Project Life, Week Eleven

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OBSERVATIONS: I'm writing this from Day 4 of my sick bed. (Yes, I am purposely doing this to elicit sympathy. Thank you.) And in fact, I documented the start of said sickness in Week Eleven of Project Life.

Yes, nothing like using a Mini Minimal template to document your ills (see below). Last week also included glasses shopping, fresh haircuts and a coffee house concert at my kids' school. Here are my pages:



I should also point out Dan in the awesome green vintage sweater. That was his St. Paddy's Day get up. He blended right in with the St. Paul revelers.


If you're wondering what the grainy, creepy photo is all about on the first page, here's the explanation:


Here's the weekly recap:


And that's all I wrote for Week Eleven.



Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Eleven

25 Comments on “Project Life, Week Eleven”

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    Hope you are feeling better ASAP ! Big hugs of health being sent your way…. And Cole was so cool playing on the drums… Get that kit! ๐Ÿ™‚ what did Aidan sing ?

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    That was interesting you documented your glass purchases. I did the same thing this past week. My head shots were not quite a good as yours! I’m still looking.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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    Hi Cathy,
    I bought these cute QR code stickers at Joann Fabric called (They were located with the Smash stuff.) The instructions say “Peel off the magic sticker and place it in your scrapbook. Use your phone or computer to create a connection.” I haven’t tried it yet, but Cole’s really big show would make a great test case!

    I hope you are feeling better!

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    Krissy R

    Was going to suggest a QR code too, but Chris-Ellyn beat me to it ๐Ÿ™‚ I googled ‘free QR code’ and found a side that will generate one for you from your link. I had posted my daughter’s Kindergarten program video on YouTube, so I made a QR link to that, and printed the code out and put it on a 3×4 code. Or you could burn the video to DVD and put the disc in on of the PL pocket pages.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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    Hey Cathy,

    Would you mind answering a quick typography question? I love your week in review card. You do a lot of journaling, but it’s still very readable. What font, font size and space between lines (I forget the term for that) do you use? Thank you!

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    Abby P.

    Hope you’re feeling better – being sick sucks! Got a question: I bought your No.13 Everyday J-Card set on DD, and they won’t unzip – no help from DD, I’ve tried it on 2 PCs, and all of the other sets I bought downloaded and unzipped with no problem. I love this set – anyway you can help me?

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    Abby P.

    Whoops! DD DID e-mail me – hubby put the e-mail in the trash inadvertently! Still can’t download/unzip these babies for some reason…anyone else having trouble with No. 13 J-Cards??

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    You’re spread looks good, Cathy! Sorry to hear your not feeling well, it’s never fun to be sick, and I don’t blame you for wanting sympathy! I hope you feel better soon though! And that story about your hubby in the church roof does sound a little creepy… Burrows in insulations does not sound like a good thing, and I’d be left wondering what little creatures were living up there too!

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    Kirsten J

    Awwww….feel better soon. I hope it’s not the Plague that we had visit our house. My Valentine’s Day was spent with me on the couch downstairs, and hubby in bed upstairs. I completely lost my voice and got laryngitis and a sinus/eye infection. And seriously, the doctor said my cough would last for a month and my voice would be the last thing to come back. One month later, I have the last little bit of it left. God. Awful.
    How did your Project Life post become my sickness whine?
    And ewww about the creepy critters – Dan is making his place in Heaven for doing that duty, I tell ya!

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    Um, excuse me? Fox Mulder was hot? Fox Mulder IS hot. Always will be. (Go find that girl the David D teacup photos…uh, in 5 years.)

    I love to include video with QR codes. I do worry that eventually they’ll be obsolete. But at least they’re there for now. My kids LOVE to scan them and see what pops up. Like Papa playing the school fight song on the kazoo.

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    I love this week’s fun stories and awesome photos. WOW, how awesoem that Dan does that. I wonder if anyone does that at our chuch, will have to ask. His green totally ROCKS!! I love your PL more and more Cathy!!

    Saw your post below on Cole, that is kid is awesome and truly one of a kind. How lucky to have him in your family. Life would be boring for you I bet without him around. LOVE the video, thanks soooo much for sharing it. I’m not that surprised though, the boy has loved music since he was tiny. I have seen and kept the layouts you’ve done of him rockin!!

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    Omg, The Tickle Bros performance was fantastic! Love his grand exit. You and Dan must be so proud, heck, I am proud and I don’t even know him! Amazing!

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