Project Life, Week Fifteen

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OBSERVATIONS: Other than realizing I have the wrong week written on my main weekly recap journal card, this week's Project Life is just peachy.

Another week dominated by the iPhone photo. And some of them are not great quality, like this one of Rufus Wainwright in concert. 


And yet, it's my favorite shot of the week. Taking a crappy shot and yet still making kind of a cool visual? Well, that just makes me happy. 

Here's a look at the rest of the stuff for Week Fifteen.



Yep, every shot, save for the small shot of Rufus (that came from the concert program) was taken with my phone. Dang! That little phone is the bomb. Seriously.


And now, the most boring PL card story I have done to date:


Oh, Grandma!


Week Fifteen… Week Fourteen… who's keeping track, really? Oh that's right. I am. 

And that's all I wrote for Week Fourteen Fifteen.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Fifteen

15 Comments on “Project Life, Week Fifteen”

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    Jessica B

    I actually really love that you document your eye glass struggle. There are things about me that I wonder if my grandparents and great grandparents had or dealt with. So I say document away…

    As always love your PL.

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    What a great PL week, always something to make me laugh or smile about. I was at Disney last week and saw your snow pictures on IG, oh man so sorry it came back again. Darn weather isn’t working with us this season is it. We had it hot to nearly 90 each day on vacation and came home to cold,wind, rain in Ohio, uuuggg really this wasn’t suppose to happen. Today is a great warm 75 day though, yIPPEE!!

    I like the glasses story too, it’s real life! So glad Cole had a good time and made for a nice memory of that night. Great pictures and loving it as always! Thanks for sharing!

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    Cathy, I love you project life pages. You do a great job of incorporating a little white space. The project life setup is fantastic, but can make for some really busy pages.

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    Cathy, wonderful pages as usual. It is again nice that you show that it’s ok to make mistakes in PL. I know alot of people get hung up on that.

    Total change in subject….I don’t know how, clicky, click, click, but I got to your post on 3/25/09 How can you not see that?………..Dude, I’m still laughing~!

    Now I think your fam should have a rematch, bc you’re kids are soooooo creative! it would probably be a neck in neck challenge now.

    thank you again for the smile.

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    Julie, that is one of my favorite blog posts of all time, and favorite memories. We STILL have all those drawings. We never throw our Pictionary stuff out. It all stays in the box. : )

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    Love your treatment of the Rufus shot. You totally inspired me to copy your idea for a crappy shot of a gig I went to last month. Yay for Cathy!

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    I have a feeling that in the not-so-distant future people will routinely have eye surgery, and only wear glasses to look “cool”. That will make your need to wear glasses to actually see, well, quaint. 🙂

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    Ref your card about mercurial youth and Cole apologising – nope, we’ll never understand them. But how wonderful that he did an about face and both apologised and admitted that it was good. Kudos to you and Dan as parents for bringing up such great kids!

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    Laura A in OR

    How do you print your photos from your phone?
    Do you e-mail them to your home computer? Use Postal Pix?
    I have a droid, but I wondered if it was a similar technique?

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    When I go concerts, etc. and don’t get great photos (or even a tourist destination) I do a quick Google or Flickr search for a photo I like and use that instead. Very handy!

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    Love the Rufus concert card you designed … You totally don’t notice it’s a iPhone bad photo just a cool card. Great inspiration.

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    Gotta tell ya’ I’m cracking up over the glasses story. I have worn glasses my entire life (42 years now). I got new glasses in January and after making Lenscrafters re-do them 4 times (they messed them up the first time, I got a new prescription with progressives the second, hated the progressives and went to the two glasses situation – one for distance, one for reading), I have crapped out and gone back to my 4 year old scratched glasses which work better than everything else. It is boring but oh so frustrating when you just can’t see right. I feel your pain.

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    Even though it’s not one of the best photos ever, I love the Rufus card! It looks awesome with the white text on there!! And the glasses story is great too! Goodluck finding the right glasses for you!

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    How could you post a photo of Mickey’s Dining Car, how could you!? Now I’m pretty much going to spend the day thinking about pecan waffles (andsticky floors, and smelling like grease) all day!

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