Project Life, Week Thirteen a.k.a. Winning!

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OBSERVATIONS: This morning, I was showing Cole a photo of him and his friends that I was planning to put into the Project Life album. He approved, and then said, "Have you been doing this all year?" (meaning, making this album), to which I replied an enthusiastic, "Um hello? Yes! And all 52 weeks of last year too."

And he paused, and said, "I might have to look through that album."


Thank you.

Onto the pages.


I'm sorry, but do you totally love the shot of Cole and two of the members of the Tickle Bros? They had just returned from thrifting, which is where the got two of the crazy colored jackets you seem them wearing. So fun and so fun that they all asked me to do a photoshoot with them. That is a tender little mercy, don't you think? Teens who want their photos taken? And boys, no less!


I'll admit it: we totally phoned in our Easter eggs this year. Sometimes, you just have to say, "Good enough!"


Yes, there's a typo in my journaling. No big whoop. 

This shot below? My favorite iPhone shot of the week.




And that is all I wrote for Week Thirteen.



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Clean & Simple: The Workshop starts begins today! We've already got a few layouts completed and in the gallery (those overachievers!) Registration closes on April 10. Remember, once you sign up for any Big Picture class, you have permanent access to the classroom and materials. So, if you're not sure you can keep up, honestly, you can work through the material at your own pace. Another cool thing is that my students get to watch a new documentary by Yale film student Tory Jeffay called "Scrapbookers." I'm hosting a private viewing of this hour-long movie and yes, I happen to be in the movie, as does Stacy Julian as well as the founder of Creative Memories. Plus, there's a villain. And that's all I'm going to say about that. 

Plenty of time to register. I'd love to have you! To register, click here.

Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Thirteen a.k.a. Winning!

9 Comments on “Project Life, Week Thirteen a.k.a. Winning!”

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    About your glasses…I’m always dizzy in new glasses until they “face form” them (bending at the bridge of the glasses so the curve of the front matches the curve of my face). I was so dizzy the first time I got progressives and we happened to meet the gal who fitted my glasses in the grocery store. I told her about how dizzy my glasses were making me and she took them right there in the grocery aisle and adjusted them. I’ve never forgotten to ask for this adjustment with each new pair of glasses. While my vision is fine “as is” when they fit my new glasses, once I start moving they make me dizzy unless I have them face form them. Just a thought if you haven’t covered that adjustment yet.

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    Love this weeks, love the writing on the photos, Aidan’s bday and COOL COLE!! What a sweet picture of you all in the bottom corner.

    How can Cole not know about PL till now, I use my dining table too and that’s how my kids know about it and complain of the mess it takes, haha!! Hope he sits and looks thru it and thanks you afterwards!! He’s too funny!

    Thanks for sharing another wonderful week with us!

    Congrats on your class, sadly I don’t have photoshop or know anything digital. LoVE LOVE YOUR STYLE!!

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    Margot Perry

    I have a question. I have purchased several sets of your journaling cards. Some are in .psd format and some are .png format. If I am using PSE 10, should I always be using the .psd files? How and when should I be using your .png files? Sorry for the confusion. πŸ™

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    Love Cole’s reaction to PL. My 14 year old son refuses to let me take pictures of him, so they are all either blurry as he’s running away or of the back of his head. Despite this, he has to check out every week’s spread. Oh, and of course I just add those blurry shots.

    Firefly is an awesome show! That was our family tv watching last summer. Definitely ahead of its time.

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    Love the story about Aiden cleaning her room… I used to do the same thing in my room growing up! Even now, I do the same thing with either our dining table or coffee table when I do an organising project! And how did Cole not know about PL??? I think that’s amusing… I bet he feels similar finding out to how you guys felt when you found out he can play the drums!

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    I hope I’m half as cool a Mum as you are when my kids are teens! Oh how I remember those room clean ups when I was a teen – I surely don’t miss them. You should be right on the succulents – I have a bunch and I’ve probably watered them 4 times a year and they have been here for years. = )

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    I am considering signing up for your clean and simple class on big picture. Never taken any classes from that, should this be the first one I jump into? and it says the registration closes on the 17th? Hmmmm. I think I will have a block of time every Thursday. I am not very computer savvy, but I do have Photoshop Elements … haven’t played with it much. I hate being so indecisive! πŸ™‚

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