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OBSERVATIONS: And so, Week One of Project Life, Volume 2013 is underway! This year, I have far less trepidation that I can keep up with this project. It's just part of what I do now, so finishing Week One didn't feel quite as epic and novel as last year.

And yet, I'm still in love.

Kicking off the album, of course, is my title page. I posted a shot of this last week, along with a whole mess of title page freebies that you can find by clicking here.


I'm a sucker for color and font themes. This year, at least until I get tired of it, I'm going in this direction. Lots of grey, mustard and helvetica rounded bold condensed.

That's the great thing about this project. You can do what you like and then you can change your mind and do something else with it. Even using a core kit, you can find ways to mix in all sorts of things. It's totally up to you.

Here's a look at my Week One pages:


This week was also the kick off of Move More, Eat Well 2.0. My students get special Project Life cards (there are a lot of them who use this system) that relate to our health and fitness journeys, so you'll see these cards popping up in my album this year. 


Yes, I have succumbed to Downton Abbey. I'm already half way through Season 2 (Thanks, HuluPlus free trial!) 






(This spine file is part of the freebie download!)

For anyone still wondering if this project is for them, I say jump in! You technically don't even need to have the kits to do this project (although it makes it easier). 

I'm a huge fan of keeping a note book, or using an app (I use Day One) to take notes of your week as you go. I love doing my Week in Review card to highlight the highs, lows and every day inbetweens of the past seven days. And speaking of seven days, this year I'm documenting my week as Monday through Sunday. I asked my Facebook community, "What do you do?" because last year, it lined up as a Sunday through Saturday week. This year, I'm trying something new!

And that is all I wrote for Week 1.

Keep in mind, all year long I'll include links to the products I use, as seen below. Here's to another year of Project Life!



Cathy ZielskeProject LIfe, Week One

65 Comments on “Project LIfe, Week One”

  1. #1
    Elizabeth W

    Ahhh!!! I need your Downton Abbey card! The premiere of Season 3 was pretty much the highlight of my week. πŸ™‚

  2. #4

    I just started Downtown Abbey last weekend as well, I am obsessed already – still need to finish Season 1. I need your Downtown Abbey card!

  3. #5

    have a question cathy…probably a dumb one but I want to start Project Life but I take all my photos on my phone and have lots of printed 4×4 instagrams. I download from instaport and print 4×4 on 4×6 at costco. I see you print 4×6 photos and use those page pockets. Can I print 4×6 of my instagrams and not lose quality..will they look weird?..Do you use your phone for most of your pics or your camera?..thnks robin

  4. #6

    Well, I do use a handful of Instagrams in my 4 x 6 slots. Somtimes they come through via my phone and DropBox in a higher resolution and sometimes they dont for some unknown reason, but… I have used them a lot. : ) You just have to crop out some of the detail from the square. I do take a ton of shots with my phone. I have all year long.
    : )

  5. #9

    As always, I love everything! I used your “week in review” cards a lot in my last few weeks of 2012 and LOVED them, so I think I will continue to use them a lot more in 2013. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. #10
    Chris H

    FWIW, I found the Monday to Sunday approach very doable. I like having weekends on the same layout as theres quite a bit of continuity to our activities.

    I am also considering a week a page, two weeks per spread, approach as well this year to keep things a little more condensed. I did month at a time sometimes last year…it was all very fluid depending on what was going on, and I imagine it will be that way again.


  7. #11

    Hey Cathy. I too have been jumping head first on the Downton Abbey fan bus. I assume you created that DA journal card. Would you be able to make that a freebie?

    Thanks Cathy. Always enjoy your blog & products.

  8. #12
    Sara Miller

    Hi Cathy – I rediscovered your blog this year through the PL creative team and I’ve enjoyed seeing your simple approach to PL. Not a lot of extras and bulk…not a lot of stress. Thanks for the reminder that I don’t need to use tons of product for this to be fun and interesting!

