Project Life, Week Nine

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OBSERVATIONS: Hello March! March is known 'round these parts as Birthday Month. Dan, Aidan and yours truly all share birthdays with this most Spring-y of months. (Mine is on Friday, for those keeping track, but don't worry, I'll remind you.)

Let's take a closer look-see, shall we?


This week I continued with a Design D page protector, going more vertical again with photos and journaling cards. I like mixing it up a bit. It reminds me I really do like portrait orientation.

I also like my new phone! Many of the shots this week come from the new phone.


This week, I also went a bit more digi on my photos. I used my Grid Labels by placing them digitally, directly on the photo files you see above, and then just printed the photos out. Sometimes I like printing them out and pasting them down; sometimes, no.



My Journal Cards set comes with two vertical 4 x 6 cords as well, for those of you who like to mix up your pages as well. To learn how these cards work, I have a video you can watch here.

Another thing I did this week was add a layout to the spread. I was inspired by seeing Ali Edwards use my Story Guide No. 01 template, so I decided to do a page about Aidan this week. I've done one about Cole back in 2011, so I figured Aidan was due.


Like Ali, I just kept it super simple, and then printed it out onto photo paper. I plan to do one on Cole this week, and put in in the back side of the page protector. Keep in mind: you can alter or tweak the questions to suit your subject. The layout uses a free font and comes with links so you can download them and get the same look.


I also used some of the photo flags from my free set. Download those by clicking here here.

And that is all I wrote for Week Nine.



Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Nine

27 Comments on “Project Life, Week Nine”

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    Alright, I have adored your daughter for years! Admiring her style and just, well, her in general! Right up until I saw the photo of her wearing that Chicago Cubs hat!!! AGH!! Doesn’t she know she would look smashing in a Cincinnati REDS one!! πŸ˜‰ Yes, it’s that time of year where the baseball fever starts to take hold! Good luck to your Cubbies!!

  2. #8

    LOVE seeing this weeks’ pages!! Love them as always, just seeing your pages makes me a little sorry that I switched to a smaller style. I’m finally getting the hand of mine and enjoy it but a teeny part SCREAMS CHANGE IT BACK AND DO IT JUST LIKE CATHY’S!! LOVE your style and COLORS!!

    Great pictures this week, love seeing you and Dan in there, he’s so handsome and fun in his pictures! GO AIDAN!! HELLO iphone 5, YIPPEEE!!
    Happy Birthday to all of you, enjoy this month of celbrations!! Our birthday month is April, so fun to have a month of celebrations!
    Have a great week, stay warm and enjoy the snow!

  3. #9
    Shanon Gibson

    I love seeing Aiden’s survey! I love that she loves the West Wing (hands down one of my most favorite dramas in the history of television!). I am worried about the future generations and how so many young kids are punks, but seeing this reassures me that there are young people who care and strive to be good citizens and people!

  4. #11
    Heather V

    Happy birth month! I’m all for eking out as much celebration time as possible, why not celebrate all month? And can I just say that I think Aidan is awesome? Also, I want her secret to living a stress-free life.

    My boyfriend works in politics and LOVES “The West Wing” – it shows up on our screen a lot.

  5. #12

    Friday, March 1 was New iPhone Day for me too! My contract was finally up and I could upgrade to the newest camera (and phone). Siri has already copped an attitude with me, and I love sending voice text messages, just because I can. It’s also MY birthday month!

    Love your projects! Love the inspiration!

  6. #14

    I love your style – so cool!

    So OK, While driving around running errands (and singing along to my favorites tunes), I had an idea. Why don’t you design some cool 3×4 journal cards celebrating music?! Then I can buy them:) And every few weeks when I get a new favorite song or album, I can document it. I think it would be so fun to look back on what I was loving 10 years ago. (Or 20, but who’s counting?) Thanks!

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    Everyone looks great, and Beautiful Aidan. Love everything about your designs, please create more layouts like these; very unique!

  8. #18

    This is my 3rd year with Project Life and I still love it. This year, I have been using your Week in Review cards. These have truly changed my Project Life habits in such a good way. Where my week (2-page spread) felt a bit disjointed before; it is now unified. I have been traveling for work a lot the past few months and PL and the Week in Review cards help me connect to what my kids (6 & 8) are up to and connect them to me. Thank you!

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    Hi Cathy,
    A question and a recommendation for you…..
    Saw that your using the Paprika app ! Your opinion would be gratefully accepted, are you using the version you can load your recipes to?
    To protect your very sexy iPhone5 (loving mine) look at for fab covers, you can even upload your own photo and they create a custom cover.
    love your work
    Jane x

  10. #20

    I LOVE that app. So much that I bought it on my Mac, too. So I have it on my iPad, iPhone and my main computer. It is seamless. You download something right from the web (not all recipes can be downloaded sometimes) but most can. Then you can generate shopping lists. Its such a great app! : )

    Thanks for the recommend. Im a bit stuck on my Speck CandyShell though. Love, love those covers!

  11. #21

    Can you please let me know what printer you use for your pictures?
    I love your work! You are my favorite for years.
    I’m from the Netherlands πŸ™‚

  12. #22

    I presently use an HP Photosmart 8750. Its an older, large formatprinter(kind of pricey) but I have loved the quality over the past 4 years. There are a handful of less expensive HP Photosmart models. Check out HPprinterinfo here:

    Ive also heard great things about the Epson Artisan line of printers. They would also give you great quality. Hope this helps!

  13. #24

    ahh…welll, in that case,we’ll let her slide this time!! πŸ˜‰ Truly Cathy, you’re family is adorable! Happy late birthday also!

  14. #25

    Ooohhh, I love the photo of Aiden with the big A!! And the numbers you zoomed in on… A few months ago I never would have noticed house numbers, but since I’m building a place and get to decided what I want to use for them, I notice everywhere!

    I also love Aiden’s responses to the survey thing… That would be so cool to look back on

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