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I first blogged about the iPhone in 2007 when I first caught wind of its impending release.

For all my insane fan girl longing, I didn't actually own an iPhone until July 2011 on account of that whole AT&T exclusivity thing (Verizon girl here) and being frugal and constantly talking myself out of actually needing one. (And yes, I documented that fateful, joyout day here.)

Long story short: when my iPhone 4 became eligible for an upgrade, I beat a swift path to the Apple Store, credit card and giddiness in hand.


It's so light. So thin. So sexy. I am yet again in love.

Although I didn't need the upgrade, I am really looking forward to the improved quality of the camera, especially considering how many photos I take for my Project Life album using my phone.

And speaking of photos, today I want to show you a cool little app called PicTapGo, from my favorite photo filter makers, Totally Rad.

Here's a short video showing you how it works.


I used Totally Rad Actions on all of my photos that I shoot with my Canon 5D. I primarily use Rad Lab, and what's so great about PicTapGo! is that it feels just like Rad Lab. 

Here's a very short video I made using a new fun app called Reflector that lets me screencast my iPhone screen.

PicTapGo Demo from CZ Design from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Remember: freakishly long arms and a high shooting angle. Thank you.



Cathy ZielskeI choo choose you!

35 Comments on “I choo choose you!”

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    kelly sill

    HI Cathy! I just saw this app a few days ago and have been resisting buying it because I am trying to simplify all of the apps on my phone! Like you, Instagram and Diptic are my faves and use them daily. I am also a fan of Afterglow. But now, after watching your video I will be downloading it today! I can’t wait to upgrade to an iPhone 5 when we move back to the States this summer. That Reflector app is pretty cool too. I’ve always wondered how people record their screens from their iPhones. Is that the same idea for recording tutorials from the computer for online classes? Very curious about this! Thanks for the insight!


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    I love my iPhone 5 sure you will too, love the little view into how you use the app. I’d definitely consider getting it now, thanks!

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    Steph H.

    I’ve had the iPhone 5 since last November and it is freaking AWESOME! Not sure how I lived my life without the iPhone, but I am amazed at what it can do. Thank you for the app recommendation! I can’t wait to try it out. πŸ˜€

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    Reflector just lets me see my phone. I record using ScreenFlow, though Reflector has a recording function. However, I couldnt figure out how to add sound to it. : )

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    It does feel great right. . .

    Like you, after desperately wanting the iPhone for 2 years I finally got my first one (3GS) in 2010 and made the leap from Verizon to AT&T to do it! I’ve been in love ever since. I still find it amazing that there is so much I can do with a device that fits into my hand.

    I recently upgraded to the iPhone 5 about a month ago and even though I didn’t think I could love a phone more than I already had, it’s a new slick, slim and super fast kinda love–thanks Steve Jobs.

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    Sue SG

    My hubby took advantage of my normally cheap self being all hopped up on muscle relaxers (back is out from too much bar exam studying, retail work and not enough yoga) to sweet talk me into upgrading our 4’s to 5’s. We got the sexy white ones too and I am LOVING it. Such a difference in look, feel and photo quality.

    And a HUGE TY for pointing out that awesome app. I bought it the minute I saw you mention it was live on your facebook page. It makes my iphone photos good enough for my blog and my PL album!

    Fangirl of Apple and CZ foreva!

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    Hi Cathy I use the reflector app as well for my app reviews and I love it. My iPhone 5 is a huge love for me and she is baby I buy her pretty clothes and she is always with me. In other words I can totally relate to your love for the iPhone. The pic tap go looks like a cool app and I am going to have to go ahead and download it now.

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    jenn shurkus

    ok. you made me do it. i downloaded pic tap go- after seeing lots of people using it, and you were the final push πŸ™‚ also thanks for letting us know about reflector!

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    Cathy, your story sounds so much like me. As much as I lusted for iPhone, I’m a Verizon gal so had to wait (and wait and wait) till Verizon finally got it. I’m still using iPhone 4 with my upgrade date in April (mostly because I swapped upgrade dates to get our daughter iPhone for Xmas….oh well). Can’t wait to get 5 plus give a couple of these photo apps a try.

