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Registration is now open for my new 4Experts Class, Clean & Simple: The Workshop.

This 12-week class is all about taking the plunge into the world of hybrid scrapbook page design with me, Cathy Zielske, as your guide and fearless leader.

With Photoshop Elements as your key tool, each week we’ll be creating layouts that combine the best of what the digital world can offer to the paper and glue scrapbook realm. 

I’ve been using my computer from the very start, combining design expertise with meaningful stories and content to develop and refine my style. 

Design + technology + heart. These three things are at the very core of my memory keeping philosophy and approach, and throughout this workshop, I’m going to hopefully inspire you to really immerse yourself in the process I call Clean & Simple.

This class is very different from any I’ve offered before. Yes, there will be a ton of design education. Yes, there will be a ton of detailed, step-by-step video instruction. But I’ve always wanted to simply show people how I do what I do. This class gives me the opportunity to do just that.

I’ve fielded a number of emails asking: I’m a paper scrapper. Is this a class for me? To which I answer: I’m a paper scrapper, too! But what has geeked me out the most about scrapbooking since Day 1 was that I could use my computer to design and create the way I wanted to; that I could use digital tools and yet still be able to cut and paste and play. 

This is not a class with sketches and measurements. This is a class that will challenge you to try new approaches. And hopefully, this is a class that will build your digital skills so that when you have an idea swirling around your brain, you’ll be able to put it into action and onto your scrapbook pages.

This is also a class where content and story matter. I believe the opportunity to explore all facets of our lives is one of the coolest aspects of this amazing hobby. In Clean & Simple, we will do just that each week.

I also believe that mastering digital processes opens up a whole world of creative possibilities for the traditional, paper-loving scrapbooker. It’s my goal with this workshop to share my knowledge of this process with you.

We’re doing 8.5 x 11 pages; we’re doing 12 x 12 pages. Each week, regardless of the size, the focus is on processes that will stay with you long after the workshop is over.

Photoshop beginners are welcome to this class—both Mac and PC users. There is a PreClass Video and practice templates awaiting you upon registration. It will give you an overview of the key processes you’ll be using. I promise that Photoshop is not scary. You just need to take a deep breath and remember: there’s always the Undo Command.

How is this class different from Design Your Life? DYL was broken down into design principles for each week, with corresponding assignments, based in paper scrapbooking with some printable elements. In this class, we break down each assignment from a design standpoint, but the focus will be on using digital tools (computers and Photoshop) to create real-world pages. This class is not about using the photos you have sitting on your scrapbook table. It’s about building the page digitally, and breaking it all apart to create truly custom end results. 

There’s aren’t many supplies needed for this class. A stack of white cardstock, a circle punch, a corner rounder…some basic scrapbooking supplies. That said, you do need to be able to print assignment elements at home, and it’s going to be a lot easier if you have the ability to print photos at home as well. Note: if you can’t print your photos at home, you will simply order from your usual photo printing service but keep in mind you may not have as much control over the process.

Another bonus in this class: you’ll get the opportunity for a private, online screening of a new full-length, yet-to-be-released scrapbooking documentary by film maker Tory Jeffay. The film features me and Stacy Julian, as well as the founder of Creative Memories and other women connected to the industry. 

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them in the comments today. 

To register, or for more information, click on the banner below!

Cathy ZielskeRegistration is now open for Clean & Simple: The Workshop

58 Comments on “Registration is now open for Clean & Simple: The Workshop”

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    I can see your excited about this class Cathy, sounds amazing and fun. The little peek of Aidan is cute and love the colors you used.

    I don’t have photoshop so will have to pass on this COOL class!! Congrats on getting to teach in this way that makes you happy! I’ve always loved your clean/simple layouts!!

  2. #3

    I am excited for this class– I just love your instructional have such a great way of teaching and explaining!

  3. #4

    After a break away from scrap booking, for too long to mention, this sounds exactly what I need. Cant we bring forward the start date lol. 🙂

  4. #6

    Hi Cathy,

    I LOVE your clean and simple design!

    I’d like to join your workshop but have a few questions yet.