    I learned from you early last year how to take a screen shot with my iPhone and I’ve liked including the weather and some text messages in my 2012 album. I had about 30 of them and I marked the slot with a post it and ordered all of them at once from persnickety prints at the 3×4 size. But when I got them back I was disappointed with the way they were cropped (totally my issue not PP). Anyway, can you give some tips for properly sizing those shots in photoshop? I love the way yours look but when I resized mine to 3×4 the aspect ratio was off (I think). Do you have a template that you use to keep those the right size and from stretching out? Thanks!!

  9. #13

    Also wanted to add that I just changed my PL weeks to Monday-Sunday as well. It seems to make more sense for me.

  10. #14

    I love Downton Abbey and made a card for my week 1 page, glad to see that I’m not the only one that included it in their week!

  11. #15

    YIPPPEEE for the first week of 2013, soooo excited to see yours again this year!! I love the first week, a little bit of everything and in Cathy STYLE!!

    I actually changed mine this year to a mini Project Life since the 12×12 is taking up too much space that I don’t really have. So I got some baseball protectors and using my own stash adn LOTS of PL leftovers from the last 4 years. My first week and title page are done and I’m thrilled with it feeling like ME this year. The one biggest regret though is not being able to squeeze in your weekly cards, I LOVE them so much. Might still think of something though.

    Thanks Cathy for sharing and inspiring us into the 2013.

    p.s. you are a cool mom, letting Cole stay up so late. My hubby and I are up at 5 everyday so I like the kids in bed when we do so it was 10:00 for all of us. Maybe next year I will give a little on this.

  12. #16


    I started PL 2013 and love it! I haven’t really scrapbooked since 2009 or so, so watching you do this in 2012 (and how easy it was) it all I needed to inspire me!!

    Also, I bought the Day One app, and I have to tell you…THANKS SO MUCH! Totally worth the $4.99. It is awesome!

    Also bought some of your digital downloads from Designer Digitals and they were so helpful in getting my Week One layouts done easily and quickly. And quite spiffily!!

  13. #17

    Cathy – on your Week in Review card templates can the user change “Week One:” to read something like “January 1-7, 2013:” for example?

  14. #18

    Hey Sara, I did a video showing how I do this:

    At about 4 minutes, I go onto my computer and work with a weather screen shot. : ) See if this helps show you my process. I work in layers and I dont stretch the weather shot, but I make some tweaks. : )

  15. #20

    Athena, no… that is part of the frame, built into the graphic of the file. : ) Otherwise, you wouldnt have the font that it appears in.

  16. #21
    Steph H

    I love the comment about Portlandia! I just discovered it on Netflix (at the rec of Stephanie Howell I think) and it totally seems like your kind of humor!

  17. #23
    Lynn M

    Oooh, another fan of your Downton Abbey card! Love it and the show. Your PL 2013 album is off to a great start.

  18. #24
    Becky H

    Oh I love Downton Abbey. Sunday from 9-11pm was the highlight of my weekend. Joining MMEW2.0 tomorrow since it’s payday. I loved it last year so I am in for another year.

  19. #25
    Sara Miller

    Thank you! I thought I remembered this but when I looked I couldn’t find it. Thanks for the help!

  20. #26

    Question for you…

    Do you back up your DayOne app entries? How? How do you transfer all that journaling to your PL cards/templates?

    I’ve just started using that app (and a Gratitude App as well) and love it but I’m afraid of losing it all if I don’t have a backup copy somewhere. And I’d love it if there were an easy way to transfer to my PL without having to retype all that.

    Can you tell us more about how you do this?

    Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your knowledge..I’m always learning from you – grateful for that!

  21. #28

    Always enjoy your PL layouts Cathy.

    I’m venturing into PL land for the first time this year. Looking forward to sharing the year with you.

