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OBSERVATIONS: This weeks marks the first week where every single photo came from my phone. I knew it was bound to happen. This iPhone 5 camera is pretty sweet and it’s with me all the time, unless my I haul out my dSLR. I think the shots are pretty decent. One thing that has really changed for me with Project Life is not worrying about having the best quality shots on every spread.

Real life isn’t always about the best quality photos. I’m shooting for real and true as often as possible. So there you go.

Let’s take a look at Week Ten.



Of course, last week was Birthday Week (me and Dan celebrated on the 6th and 8th, respectively), ergo the cupcakes and the lovely birthday series of photos of yours truly.

In an effort to create more of a clean look, I designed a new 4×6/6×4 photo template series called Mini Minimals 01. The set includes 10 photo templates, both landscape and portrait, that present simple collages with common margins, ample white space and a single line of text to add a caption.


Here’s one of the templates featuring a series of iPhone shots taken of some of the gifts Dan and I received for our birthdays. Simple, elegant and a nice way to get several photos on a single 6 x 4.


I also designed a new card set, J-Cards No. 10 Everyday, and used a few of those cards in this week’s spread.


One think I felt compelled to do this week was to capture one of my Comcast Visual Voice Mails. They crack me up. The accuracy is generally horrible. Just try to make sense of this message from my father-in-law, who can be difficult to understand beneath that Minnesota accent in the first place.


I’m really curious as to what he ‘plugged in Iowa.’

On this journal card, I added in a white bar over the dot pattern so I could add a little caption to the card. You can do this easily to any card or file. Here’s a very quick 3-minute tutorial showing you how.

Adding a caption box to a predesigned journal card from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.


If you want to learn how to add text to journal cards, watch this video.

Speaking of adding text to a card, I also used one of my new Life Lists cards to log the media we ingested for the week.


Here’s my recap for the week:


And that is all I wrote for Week Ten.



Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Ten + video tutorial

29 Comments on “Project Life, Week Ten + video tutorial”

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    Love your pages Cathy! Really looking forward to Clean & Simple…3 more weeks!!! I’m starting to use the week in review cards for my weekly spreads…love it!

  2. #2

    I am so very inspired by your pages each week! I have a few questions (ok, I have tons of questions), but I’ll only bother you with one: what size type font is on your Week 10 Week in Review journal card? I have SUCH a hard time deciding what size will be readable when printed, but this looks really good.

  3. #3
    Heather Johnson

    I REALLY like those new templates. Having multiple photos in a 4×6 box wasn’t something I was always crazy about…even though I did it in my layouts…and now I know what I was missing–white space around the edges!

    Love it, off to make another digi supply purchase:)

  4. #5

    THANK YOU for the 4×6 templates!!! I’m doing an all 4×6 Project Life and I’ve been looking for some templates.

    Also, what a great teacher cole has! I bet he never forgets that.

  5. #6

    Love your Project Life, as usual, but I have one burning question:

    What kind of cupcakes??? πŸ˜€

    Looks like at least one red velvet (my Mom’s fave).

  6. #12

    Thank you for making me laugh today. I’m happy to report that you are not the only one experiencing.. what did they say with their dads. I often get off the phone with my dad not understanding a word he said but you have to love them for that too.

  7. #14

    Love the new photo template. I think I own them all :-)Can we get one for 3×4 or would the pics be too small with the white space?

  8. #15

    Iowan here and I too am dying to know what’s being plugged…keep us posted! Love the templates, your Project Life, and your posts!

  9. #16
    Robyn G.

    I just got back from Minnesota/ Mall of America. My daughter wanted to go there for her 13th BD gift. (We’re from PA). Are you close to the mall? There is a great store there called Typo–stationery, a bit of scrapbooking thrown in, gifts, etc. Really cool store based out of Australia..Anyway seemed like it would be someplace you would like!

  10. #17

    Hey Cathy. I have a quick question. I found the video tutorial on using weather screen shots in your PL. do you follow the same process for screen shots of text messages. Also at the end of the message you suggest creating a 4×6 canvas before uploading to a print service. Is this a third layer that you just keep blank.

  11. #18

    I think I figured out the 4×6 question on my own so never mind. Thank you for all the PL inspiration. You rock!!!!

  12. #22

    Ok, Cathy, I just have to share this really fun story after you posted about the e-cloths…

    So I went to to look for them, and while I was browsing, I clicked through the “Customers who bought this also bought…” list. Nothing but cleaning items except for this one: “Project Life Core Kit”. I had to smile… The power of scrapbook blogs… πŸ™‚

  13. #24

    I’m from Aust, and have to agree with the awesomeness of Typo!! I can’t go past there without at least on new item coming home with me!

  14. #25

    Yet again, I love what you’ve done with your page πŸ™‚

    The story about Cole’s teacher is awesome… I wish I had teachers that cool! You’re cupcakes look amazing as well!!

  15. #28

    I didn’t catch your reply because I ran off to score a cupcake. Cherry Limeade. Wasn’t bad! But I still wondered, so thanks for the reply πŸ˜€

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