    I’ve read your books (and look at them again an again), follow your blog, took your DYL class and have most of your items and templates you offer at Designer Digitals.
    Still I’ve learned so much about Design, thank you so much!

    Fot that I wonder if there will be new templates and tips at this workshop and I wonder if I could join it though I scrapbook always and only digtial.

    Thank you for your answer.

  5. #7
    Denise Hubbard

    Can hardly wait for this class to start!! SUPER, SUPER excited!! Thank you so much for offering this class!!

  6. #8

    I am all-digi, too. I was hoping for an all-digi option. Maybe this will inspire me to jump back into my paper stash a little, although I really dislike printing photos at home 🙂

  7. #9

    Hello Susanne, thanks for your question. The assignments and templates are all new for this workshop. You could totally do this all digitally. Some templates are provided fully layered (with some optional layer stuff for digi scrappers); other parts include customizing PNGs and other art files to build your page. So on some weeks, you would have to build the page yourself, adding in the elements Im providing, if that makes sense. Youd just go the digital route. Hope that answers your question!

  8. #10

    Hey Laurel, digi scrappers can join this class. Most of the assignments start as digital templates, however some would have to be assembled using digital components (pngs and other art files.) However, some assignments are truly designed for hybrid output. : ) I only suggest printing at home for ease of production on the students part; also because sometimes, when you send something out to print, the printers accomodate for edge to edge printing and elements will print slightly larger than intended. : ) Hope that answers your question!

  9. #11
    Lee Currie

    I signed up for the bundle months ago to make sure I wouldn’t miss it. Cannot wait to start! I may actually get some pages done this year 🙂

  10. #14

    Very excited to do this class. Loved your CKU Scraphic Design, reread your books often and LOVED the DYL class. I will be sitting in the front row for this new class. Bring it on!

  11. #15

    How certain are you, on a scale of 1 to 10, that someone with tech challenges (me) can pull this off? Because this is what I’ve wanted since I saw my first CZ layout. I couldn’t deal with the disappointment if the class ends up being over my head. I’d never recover.

  12. #16

    Hi Cathy!
    I’m very interested in your class (have loved the other ones I’ve taken), but have a couple of questions:

    Will the assignments be content specific – meaning will you have something like, “This week’s assignment is to do a layout about your kid’s current interests” or something like that? Or will it be more like “Here’s the design for a 12×12 layout – do it on whatever you like”?

    Also how much will I miss and/or not be able to do because I have PSE 8 instead of the newest version?

    Thanks so much for your time!

  13. #17

    This class looks wonderful! Good to know about it a few weeks up front, so I can try to scrape the funds together for it. 🙂

  14. #18

    Will the Rad Lab discount apply as soon as we register or only when the class actually starts? I’ve been thinking about buying it, so here’s a perfect incentive!

  15. #20

    Sounds awesome! I’m wondering how much we’ll be able to dip into a stash of patterned paper and embellishments. I’m hoping to use some of the fun (paper scrapping) supplies I’ve built up. Thanks!

  16. #21

    Ive just watched the pre class presentation and have learnt so much already! I love your presentation style, looking forward to the class starting.

  17. #22

    If I have to drive down to the Bayou to make you see the light, I will. Trust me. (Disclaimer: me driving to your house for personal lessons is not included in the class fee. But wouldnt that be awesome if it was?)

  18. #23

    Dina, yes, they will be content specific, but not so specific that if I tell you to make a page about your cat, and you dont have a cat, that you cant choose another subject. : ) In fact, most assignments will have options as to what and who you scrapbook about.

    PSE 8 is perfect for this class. It has everything you need. Its when you get lower than PSE 5 that there are a few features (draggable guides, which I use all the time when I design) are not available, or the cool Convert to Black and White command. : ) I wish I could cover all versions all the time, but actually, you have the same processes in pretty much all the versions!

  19. #26

    Kelly, its up to you! I did not buy any new product to complete my class assignments. I really wanted to just use what I have on hand! : )

  20. #28
    Abby P.

    I’m pretty up with the digi, but I just wanted to say how much like you Aiden looks! She’s such a cutie!

