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Today's one of those days when I wish I wanted to blog about something—anything—to take my mind off of things. To provide some entertainment. Or relief. Or something.

Yesterday's news in Boston just made me sad. 

Newtown still makes me incredibly sad.

A lot of things out there are simply really sad. And they're all part of life.

So today I'm posting a song I had the privilege of seeing live over the weekend, a song that has always made me cry. A song that is so very sad at its core yet also incredibly beautiful.

Sometimes embracing the sad just feels right. 

Zebulon by Rufus Wainwright (performance) from gary nadeau on Vimeo.




Cathy ZielskeJust sad

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    Pots and Pins

    Hi Cathy: You summed up my feelings this morning – I’m sad too, very, very sad. I have friends who were running the race and thankfully they are okay, very shaken, but okay. Thank you for posting the song – it’s beautiful. xo, Nan

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    Put on a race shirt. These things can make us sad but they can’t make us afraid and they WON’T stop us running! My best friend (whose name is also Cathy) crossed the finish line 6 minutes before the explosions went off, and she said “I would run Boston again in a heartbeat.” Thank you for the song.

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    Cathy, thank you. Perfect post and song. Thought I’d share one of my favorite cathartic songs: My Brightest Diamond’s lullaby she wrote for her son, I Have Never Loved Someone. Does it to me every time but especially as a parent when these senseless, grief-filled events happen:

    (And I’ve been listening to Cloud Cult ever since you posted about them a while back…thank you.)

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    Christine K

    Thanks for psting the beautiful song. My heart is heavy for the all the people effected by this tragedy.

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    Janet Kemper

    Boston is my hometown. My family and friends are all there, and I have spent many a Marathon Mondays at the finish line both cheering on the runners and working. I feel such sadness today. Thankyou for sharing this post.

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    …wow. What a powerful piece. I’ve listened to it twice this week and it just gets to my core. So then I had to see if he’s coming to Seattle on his tour, but sadly, no. Off to find some more. Thank you for sharing!

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    One of his first albums, Poses, is pretty great. And his newest album is really great, too. Its called Out of the Game.

    : )

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