Instead of Project Life today, would you watch this?

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I just saw a video posted on Facebook from Upworthy, a site that continually inspires me and makes me think. This video is no different. And it's amazing.

It's about bullying. And bullies. And it's a beautiful, passionate spoken word poem by Shane Koyczan.

I've thought a lot about bullies in my life. Why they do it. What goes on in their own lives to motivate them to say what they say. How is it handed down.

Or is it? Are some people just mean? (I don't believe any of us born mean, honestly.) But maybe I am naive. I like to think I'm not on this one.

I think about my own kids. When they have been teased. Or if they have been the teasers. And as Shane says in his poem, "Kids can be cruel." But do they have to be?

I want to be responsible in my own life for how I have treated (and continue to treat others). I want to teach this to my children every single day. 

Words matter so much.


Project Life will return next week.

Cathy ZielskeInstead of Project Life today, would you watch this?

28 Comments on “Instead of Project Life today, would you watch this?”

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    Ginger Watson

    Thank you Cathy. This goes hand in glove with Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly — have you had a chance to read it?

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    Paige S.

    I first saw this on my sister’s timeline. And when I saw it here, I knew it was a G-d thing for me. It is very powerful, indeed. Thank you for sharing it as well.

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    I just posted it to my Facebook. I work at a school, and buyllying, while not a huge problem here, can affect students so much! Thank you for sharing this! It is quite intense, so I’ll have to wait a couple of years to show this to my girls!
    Thanks again!!!

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    Jen Day

    Thank you for sharing this. My Son was recently diagnosed with PDD-NOS and I worry about bullying all the time. I hear myself all day talking about kindness in hopes that he will mot be a bully nor be a victim of it. I shared this because it is so very important. Thank you Cathy!

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    I love this video.

    Do you listen to NPR’s Snap Judgment? You can download it as a podcast. This is just the kind of piece they would play.

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    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your blog post today. My daughter is a victim of bullying and it is a struggle to get her to go to school at all some days. It really touched me. Thanks.

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    Im so sorry for her struggle with this. I am. You know, let her know there are people in the larger world, MANY people who are kind and caring and respectful. : )
    Sending peace and love through the internet!

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    Wendy F

    wow! thanks for sharing this. I work in a school where I see tragedy in the eyes of many children. so many kids are bullied at home and at school. I will be sharing this with my coworkers and friends. everyone should see this and think before they speak mean words.

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    Tammy B

    Wow. Thank you. That was heart-wrenching and uplifting at the same time. I think that every kid between grades 5 to University needs to see this at least once.

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    There is part of me that thinks there are “kids” who are “mean”. I have watched a little girl that has played at our house with my daughter and at age 3 would do very mean things, almost vindictive. We know her parents very well and I know they absolutely do not tolerate it at their house. She’s just a very difficult child. I hope that nuture can overrule nature. We always do. And there isn’t an accuse for mean kids when they are at an age they know better. Or for parents to write it off as “kids can be cruel”…. We need to stand up and not try to be a friend to kids but be positive authority and parent them!

    And now with texting, Facebook type pages and twitter….there is very little consequence or a sense of conscience in bullying. You can almost write anything to anyone about anyone and there isn’t any accountability or fear because you don’t have to do it face to face….it’s worse and secretive and scarier…

    Powerful video message and poem.

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    Jennifer Henson

    Wow. I appreciate this-as someone who has been bullied, who have seen my daughters experience it and as a teacher who tries so hard to stop it. Thank you for posting.

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    Thank you Cathy, this was so powerful and sad to watch. Every kid should see this and it’s sad that it starts so young.

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    Joan Fowler

    I showed this to my granddaughter who has been a victim of relationship bullying from “the girls” since since she was in Grade 6. And the abuse continues over Facebook,Tumbler, wherever they can post without fear of consequences. This is all because she does not wear the “right” clothes, does not have straight hair and does not support their warped values. It has led her to a therapist because she has taken their message to heart – that she is worthless. I think this video gave her some strength back. She has downloaded it and even drawn the message “they are wrong” in her sketchbook.

    Bullying is so much easier nowadays. They don’t even have to confront their victims face to face. Breaks this grandmother’s heart.

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    Joan, that breaks my heart. You tell your granddaughter that those people dont matter. That everyone IS worth so, so very much. You tell her that someone she will never meet (me) thinks she is awesome and that those people are sad, scared and little humans.

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    Mary Satterfield

    Very powerful thank you for sharing I work in a Middle School and everyday it is my mission to stop kids from making others feel unwanted or unbeautiful…

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    Bullies pick on people they think are different, but tell your granddaughter she is so much more than they think of her, she is amazing, and to not let their words eat away at her. I realise this is difficult having been bullied myself at school, but eventually I realised I am worth so much more, hope she realises that soon. Give her love from me.

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