  22. #29

    I dont back it up, and I simply use the info as I type up my weekly card. I open up the Day One journal and read what I wrote. I could just copy and paste it, but Im using it more as a reference. However, by opening the journal (I have the App on my computer) I can just copy and paste it right into my Photoshop weekly cards. : )

  23. #31
    Nihao, Cupcake! by Margie

    I have an older iTouch that when I checked the specs found it was too old to use this app. Does anyone know if there is a similar program that can be used on my Mac Book Pro? (Someday I will upgrade to an iPhone or decent smart phone, but I’m not there yet. There have to be some of us dinosaurs still left to make life interesting!)

  24. #32
    Mikki McGehee

    I have never watched Downton Abby, but that card ROCKS! Maybe if I had the card I would start lol

  25. #33

    I tried PL two years ago but did it so intermittently it wasn’t the most cohesive book ever but it was something. This year, I am determined and want to thank you for the inspiration! Love your layout! Ironically, on New Year’s Eve our family, tween/teens included had a marathon Downton Abbey Fest. Our season two disc doesn’t arrive until Friday. Chomping. At. The. Bit. Could not believe how much our kids ages 12, 12, 13 and 14 got into the show! Best New Year’s Ever in my book. πŸ˜‰ LOVED your card as well!

  26. #34
    Chris H

    There is a day one app for the mac too in the mac app store and they will communicate with one another when you upgrade sometime.
    I use them both. Love it!

  27. #35
    Chris H

    You can backup to dropbox or to icloud in the settings of Day One. It’s been so long since I set it up, I don’t know for sure how to tell you to do it, but it is a feature of the Day One App.

  28. #36

    Hi Cathy,
    I am so pleased you are continuing your PL in 2013.
    I have been a fan for a while and love your way with words, colour and design. I will continue to stalk you on FB and on your blog cause I simply love what you do and how you do it.
    Well done. I have one week left of 2012 and then I am ready to start 2013! Eeeek. Thanks for all your inspiration. Just sayin’ πŸ™‚

  29. #38

    I know, isn’t Downton Abbey fabulous?! So rich and detailed and.. we just marathoned seasons 1 and 2. Got Hubby all sucked in too. Can’t wait to start watching season 3!

  30. #39

    I am a huge fan of yours. This is my first year doing PL. I love the look of your week 1. To me, simple is definitely the way to go. There are no distractions and the story and pictures stand out. I just love the fact your pages are so real life. I will be following you every step of the way πŸ™‚

  31. #40

    Cathy – pretty please on sharing the Downton card? πŸ˜‰ Super, super cool! I am looking forward to receiving my Seafoam kit next week – though I have my pages all printed and planned in the meantime! πŸ™‚

  32. #41
    kelly sill

    Hi Cathy! Thank you for your awesome, awesome title page downloads! I used them on my title page, but changed up the colors a bit to match the Seafoam kit. I LOVE your style! Thanks again! We are Downton fans here in Latvia, too! BTW, I’m in your MMEW class and blogging about it on Mondays! You rock! Thanks for all you do!~Kelly

  33. #42

    I picked up an 81/2×11 at Walmart. The 12×12 is just so big and this will be my 5th year doing this. I will probably go back to the bigger size next year but kinda nice to have the break this year. I’ve actually found a few others doing it smaller this year too.

    Shockling I didn’t order the Seafoam kit yet either, trying to hold out till later and use my stash up.

  34. #43

    Hi Cathy! I love your blog etc…havent looked around alot, but was wondering u digital scrap at all? Or all traditional?

  35. #47
    Karen S.

    I received Downton Abbey season 1 as a christmas gift and also love it! Hubby and I are watching in together and we too watched 6 episodes of season 2 on Sunday!! We are now caught up having wathched the 1st episode of season 3 that we recorded from PBS. Love your journal card!!

  36. #50

    For the Downton Abbey fans: you can do a search on Google for ‘Downton Abbey’ and then go to ‘Images’. It will show you all different kind of images. On the top (or the menu on the left) you can specify what kind of images you want: large, small, black and white, color and so on. I found the image after setting the option for black and white.

    It is on a blog post. You can then right click on the image in the blog post and then save it to your computer.

