Project Life, Week Five

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OBSERVATIONS: Hello Week Five! Nice to see you, you know, in action.

This week, I did the whole Google-search-to-find-a-logo trick (do you know this trick? that you can find just about anything?) in order to make my own School House Rock card. Cole's class spends the entire month of January preparing a show and this year, one of the segments was School House Rock.

I know. You, of a certain age, want to sing, don't you?


Seriously. How fun is that? Loved seeing Cole and his class perform (and add their own unique twists) to this classic Saturday morning material from the Days of Yore.

Onto this week's pages:



Believe it or not, I was actually a little light on photos this week. If it weren't for Cole and his show, I'd be taking last minute photos of food to fill space.



This week I decided to incorporate a bit more of my handwriting. Someone had commented last week that my kids would miss it. I have no issues with handwriting; I just tend to be way too word for it. So a little balance is nice, yes?


And that blog readers, is the way it went down in Week 5.


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Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Five

38 Comments on “Project Life, Week Five”

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    Happy Project Life!! Love seeing another week of your family and fun!! Happy for Cole and friends doing a great job with the play. brrrrr it’s cold as heck for you guys, I thought my area was cold. Stay warm!!

    LOVE LOVE the beard post below, so funny and cool!!

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    Fantastic once again. That out take shot of Dan is fab. I’m thinking novelist shot on the inside of a book cover? Love it. The whole week is just great. And might I say that the colours and the fact that it’s a little darker this week …. well…. it feels a bit more teenageish. (does that sound weird?)
    Glad I stayed up to see. I don’t know how you do it so well but you do.

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    I love your pages as per usual, but the I’m Just a Bill video… that took me back. Waaaaay back. Thanks!

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    Oh, and the comment about still not liking to drive in the snow….that is your inner Everett girl talking. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Ann C.

    I’ll never forget the intro song to Schoolhouse Rock: “As your body grows bigger, your mind will flower, it’s great to learn, ’cause knowledge is power!”
    Ah, good memories….

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    Just last night my 15-year-old was complaining that he had to memorize the Preamble of the Constitution. My husband & I spontaneously burst into song & sang the entire thing word for word. The kids were a bit alarmed & we realized that we had been happily brainwashed as kids. Time to find the DVD & pull it out again…

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    Just last night my 15-year-old was complaining that he had to memorize the Preamble of the Constitution. My husband & I spontaneously burst into song & sang the entire thing word for word. The kids were a bit alarmed & we realized that we had been happily brainwashed as kids. Time to find the DVD & pull it out again…

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    Stacy A.

    My 9 year old is obsessed with School House Rock right now, so this made me smile. She spent all last night putting her favorites into a Prezi – for fun!

  9. #10

    That is the ONLY way I can recite it from memory to this day. Dang! They were onto something that day! We the people, in order to form a more perfect unionโ€ฆ

  10. #11

    Had to recite this in junior high. That song saved me. Sang along in my head. Can still sing the whole thing at 47!!

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    Wow, Cole in glasses so looks like his dad. Little boy fading away. Sigh. I have a 17 yr old son. Love to see him becoming a man. Miss my little boy.

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    Jenny B.

    Our high school did School House Rock last spring, and it was SO fun! My husband knows the preamble song (he sang along with every single one… Interplanet Janet, anyone?). I somehow missed memorizing the Preamble. I didn’t learn the song and it was never assigned in school. My favorite has always been Three is a Magic Number. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Jenny B.

    Oh I just remembered that the creator of School House Rocks came to speak at in-service one year when I was teaching. That was really cool. We also have a remake CD of a bunch of different bands doing School House Rocks songs (Blind Melon does Three is a Magic Number, Skee-Lo does Mr. Morton, etc.). ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Leanne in CA

    Love that! My daughter’s class did School House Rock as a show and it was so fun. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and for sharing your awesome pages—love the photo shoot with Dan. Have a fabulous day!!

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    Jocelyn Thompson

    Ah love School House Rock! My favorite was Conjunction Junction!