  21. #31

    YAY! YAY! YAY! I have been waiting soooooo patiently for another one of your fantastic and inspiring design classes! And I am soooooo excited that this will include PSE and traditional scrapping together! Thank you so much for taking the time to put all of this together for a class! Signing up now!

  22. #32

    I have the full version of photoshop and not elements. How will that work with this class? I downloaded a trial of elements at one stage and it seemed quite different.

  23. #34

    I’ve never participated in one of your classes but I’m excited about this one! I love traditional scrapping but have wanted to take the plunge into digital.
    I do have a question though, I will be traveling for 2 weeks in May and won’t have access to a computer or internet. Will this be a problem? Will I have access to the class information when I get home? And, do the classes build on each other putting me behind the others?
    I really hopes this works out!!!!!

  24. #36

    I have been wanting to switch to digital scrapping and have a MacBook. What would I need to purchase in order to be ready to take the class, just Photo Shop Elements? Is that an easy program to learn/use? Will it work to take this as a beginning digital scrapper?

  25. #37

    Yes! Honestly, if you need any extra help, I can easily give the alternate commands etc. Many of the things we do are very similar. : ) I use full Photoshop in my work, so I can attest to this. : )

  26. #38

    I will be using 10, as 11 is so new and all. However, the commands are pretty much all the same. The only thing different about 11 is where the palettes appear. But the tools and palettes have the same names, pretty much!

  27. #39

    You will have permanent access to the class materials, to work through at your own pace! Hope that answers your question! You just catch up when you get back!

  28. #40

    Yes, PSE is all you would need to have. But keep in mind, the idea of this class is to show you how to digitally scrap to create hybrid pages. : ) I do have a very basics intro video (about 45 minutes long) in the PreClassroom to give you an idea of the basic things you should be familiar with before starting. Hope this helps!

  29. #42
    MaryAnn Perry

    Wahoo!!! I’m so excited! I just finished listening to your audio message… this is the class I’ve been waiting for you to teach!!! I’m on my way to sign up..

    One question….
    with Rad Lab… don’t you need to have full photoshop or do they actions for PSE? If they have actions for PSE my whole week will be made! I might fly all the way to Minnesota and hug you!!!

  30. #45

    I’m so excited!! I loved DYL and ever since I have wanted to learn hybrid scrapbooking. Can’t wait for class to start!

  31. #47

    Rad Lab the plug in works with PSE! I have it loaded in mind. Works like a charm! But you may want to check with Totally Rad to ensure what version it is compatible with. : )

  32. #48
    Kathleen S.

    So do I absolutely have to have PS to take the class? I took DYL using other software, and it worked fine. Can I adapt this class, too? DYL was a turning point, and I’d be really bummed to miss this class.

  33. #49

    Kathleen, I would say yes, because I am not familiar with how you adapted via other software. We are doing so many processes in PSE and I cannot recommend it to anyone who doesnt have it. : ( Sorry!

  34. #50
    Kim B

    Good to know that PSE 8 will work, because that’s what I have also. I was afraid that I might have to buy a new version.

  35. #52

    Kathleen, I would say you could take it at your own risk, if that makes sense, but I really dont want to encourage anyone to spend money on something that wont be a great fit. : ) Know what I mean?

  36. #53

    Thanks, Cathy. I took advantage of the BPC bundle, so I’ll be joining you and going the digi-route. Can’t wait for class.

  37. #54

    Cathy, love your style and tutorials, but I mainly do Project Life, not traditional spreads….will I be able to adapt this class to PL?

  38. #55

    Hey Jesse, I would say no, only because it is a layout based workshop. Of course, the skills you take away you could use to make Project Life stuff, but, its not geared towards Project Life per se.

  39. #57

    Hi, Cathy! I am excited to sign up for your class. I do need to purchase PSE and am wondering which you would recommend…version 10 or version 11?? Thanks a bunch!!

  40. #58

    Jane, are you a new user? If so, I would say get version 10, because that is what I am teaching the class in. Even though 11 has the exact same features, they redesigned it and now it looks different. If youre a new user, it might be hard to get used to that at first!

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