Project Life, Week Six

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OBSERVATIONS: Hello Week Six! A very Dan-heavy week last week. It's not always the case that Dan shows up in a ton of photos on a consistent basis. You know that thing, when you've been together a really long time, and you remember how when you were first together you took pictures of each other all the time? Sometimes, I forget that. Shhhh. Don't tell our therapist.

But he really is adorable when he bowls.

Here's the week:



It seems like my family is always on stage. Not the case. Though one could argue our entire lives are lived as if we are on stage, such is the drama level in my home. (Kidding, Dan!)

Aidan is presentlly enrolled in the IB program and her arts class is theater. They did a night of Shakespeare and my God, that child is good on stage. Of course Cole rocked the stage last week. I am the only one in this family who have never been in a show. Never say never, right?



I still really love using journal cards with type. It really does let me write more of our stories each week. Sure, I'll mix in handwriting, but it's really more of a wordiness than anything. I can't say as much when I scrawl it in. That's a fact.

And that is all I wrote for Week 6.

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Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Six

4 Comments on “Project Life, Week Six”

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    love the pages. ๐Ÿ™‚ the bit of type on each photo is great. i am curious about the website that you found so inspiring. care to share what it was?

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    Hi Cathy,
    Gorgeous work once again. I seriously, SERIOUSLY love the “Frosty” that looks awesome.
    Thanks for your continued inspiration.

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