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    Judy Webb

    Thank you for this introduction. For the first time, I am soon updating to Iphone. Being 73 yrs old, I am over come with what you can do with these small computers even though they call it phone. It is more powerful than my first 3 or 4 computers all together.

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    Liz Ann Bagger

    Hi Cathy – Speaking of iphones and Project Life: What was (is?) the app you use to make your notes about what you are doing throughout the day? I remember you mention it in one post, and I can’t find it on your blog.


    (p.s. how you use it could also be a useful screencast as well)

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    Oh stop it. I didn’t get an iPhone until January 2012. Which means I have to wait a WHOLE ‘NOTHER YEAR before I can upgrade (cheaply). My mom picked up the 5 in November and I’m already jealous. Of course by the time I can upgrade the 6 will probably be just around the corner so I’ll wait for that and you can all be jealous of me. πŸ™‚

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    Juli P

    Snooping at your various app selections is fun!
    Please tell me more about this Paprika app. I just peeked at it in the app store, but would love some actual user info on it.
    From what I can tell, it is EXACTLY what I am looking for….just curious about that.

    I’m totally shocked you wouldn’t have spent the money on pole dancing lessons!


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    I love my iPhone 5, like you I had the iPhone 4 and the picture quality is hugely superior. It really does take beautiful photos. I’m going to check out the apps you suggested, not used anything like them before so thanks for the tip & the video!

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    ooohhh! so jealous. I would love an iPhone for the camera alone. But I don’t NEED a smartphone, let alone the iPhone 5 and I can’t get myself to justify the upfront and monthly cost. Someday. I keep telling myself by then the technology & camera will be out of this world, and the prices will be lower. A girl can dream πŸ™‚

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    Janine Rutherford

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPhone 5!!! Hubby bought me one for Christmas. Love using the panorama option for scenic and fun shots, and for the person who is shall we say, ‘directionally challenged’, I have a new friend with me in the car giving me directions when I need them – awesome!! In fact I asked him for a new map book as my one is 13 years old, and he bought me the iPhone 5 instead – gotta love him πŸ™‚

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    I downloaded PicTapGo when it went live…thanks to your suggestion a few weeks ago. I LOVE IT! I do use AfterGlow to crop and sharpen a bit first if needed, and I am having SO much fun playing.

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    Oh I ADORE that app. I bought it for my computer, iPad and iPhone. That way, when i download something to Paprika while im on my computer, it copies through iCloud to the phone and the iPad. I use the iPad on a stand in my kitchen when im cooking. I use the iPhone for my grocery lists (it will generate a list for each recipe you have). It is the best!

    I have been slowly moving all of my recipes into Paprika.

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    Juli P

    I just read an in depth user review (http://www.thekitchn.com/paprika-product-review-183362) and it totally sold me on it! I just hate having all these random recipes all over! and that whole grocery list thing….SOLD! I’ll be purchasing that app when I get home. Unfortunately, I’m a PC, so I won’t have the luxury of using it on the computer, but iPad and iPhone are enough for me to love it!
    Thanks for the info.

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    Congrats! Rumor has it that you lose the unlimited downloads when you upgrade – is it true??? πŸ™‚

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    It is true. But honestly? Ive never even come close to 1GB of data in the two years Ive had my other phone, so I figured it wouldnt be a big deal. : )

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    Love PicTapGo as well. Last night I took some photos of my daughter in her bedroom and the lighting is less than optimal. With pictapgo i was able to not only make it look awesome, but also I created a “recipe” from the first photo, then was able to apply it to the others with one tap. seriously cool! just like radlab! I also like Diptic, I was using VSCO and Camera + a lot to try to brighten photos before going to Instagram, I think I’ll be using PicTapGo the most now. But I do really like the timer camera options in the Camera + app. I also use Collect to keep track of my Project Life photos, selfie project, family photos, etc and use it in Project Life too. Works for me. Really liked the screencast! once again, you rock Cathy Z!

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    I love Paprika, it is the best. Have it on all my iDevices as well. I use it to meal plan, make grocery lists and also rate recipes so I don’t copy and make it again if we didn’t like it.

    I also love Day One and use it for Project Life. Days activities, comments made by the kids, etc.

    I downloaded PicTapGo just now and can’t wait to try it out! Thanks a ton.

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