Parental rock n' roll pride

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My kids' school does this thing twice a year called Coffee House. It's an evening of music and entertainment and any student can sign up and perform.

Aidan has participated in this several times, and Cole has joined in for 2013. I wanted to share a video clip of one of Cole's performances in a band called The Tickle Bros. 

They do a cover of Weezer's Say It Ain't So and they pretty much rock the thing out. But what is so crazy is that I didn't know Cole could play drums. He's got a bass and a guitar, but there is no drum set in our basement. And I guess my main question is: when did he learn to go all Dave Grohl?

I seriously got tears in my eyes watching him up there.

Even Aidan said she had no idea her little brother could do this.

At 1:35 he kicks it into high gear. 

The kid plays big. That's all I'm saying.

And at 4:05, he adds a nice little rock 'n roll, devil may care touch.

Plus, the other kids he's playing with are super cool kids. 

I'm not sure how many of you out there watched Dave Grohl's keynote address at the South by Southwest Conference. I was glued to it and couldn't help but think, all young aspiring musicians should watch his talk.

You never know when the next Dave Grohl is living right under your roof.

The Tickle Bros from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Coley, you totally rock. 


Cathy ZielskeParental rock n' roll pride

46 Comments on “Parental rock n' roll pride”

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    Kendra B

    O. M. G. They TOTALLY rock!! Go Cole!!!! (love when he throws the sticks up in the air lol) So, did you ask him when and where he learned to play????

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    mary e.

    amazing what our teens can do when we have NO idea, isn’t it?

    that’s a VERY scary thought, isn’t it? EXCEPT when it’s Cole smashing it on the set! (to borrow from my drummin son’s lingo).

    seriously cool Cole!

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    Martha Moring

    This was TOTALLY AWESOME!! I can’t imagine how proud and mesmerized you had to have felt watching this. Is that you I hear at the very end laugh when he tosses those drums sticks and exits??!

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    laura kate

    This makes me happy in multiple ways.
    A) Cole is rocking it out like a badass. Especially with that exit.
    B) I sang this in my 7th-9th grade cover band!!! (Although at the time it was a recently released song…)

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    This is so awesome! My son who’s about the same age just started a band with a few of his friends (they’re all girls, though). When he chose the bass, it made his professional jazz bassist father so proud. The band hasn’t made it through a whole song yet, but I have faith! If Cole is anything like Ethan, I think drums are just easy for natural musicians. Ethan can pretty much pick up any instrument and figure it out.

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    Thank you for sharing their performance! They rocked it. What a great performance by the Tickle Bros. It’s awesome that their school supports this kind of performance. Great work, Cole!

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    wow! I’ve always felt that Cole was not your average boy, but he truly ROCKS! thank you for sharing him with us <3

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    I think the performance was awesome. I also awesome that he let you share this with us all. Hope he is as proud of himself as we are all of him.

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    Way to go, Cole! That’s so awesome! I’m slightly envious, I always wanted to learn drums! That’s kinda cool that he managed to learn how to play without any of you knowing, that would be something awesome to surprise people with!

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    Karen Freeman

    Yes I concur “Coley, you totally rock”
    Not that I am allowed to call you Coley just that I agree that your friends and you were simply cool and rocked it. Congras on an awesome performance and shocking your family with your tremendous talent and cool moves. Love that you finished on a little note of your own – doesn’t surprise me though having read so much abouot your musical talnets since you were a young thing. Lol. All the best. Karen from New Zealand

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