #27

    Well it’s Saturday morning and I finally get the chance to sit own and have a read. Another awesome week Cathy. Always so crisp and clean. Your kids are just adorable in a teenage let your mum take photos of you kind of way. You’re an inspiration. And those labels… muwah… Love, love, LOVE them. Heading over to DD to grab them now.

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