    That is always how I find images for my journaling cards. I look for icons, or logo’s from stores where I shop. Or brands that I am using.

  37. #51

    Hi Cathy. I’m back with PL this year after taking last year offβ€”and regretting it. I’ve even gone back to 2011 and filled in some holes. Following your project all last year was my inspiration! And, your freebies to get started on the right foot. So….I am still trying to figure out how best to do this. My last time I did it in monthly, rather than weekly, increments. This worked pretty well. I used the 6×12 format for my roundup. But I find myself dabbling nearly every day because I can’t wait a whole month to put it together! I’ve decided I’m just going to wing it this year….but I’d still like some kind of structure, like maybe doing a once-a-week put-together with what’s accumulated, but still using the monthly roundup. Question: Do you wait until Sunday to print everything at the same time, or do you do that as you go along? I am using your Tiny Templates and 4×6 journal cards a lot. I also journal everyday, mostly in an actual physical journal, but sometimes using Memoir for the Macβ€”a great little program you can try for free. After 1 1/2 years I felt so guilty I finally paid the piper. You can insert screen shots, etc, and I sometimes put in some Pinterest posts. OK, rambling….HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  38. #52

    Cathy–I also just got hooked into Downton Abbey. Every day I can’t wait for work to end so I can watch. My poor 10-year old son…he hasn’t seen as much of me lately because of it. :O)

    Glad to hear of another devotee!

  39. #53

    I typically do it all on one day, though this year, now that Im going to cover Monday through Sunday, maybe Monday will be the day I do it. But I may just gather what I can on Sunday, you know, so as not to interfere with work days. : )

  40. #54

    Hi Cathy

    I have a question for you – which font did you use for the script in your 3×4 journal cards set which include “a memory nugget” and “a slice of life” – I’d really like to get hold of it to use on a couple of other Project Life cards…


  41. #56

    As always Cathy – fun pages. I just discovered Downton – I love the talk, the homes, the couture – Oh Pray it’s an exciting show. haha

    I’m also going Monday – Sunday – helps with keeping the weekend together since that’s where all the excitement happens.

    Tell Cole funny Flyers story. Hartnell was going to a party with other Flyers and got a flat tire. Who came around to help him change it??? Claude Giroux! It’s on twitter…haha

  42. #58

    Hi Cathy,
    I’m attempting Project Life for the first time this year and find your blog very inspirational and helpful. I have a question though. I am using DayOne on my phone and Mac but now I’m not sure how to get the pictures our of the DayOne app…do you by chance know? The app syncs between the 2 devices and when I open DayOne on my Mac the pics are there, just don’t know how to get them out now lol. I’m doing 2013 all digi.

  43. #59
    Missus Wookie

    Seeing your clean and simple style of PL & the gratitude journal is always inspiring – wanted to tell you that the entire family did your gratitude project during November and that convinced ’em that for 2013 we’re doing PL but as a daily gratitude record. I’ll throw in some photos, some other bits such as quotes will get added in but it’s mainly going to be one card per day with everyone writing on it.

    Thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚

  44. #60

    I love how your first week has turned out! I always enjoy seeing how simplfied your pages are compared to so many people out there… I found this project so overwhelming until I found your pages and realised how great they look when the design is so clean and simple! I plan on using some of your tiny templates when I do it this year, and following lots of your video tips since I’m just starting out with photoshop and learning this digitally πŸ™‚

  45. #61

    It feels kind of sick and wrong that I want to do this after just having gotten rid of every scrapbooking thing that I own. (Except my paper trimmer and hermafix – gotta whip those out to impress the kids every now and then.) I love your fonts and your house. I miss it.

  46. #62

    Tara, for reals. I know. When I look back at the album I did last year? I freaking LOVE it. Just this stripped down approach. It makes me wish this was how I saved bits of life back in the day.

  47. #65

    I’m just going to add my voice too …I would be so grateful if you put the downton abbey card as a freebie, or some such thing! I’ve adored the show for so long!

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