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I have some new things in the store, all on sale for 20% off this weekend. The first up are printable grid labels in assorted sizes.


These come in 8 colors, varying shapes and a few different circle sizes, and have a light gray grid background. Last week, I was tired of never having little labels and always running out of stickers, so I figured, why not make some I can print as needed. Printable PDFs are included. No Photoshop is needed. Print them out onto white cardstock and you're good to go. Note: if you have a circle punch size you don't see here, you can always open an individual circle PNG and just change the size to match your circle punch. Copy that PNG to a new document, and make more copies of it, then repeat. You can create a whole sheet of circles that match whatever circle punch sizes you have.


Also new, my 50, er, that would actually be 8 Shades of Gray No. 01 Paper Pack. I'm using a lot of gray in my Project Life album this year, so I wanted to make a set of simple patterns to drop into files as needed. Nothing randy about this set at all. ; )

Speaking of simple patterns, I added a few more sets.


Simple Patterns No. 02.


Simple Patterns No. 03.

Simple patterns for simple projects. Have a great weekend.

Cathy ZielskeNew product releases

30 Comments on “New product releases”

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    Nicky H

    I searched and searched for round labels like that about 6 months ago when I started using small mason jars for my spices and wanted a pretty way to label them. πŸ™‚

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    Cathy these are great papers and labels! Just bought them to use in my PL album – I use a lot of these colors weekly! Thanks a bunch!

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    I love those labels! I know you’ve written about this before but I can’t find it… what white paper do you use and where do you purchase it? I love the texture!

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    michelle h

    Ha! You crack me up!!! Nothing randy about that…hehehe….

    Since I am in your MMEW 2.0 class this year, I am soooo excited to start using all these awesome digital items you make!! Thank you for sharing your talents and being so helpful to those of us just beginning to dabble in digital. πŸ™‚

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    Hi Cathy – I appreciate how you use the zoom tool on your videos. It’s very helpful. Say, where did you find the cute Downton Abbey photo for your Project Life card? I’d like to find this image and the beginning shot of the man and the dog walking towards the castle. Are these Public Domain photos or do you have to buy them? Your instructional videos are the best!

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    Hey Cathy!I’ve already thanked you once today, but just wanted to let you know that I just printed and cut a few sheets of these labels with my Silhouette! They look fabulous! Thanks a bunch!

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    Sandra L.

    Ack, so keep telling myself not to buy anymore scrapping stuff but can’t help it when I see pretty paper like this! Love that it will go so well with my PL seafoam kit. Sigh, off to buy them and at least they are digital. The hubby can’t get mad because he won’t see the ups guy coming πŸ™‚

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    Cara Seppelt

    Bought as soon as they came up on Designer Digitals! Using straight away – how is it that you always know what I want and create it, before I know I want it?

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    Lori Proulx

    Cathy, I just love your labels. I purchased them last night and I can not wait to use them in my PL along with other scrapbook pages. They are just what I was looking for. Thank you!

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    Completely offtopic, but I hope you don’t mind. You are maintaining Project Life. Do you also keep a “normal” photoalbum? And if so, do you add just the pictures, or also the memories. I’m stuck on how to document the photos and story’s from my daughter. Also there is a baby on the way, and I’m so stuck in how to combine everything… A babybook for him/her, or combine these pictures also in our family photobook? Do you maybe have any advice? I want to start, but don’t know where to begin..
    Love your blog, greetings from the Netherlands.

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    I dont. : ) Not right now. In fact, I havent for years. But I would do a baby album, definitely. I have family photo albums through about 2006. Then I got tired of SO many photos. And you know how it is, there are just sooo many that we take. Now, with project life, i can have the best of scrapbooking and photo albums. : ) Have you considered trying Project Life? You can do the baby album version for the new baby! And then do a regular one for the family. Although that might be a lot.

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    Hello there! I just have to tell you that you kicked my butt into gear for PL 2013. I meant to do it all last year but just couldn’t get motivated. Then, I found your blog! I just love your style, words and photos. Anyway, I have purchased the simple papers and the Week in Review cards but I am having some trouble printing them out in a 4×6. I cropped the image to 4×6 but my darn printer keeps printing a 5×7. Anything I may be doing wrong?? Thank you!!

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    Nicole, check your options when you send to print. Make sure your paper size is set to the right size (8.5 x 11, im guessing, or LETTER) not the Actual or Custom size. Try that! : )

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    You just answered my question! I wondered when I saw those if I could use Silhoutte to print and cut both. Now I’m excited to get my hands on the files and try this!

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