All aboard the bullet train

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This girl turned 17 last Friday.

My girlie is 17. 

Something about 17 sounds older. More serious. More real, as in, "She's really not going to live here with us forever" real.

17 means college is around the next corner, and that college will very likely not actually be around the next corner, but around the next corner in another state.

I'm so grateful for the relationship I have with this young woman. Believe me. I do count my lucky stars for it. I cultivate it every single day.

(I also thank my therapist for helping me to be a better parent to this young woman, but that's a story for another day.)

Look at you, Aidan. Look at you.


Cathy ZielskeAll aboard the bullet train

22 Comments on “All aboard the bullet train”

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    laura g.

    what a sweet post! seems like yesterday i was looking at your layouts of a little girl in Simple Scrapbooks magazine…sigh…you are blessed!!

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    6 more months and my youngest will be there too. Fortunately we have a couple more years of school in the UK before she heads off to University x

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    Tammy B

    Aidan is such a beautiful young women! If I had a daughter like her, I would be proud, too. My oldest son will be 18 next month, graduating in June and just started driving. Things seem to be moving way too fast right now!

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    Such a gorgeous girl! My daughter is 10, and we are entering a new territory called hormones. It’s tough. I hope I’m lucky enough to have such an amazing teenager. πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday, Aidan!

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    It is amazing how we grow up with our children. Good luck to all with the changes that are taking place in your lives!

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    My daughter, my only child, is four years away from college. When I think about it, I gasp and can’t imagine what life is going to be like. This parenting stuff is hard!

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    Melanie L.

    Such a sweet post. My oldest turned 17 last October. He’s trying to decide now where he’ll be going to college next year. I’ll miss him terribly. Aidan is such a beautiful girl!

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    Mine are 17, about to turn 21 (1 week) and 22 and about to (gasp!) GRADUATE from COLLEGE! I am SO right there with you…

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    And BOOM!! They’re suddenly adults!! How does that happen?! Happy Birthday Aidan!! And I have to add, I love how you rock the red lipstick!! That shows great confidence!!

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    Lisa R

    My “baby” girl is turning 18 in 10 days and college bound in just a few months ~ A college that will probably be on the opposite coast than where we currently live πŸ™ The phrase “I will miss her” doesn’t even begin to describe how I will feel. I am blessed by her and our close relationship!

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    Wait, what? My son keeps standing next to me to see if he is any closer to being as tall as I am. I told my husband when that day comes, I’m buying a pair of high heels. Ha!

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    I feel like I have seen her grow so much from the very 1st class I took from you at CKU. Hope Aidan has a wonderful 18th. Congrats to yourself for being a great mama and getting her to that point in life.

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    Abby P.

    They’re only “ours” for such a short time…my boys are 16 & 20, so I totally get it. Lucky for me, we’ve suggested they live at home long enough to save enough $$ to buy a condo/townhouse and rent it out. Gotta do what we gotta do to help our kids live the American Dream…

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    Holy. Freak. Out. When I starting reading your blog, you wrote about Miss One-Three. How can that have been four years ago!?! Seriously, where has the time gone? My oldest will turn one-three next month and I know it’s going to be bittersweet. Because now I realize that in the blink of an eye, she will be turning one-seven as well. Happy Wonderful Birthday to your baby girl.

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    Love these pictures, she is beautiful Cathy!! I love when you write about her, such a sweet, strong, smart young woman she is. You’ve done a great job raising her. They do grow up quick, a little to quick for us moms. I hope she doesn’t go to far for college and I know she will be home for lots of visits.

    Happy Birthday Aidan!

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