    On another note, I am wondering if you have any suggestions for a good printer. I see the one you have listed in your supplies and that looks like a wonderful printer but a bit out of my price range. I need a new one! I am trying to do a little research on what might be best for me. I like Hybrid Scrapbooking best. I print lots of photos at home. I want my ink to last longer than a week. I want it to be affordable for my weekend hobby. Is that asking too much? Any suggestions you or anyone else has would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks as always for your great inspiration!

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    Kristy M

    I had to include some complaints about this MN weather we’ve been having in my PL too. I’m so ready for spring! My boys (9.5 and 8) get a kick out of Schoolhouse Rock… I just wish they’d watch it more often so they just memorize the songs and instantly know things (like the Preamble or their multiplication tables). Saturday mornings are such a treasured part of my childhood. It’s too bad kids today get their programming anytime they want in the sense that they take it for granted.

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    Sarah M.

    I really like your card with the square photo and paper strip at the button, and the little camera icon. I was wondering if that’s a product you offer?

  18. #24

    I was amazed at how much Cole looks like Dan!!!! I am starting to think perhaps Cathy and Dan cloned themselves!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    …and now the “conjunction, junction, what’s your function?….” song is stuck in my head!!!LOL

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    On an unrelated topic, I remember a while back you had upgraded to a Mac Pro, how do you like it so far. I’m considering that for my purchase and wondering if you can impart some wisdom such as pros and cons and if there’s anything you would have done differently?

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    Heather Wong

    I know you’ve answered this in the past and I apologize for asking again (I really did look through several pages of comments first!).
    What font do you use on the Week in Review cards?
    I have purchased them from Designer Digitals (woohoo sale!)but upon loading it into PSE 10 it says it does not recognize the font.
    BTW the vertical line thingy is AWESOME -thank you!…not sure if you mentioned it in the tutorial, but in case others didn’t know how to make it: hold SHIFT and
    Thanks Cathy!

  22. #29

    I love it! But Ive used a tower style CPU for many many years (G3s, G4s etc). The only con is that its a desktop and requires monitors, but for me, that is the only way I can work. Laptops are fun, but I cant work on them. I have two monitors for work and I cant imagine doing what I do without this set up.

  23. #30

    Heather, the font I use is called Archer, but that is not part of the template that you downloaded. I set up the templates to use Ariel, as many computers, both Macs and PCs have that font. Archer is not a free font. : ) I always supply a link to the fonts I use (or try to) in the supply list for every Project Life post.

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    Nihao, Cupcake! by Margie

    Hi Cathy. I have a question about your upcoming BPC class. Can you tell me how it differs from your Design Your Life course (one of my favorite BPC classes)? If you plan to address this in a future post, no need to respond. Thanks!

  25. #33

    Ill be posting about this on Monday! : ) The key difference, in short, this is a full-on digital to hybrid workshop. We will use PSE to work with templates, customize elements and create our pages in a hybrid form. More info on Monday! : )

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    Heather Wong

    OH! Now I see the link in the supply list. Thanks for pointing that out! Sorry I have missed noticing that in the past.
    Loving your tutorials. Hoping I can keep motivated this year to finish Project Life ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Did you buy their monitors or use another such as an hd tv? How much memory is adequate for photoshop & tons of pictures? Also how many bays have you used so far? Is there a particular hardware, such as adding the fibre channel card or changing the graphics card? Thanks

  28. #37

    I use Apple flat panels from the mid 2000s era, the titanium clad ones. I have 8 gb of RAM (going to get MUCH more when I buy a new Mac Pro.) I would say 8 is a good base however. Ive only used two of the bays for my hard drives. I have the basic graphics card that came with my machine. But mine is three years old now. My processor is the 3 GHZ Dual-Core Intel Xeon. : )

  29. #38

    Cathy, I am new to PL and wondering what you are using for a corner rounder(i.e. size and brand) for your pictures and journaling cards?

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