Project Life, Week Seven

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OBSERVATIONS: I'm posting this a little late because last week I was really moved to share a post with a video about bullying. If you haven't seen it, click here.

Week Seven, of course, included Valentine's Day, a day we often celebrate as a family. Knowing that one child will be off to college in a year and a half, we really cherish all of the time and holidays together, and V Day is no exception.

And this week, I got to save our cards in one of the Project Life Small Envelopes. I love these so much for cards! Just perfect.

Here are my pages for Week Seven:



I love that the pockets on the envelopes have a slot for a 4 x 3 card.


Here's our week in review:



Also very grateful this week for the relationship I have with my daughter, Aidan. I had to take a screen capture of this text exchange. She was worried that I would be mad at her because she took my brand new bottle of Penzey's Vanilla to school for a baking project and it got added to the communal vanilla vat. It's bittersweet, I swear, because three years ago, before therapy I probably would have been pissed off about it and made a stink. I don't do that sort of thing anymore. This makes everyone happier. 


And that is all I wrote for Week Seven. Supplies are below.



Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Seven

14 Comments on “Project Life, Week Seven”

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    I would have teared up too, how sweet is Aidan ! We celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family too and I hope in the years to come our boys feel the same as yours. Celebrating the love. Thanks for sharing your week with us Cathy, always find them inspiring.

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    Thanks Cathy for sharing another wonderful and especially sweet week with us. LOVE that about Aidan, she is pretty AWESOME just like her mom!!

    How pretty all the Valentine/red theme going on for the week, great job on those cards!

    It’s great that you celebrate Vday as a family, we feel the same way.
    Congrats Aidan on making the cheerleading squad again!!

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    Hi Cathy,
    I was wondering if your “our week” is a font or a brush… I love the worn look it has.
    Thank you for all your videos and blog examples!!

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    Congrats on the Mom MOMent. I bet A was horrified to see a small treasure (like good vanilla) added to a communal vat, and then worried about having to tell you! As your friend Ali E says… The Big Things Must Never be at the Mercy of the Little Things.

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    I love this spread ! So nice that there’s such a big room for pictures ! And the texts between your daughter and you is pretty awesome ! I can’t imagine how sweet it must be when you read this as a mother !
    Have a great day !

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    I think most of us can only hope to have this great of a relationship with our daughters. Whatever kind of therapy you go to, I need it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Thought you might like to know that I’m working on the design of my PL (all documented, but nothing printed out yet) and am visiting your page often to check things. Things like ‘do I center my text?’ and ‘does a rounded journal card work well with a non rounded photo placed within it?’ It’s all the big stuff. = ) P.S. I’m opting for no on both counts.

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    Hey, we northerners got a mention in your PL album!
    (btw, I love that you and Aidan have such a close relationship… makes me smile.)

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    Abby P.

    What a sweet daughter you have! And so intuitive! I just wanted to mention I bought your landscape orientation (4×3?) journaling cards and am alternating my PL weeks like you did on week 3 (?). I would be the first to buy more journaling cards from you in this orientation! I think that was the only set, except for the Valentine’s Day ones, which I of course bought, and LOVE!

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    Sara C.

    Penzeys…absolute BEST spices! In fact, I just ran out of their cinnamon. Unfortunately, no store nearby, but my mom lives near one and can send me the stuff they don’t sell in their catalog (Mexican vanilla!). Love your site!

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