An interview about parenting, featuring—wait for it, because it might shock you—me

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I was recently invited to do an interview with Nest&Launch, a new site devoted to exploring the world of mid-stage parenting. 

It was a really great opportunity for me to put into writing my philosophy for parenting. I only wish I had that I had taken this approach much sooner in my life with children. 

I've written about the work I've done on my marriage in this space, but I didn't expect to learn so much about how to be a better parent during the process of marriage counseling. And not just a better parent, but a parent who works to give my children what they truly need—acknowledgement, competency, limits and love. I only have them under this roof for such a short time. Every day is an opportunity to do what is needed. I don't always hit that mark every day, but more and more often I find that I do. 

You can read the interview here. Nest&Launch is a site I plan to continue to check in with. I think they've got something special starting up over there.

Here's to parenting in the mid-stage years.

Cathy ZielskeAn interview about parenting, featuring—wait for it, because it might shock you—me

23 Comments on “An interview about parenting, featuring—wait for it, because it might shock you—me”

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    I really shouldn’t have because I really have no time to spare but I took the time to read the article… it resonates so much… I spend way too much time working at home (I’m a teacher and I have to grade papers and prepare courses at home) much to my kids’dismay who are growing up in front of me and it sometimes strikes me, as if I had been blind for a while… I need to keep this in mind. Thanks Cathy

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    I’ll read that site again, glad to find resources for mid-stage parenting. What an apt title for this phase of life. Your comment, about being aware of time as we all get older, aptly describes our family situation.

    Thanks for the perspective!

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    Great interview Cathy, thanks for sharing! My husband and I were just commenting that we’ve had a really easy ride with our two teen boys, but lately it’s been a little dicey. My 17 year old son is going to jr. prom with a date, but they are also going to dinner pre prom with a group that includes some bad characters. So we’ve been discussing strategies with him to avoid bad situations. And we’re still negotiating the after prom party … ahhhh. But thanks to your advice, I realize that I need to spend less time worrying and more time appreciating that he is an awesome dude.

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    Jen Higgins

    I loved your interview and the idea of a parenting blog for parents with older kids! My daughter is 9.5 and an only child. She’s not so little anymore and is maturing into a really cool person. I just don’t identify with the “Mommy Blogs” that are about diapers and preschool and and how crazy life is with littles, but Nest & Launch is just perfect for the stage of life we’re entering. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    jen s

    Crazy great article CZ!! I need to start doing more of this with my 9 yr old – before she gets to be a teenager and I’ve lost the time in between… Thanks for the heads up!

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    What an awesome and inspiring interview. Your whole interview resonated with me. I also took the time to explore the blog and can I just say WOW! As a parent to an 18,15, and 12 year old and a just turned 6 year old I think I will be checking in with Nest and Launch frequently. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!

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    Abby P.

    Loved your interview! I’m very fortunate that we have a family business, and we not only live with our 20-year-old son, but work with him, too. Ditto for our 16-year-old son when he’s on school breaks. Our older son’s girlfriend (love her) somes for lunch sometimes, too. We’re so lucky! Gotta remember to listen to them more and try to understand them, as you mentioned. Sometimes when you’re together a lot, you forget to do that! Thanks for the reminder.

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    Cathy, I LOVED THIS. And I love the idea of this blog. I really feel like the teens get the shaft on the internet and I appreciate that they are focusing on them in this way.

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    What a great article, and what a great blog! Thank you for spreading the news! Looking forward to more marvelousness from you, and more amazingness from ‘Nest & Launch’. As a mother of 4 ranging from 17 to 23 I’m almost to the end of the mid-stage, and I have missed a blog covering that part too. Your’s was the closest I could find – til now! But don’t worry – I’m not ditching you – just adding ‘Nest & Launch’ to the list!

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    Wonderful interview!!! As a mom with younger kids it is great advice/perspective for things to start to do now. Actually JUST last night at dinner I started asking them what the best parts of their days were. They were SO excited to share. The best part of my day was that neither of them could think of a worst part of their day.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Thank you for being so candid and sharing this. Some days seem to melt into the next and then one day you wake up and your kids are almost 12 and 10! We’re big rule followers here, but I’ve come to the same conclusion you have that we have to also temper that with enjoying who they kids are as their own people. Our boys are really respectful and just good kids, and I want to make sure they always feel heard and loved for who they are, not who we want them to become.
    Your interview really made me feel proud to keep trying every day to be the kind of mom our boys deserve. Thank you for being so open and honest and your kids are lucky to have you!

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    Great interview! My first reaction – “Aidan is 17!?!?! How in the world did that happen?” I remember when you were calling her “13”.

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    Margy Eastman

    Great interview, Cathy! My little guy is seven, but I’ve added Nest and Launch to my “favorites.” Thanks for sharing!

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    HI Cathy! I am catching up some of your posts that I have missed. I rad and thoroughly enjoyed your article. You have a special gift for being real and for sharing that with Aidan and Cole and with us. Thank you!

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